In TSCO, materialized SQL Datamarts no longer scheduler for materialization after installation of TSCO CHF through C00008 or TSCO CHF through C00005

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0, 10.7.01


    In the TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Cumulative Hot Fix (CHF) and TSCO package a change was introduced to automatically add the metadata necessary to make Datamarts visible to the TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS):
      TSCO-13387  - Data Mart Materializer Task: automatically add metadata for old marts

    An unintended consequence of this change is that any TSCO custom SQL Datamarts created in TSCO 10.5 or earlier and never edited that were associated with a Datamart materializer task will be disassociated from their assigned Datamart materializer task and reverted to the "Always see fresh data" materialization status (A dynamically generated Datamart rather than a Materialized Datamart).

    Problem symptoms include:

    • Views that used to respond with data quickly now time out due to the data refresh happening dynamically rather than being queried from a materialized view
    • Datamarts are missing from the 'View log' output for Datamart Materialization tasks





    • For TSCO 10.7.01, do not install the TSCO through packages.  A replacement package is available on the BMC FTP site which will does not trigger this problem.
    • For TSCO 11.0.00, do not install the TSCO through packages.  A replacement package is available on the BMC FTP site which does not trigger this problem.
    Information on how to obtain the latest TSCO 10.7.01 or 11.0.00 CHF package is available here: 
      000097159: Cumulative Hot Fixes for TrueSight Capacity Optimization (CO), CO Gateway Server, and CO Agent, and CO Perceiver (  

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What if I've already installed one of the affected Cumulative Hot Fix (CHF) packages in my environment?

    Any Datamarts that did not already have the TSCO 10.7 and later metadata will have already been disassociated from their defined materialization task and will need to be manually edited and re-associated with a materialization system task via Administration -> Advanced Reporting -> Data marts -> [Select your Datamart] -> Click the 'Edit' button.  During the Datamart update it may be necessary to initial set parameters on the 'Welcome' screen to proceed and then on the 'Materialization' screen select the "Create materialized table" option and select the desired materializer system task for your Datamart. 

    There is no automated method to fix this disassociation from the previous Datamart materializer system task as the information regarding how Datamarts were mapped to Datamart materializer tasks has been lost.    

    Q: How can I determine which Datamarts were associated with which materialization system tasks?

    It may be possible to determine the correct mapping of Datamarts to materialization tasks via the TSCO Scheduler logs from before the environment was upgraded (possibly available in logGrabber output captured in the Administration -> System -> Maintenance -> Maintenance Activities tab).  Contact BMC Technical Support for assistance with building the list of Datamarts that must be manually mapped to maintenance tasks.  

    Q: Will this problem affect all of my Datamarts?

    No, it only affects Datamarts that are: (A) scheduled for materialization and (B) Do not already contain the TSCO 10.7 Datamart metadata that is added to the Datamart when it is initially created in TSCO 10.7 or is edited in TSCO 10.7. 



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