BMC Helix Remedyforce - Default Template for Email Approval Response

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    When email Approval response is enable, Salesforce uses a default Email template for Approval Processes—unless specify a custom Email template.
    Available in: both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience
    Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

    Requesting User has requested your approval for the following item.
    To approve or reject this item, reply to this email with the word APPROVE, APPROVED, YES, REJECT, REJECTED, or NO
    in the first line of the email message, or click this link:
    Link to approval request page
    If replying via email you can also add comments on the second line. The comments will be stored with the approval request in Salesforce CRM.

    Note: For to process your response the word APPROVE, APPROVED, YES, REJECT, REJECTED, or NO must be in the very first line of the reply email. Also, any comment must be in the second line.

    If your org has Approvals in Chatter enabled and the approver opted to receive notifications as Chatter posts, the default email template is appended with:

    EXAMPLE: You can also approve, reject and comment on this request from your Chatter feed:
    Link to approval post in Chatter

    NOTE: If custom Email template is use for the Approval Process, make sure that it explains both response options: clicking the link and replying by email. If the user doesn’t respond correctly (for example, if the user misspells approve or types it on the wrong line), Salesforce doesn’t register the response.

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