How Can I Attach Job Output to Emails in Control-M/Server Version 8.0.00 or Version  9.0.00 ?

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    How Can I Attach Job Output to Emails in Control-M/Server Version 9.0.00 or version 8.0.00. How can I do this for specific jobs or all jobs?


    In Control-M/Server version 9 and version 8, the ADD_OUTPUT_TO_EMAIL Control-M/Server System Parameter can be used to add the job output as an attachment when using an email shout destination. The parameter needs to be changed from the default value of "N" to "A". See documentation on Control-M/Server SMTP parameters here:

    The change can be made in the Control-M Configuration Manager (CCM). To do this, locate the Control-M/Server in the CCM. Then:
        - Right-click the Control-M/Server and choose "System Parameters"
        - In the SMTP category, find the one named ADD_OUTPUT_TO_EMAIL. 
        - Change the parameter to "A"
        - Use the "Activate Changes" button to make the change effective. After this, all shout emails will have the job output attached.

    To set this on an individual job basis, rather than for all emails, use a do mail instead of shout mail. In the job setup, Actions Tab, choose:
        - On-Do Actions -> "+" to add an on-do action
        - Choose the desired "On" condition
        - For "Do" pick notify -> Destination Mail
        - Fill out the rest of the fields as desired. For "Attach Output", pick "Yes" to always attach job output, "No" to never send it, or "Default" to allow the ADD_OUTPUT_TO_EMAIL parameter to determine whether output is attached

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