Executed jobs ended Ok, disappear from Folder view after newday

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager



    When there is a Folder containing jobs that can be executed after next Newday, the following occurs:


    - Opening the Monitoring Domain, the Folder is present however, all the jobs that have already executed and ended Ok are not present .


    - The remaining jobs are the one that were executing during the Newday time or that can be submitted after Newday.


    The result is that the Folder doesn't contain all the Jobs that were ordered in the Folder. 




    We have an opened RFE (CAR00048626 - Ability to manage the removal of SMART folder and the jobs in it better during newday) .

    This includes:
    a. Ability to specify a MAXWAIT for the folder
    b. Ability to delete a folder with all its jobs together instead of deleting each entity when it is ready to be removed
    c. Option that guarantees a minimal period in which the folder and the jobs in it are kept after a failure.

    We plan to add this feature in a future release. 

    In Control-M Version 8 there is no option to keep the job that ended OK in the AJF and to delete them only when the folder deleted.

    The Jobs that have been deleted, can be viewed in the History Domain, in order to get the complete picture of the jobs.



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