App visibility agent unable to perform handshake with the Portal

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    TrueSight App Visibility Agent


    TrueSight App Visibility Agent


    App visibility agent not working when Java is blocking SSLv3.


    Log files indicate that no handshake is done between agents and server since server is configured to use only secured communication protocols TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (blocking out SSLv3):

    2015/12/11 11:34:48:665 ICT [INFO] AGENT_INFO - Thread[AGENT PortalConnection Thread,5,main]-637812916 - Shaking hands with Portal at 'https://<portalAddress>:8100', information is: AgentInfoMessage{platform='Java', serverType='WebSphere', serverID='SERVER-ID-AGENT:servername_application', serverIP='', serverPort=-1, serverHostName='SERVERNAME', serverDomainName='null', serverFQDN='', serverDisplayName='', agentSessionId='null'}  2015/12/11 11:34:48:890 ICT [WARN] - Thread[AGENT PortalConnection Thread,5,main]-637812916 - Cannot send rest request to url 'https://''. < Remote host closed connection during handshake> Remote host closed connection during handshake
    Even when SSLv3 was enabled as communication protocol for the agent and the portal (by modifying the properties files), this error keeps showing up. This means it's still being blocked by JAVA itself: 

    To solve this issue, perform the following steps: 

    Step 1) On the App Visibility Portal server, go to the <installation dir>/ADOP_JRE/lib/security directory and make a backup copy of the file called 

    Step 2) Edit the original file called located in the <installation dir>/ADOP_JRE/lib/security directory 

    Step 3) Find the following line in this file: 


    and remove SSLv3. 

    Step 4) Save the file 

    Step 5) Restart the App Visibility Portal, App Visibility Collector, App Visibility Proxy (if one is installed), and the App Visibility Agents 


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