Loading loop when using an RTF Field with Firefox 57.0 Quantum and Midtier 8.1.02 or lower

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    RTF Field , Firefox Quantum


    RTF field is not working as intended on the latest Firefox version (57.0, also known as Firefox Quantum). When the user tries to type anything into the field or  when the user tries to expand the field with the popup icon, the site also goes in a loading loop.


    Rendering issue with Firefox 's latest release.


    The problem behavior is stemming from the legacy YahooRTF libraries used in the RTF fields in Remedy in 8.x releases and its compatibility with the latest Firefox Quantum release which  has added rendering restrictions for these libraries .

    Either choose for an upgrade to 9.1.03 or better.  With Midtier 9.1.03, the RTF libraries were updated with a newer improved library files known as, ck-editor.  Note:  only a Mid-tier upgrade would be needed; other ARS components can remain at the current levels.  Midtier 9.1.03 is backward compatible with 8.x ITSM.

    Downgrade Firefox to release 56 and avoid update to Quantum (57.0 ) until the problem is fixed by Mozilla


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