Analyzer shows no data in Watchpoints in BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition (EUEM SE)

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    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition


    TrueSight Analyzer




    After deploying EUEM Software Edition and configuring all the components to communicate with each other, user may still have no data to display in the Dashboards page or the Watchpoint summary page.

    1. User needs to check the amount of HTTP traffic if it is too low for the system to report statistics.

    2. Verify that the EUEM Collector's home page is showing traffic being captured.If the graph for the last 60 minutes shows a number 'less than 1 hit / second' then the Analyzer will not receive any data.

    3. Verify if the traffic captured is SSL and if it is fully decrypted. If it shows that 100% of traffic is not decrypting, it would mean that the Analyzer will not receive any data.

    4. In the EUEM Collector's home page, verify that the Connections section at the bottom of the page shows the Analyzer with a delivery rate that is greater than 0 hits/s.If there is not enough decrypted data to use then this will remain at 0 and the Analyzer will not show any data.


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