Tip for those pesky vssver.scc files

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    Batch changes to mark files as  hidden makes life a little easier when using Visual Source Safe and Dreamweaver  to edit HTML files

    I author online Help in Dreamweaver and use Visual Source Safe (VSS) to store  the HTML content files. When you use VSS, each directory contains a vssver.scc  file for version tracking. That extra file always seems "pesky" to me when I  cruise through the site views in Dreamweaver, so I found a way to hide  them.


    You can use a simple DOS command to change the vssver.scc files to hidden  files, so that Dreamweaver will not show them while you're looking at the Site  view. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. From the Start menu, choose Run.

    2. Type cmd and click OK to open a DOS prompt.

    3. Switch directories to the top-level directory for the help system in which  you want to hide the VSS files.

    4. At the prompt, type the following line:

      1. ATTRIB +H *.scc /S


        D:\Data\help_onl>ATTRIB +H *.scc /S

    5. Press Enter to change all the vssver.scc files to hidden  files.

    Some additional notes:

    • The opposite of this command is ATTRIB -H *.scc /S to make all the hidden  .scc files viewable.

    • For even more background information on vssver.scc files, refer to this Microsoft Knowlege Base article. In a nutshell, the  vssver.scc files are used to speed up GET processes, and hiding them has no  affect on performance.

    • To delete all the .scc files in all the directories, a similar  command can be used:

            • DEL *.scc /S