Client Management: Installing agents best practices

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    Are there best practices I should know about before installing BMC agents?


    It is mandatory to:

      1- Start the service of the agent only once the final host name has been set on the device, if it's started earlier, then the GloballyUniqueID (GUID) will not be generated as expected. because of this, when the agent will be reinstalled it will not get the same GUID and the agent will not update in the console. More information in this in this Knowledge Article (KA):    Client Management: The GloballyUniqueID generated after the reinstallation of a device is different than the previous one - The service starts too early 
    2- Make sure that no GUID has been set in the ../config/Identity.ini of the BCM agent that could be captured in the OS image that is being used to deploy agents. The OS Deployment module in BCM cleans this up before it capture sysprep images, but other product will not. If this is not done properly then devices will share the same GUID and they will keep appearing then disappearing from the console. More information in this KA:    Client Management: Troubleshooting - Devices disappear from the console


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