Web Reports export different Timestamp formats when scheduled versus run from the AR System Report Console

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    9.x +


    Users have difficulty  reading the Timestamps on Scheduled Reports, as they are formatted completely differently from what is seen when the reports are run from the AR System Report Console.



    When a report is created or editted, the default date format is based on how the template for the report type is defined in AR server.  
    Templates for all the various report types are found in <arserver install root>/pluginsvr/birtruntime/ReportEngine/templates directory.  So, for a list style report, if you edit the list.reportdesign file template and change the top section to define customDateFormat value from this:


        <method name="initialize"><![CDATA[params["customDateFormat"] = "yyyy-MM-dd"; 
    params["customTimeFormat"] = "HH:mm:ss";


    to this


    <method name="initialize"><![CDATA[params["customDateFormat"] = "MM-dd-yyyy";
    params["customTimeFormat"] = "HH:mm:ss";


    Then any new reports you create, or any existing reports that are editted and re-saved and then the scheduled will have the time format  match the template.
    Now for more details and for knowledge:

    This is working as currently designed.

    For the Midtier, the date format for the user can be calculated based on where the browser is or based on an AR System User Preference form entry for date format(on the Web tab ).    When the Midtier runs the Web report, it takes this format and sets it to a BIRT parameter called "customDateFormat", resulting in the mm/dd/yyyy format on the generated report.  

    For the scheduled report that runs in the AR plugin server, it is run as an internal user, Remedy Application Service, who just impersonates the user that scheduled the report.  Remedy Application Service has no concept of any date format set and impersonation only covers impersonating permissions, not things like date format, time format.  

    So, for BIRT the default date format is yyyy-MM-dd and that's why that format is seen in the generated  scheduled report.


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