SRD - Push ServiceCI selection to Incident

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    I think it's basically this:

    Creating an Incident from SRD including ServiceCI


    Not sure why I missed that before. Now just to work through the thread and try and get my head around what exactly they mapped to ServiceCI_ReconID and how....


    *scratches head*


    Can't gleen what I need to do exactly from that thread there, my, this is really vexing me now. *Pulls hair out*


    It seems he didn't map the "service_ci" field in Help Desk, but actually the reconciliation ID of the CI... I made a test mapping both.


    So, if I follow him the idea is this one:

    Create an AOT, using Incident Module,

    -> add "ServiceCI_ReconID" and "Service" to the Target Data list (you don't need to create a Target Data yourself, it's already in the list", so select it from the list and send it to the right table ("Add >") like this:



    So like this:



    Then create a PDT using the AOT:

    -> create a variable since you'll get the Service CI reconciliation ID and need to pass it to the Incident:


    -> create a variable since you'll get the Service (name) and need to pass it to the Incident:


    -> map the variable with the "ServiceCI_ReconID",

    -> map the other variable with the "Service",





    Then create a SRD using this PDT:




    Add a question, type menu on "AST:BusinessService", display the value (to end user) "Name", but internally store "Reconciliation Identity".

    (It's very light here, I didn't put any qualification... It's a test).



    Then on the mapping part, say that you want to map to the PDT variable for the reconciliation ID to the CI reconciliation ID, which is the "stored" value from the menu, this way it'll go to the PDT, to the AOT, to the AOT in field "ServiceCI_ReconID".



    Do the same for the Service name variable, it's linked to the same question, but this time we fetch the "User Displayed Response" to catch "Name".






    Then create a service request, choosing a CI (Service One here):




    The reconciliation ID will be stored in the incident, the service Name too, and will you display the incident, the service CI will be displayed:






    Beware though, in my case, officially only "Service One" should appear in "Service*+" from Incident... Like I said, it's a test, so well... You'll need to adapt the Menu Qualification of the SRD question so the same Service CIs appear in the SRD question...



    Laurent Matheo I'll give that a try first thing tomorrow when I get to work -  if it works I'll name my first born after you!



    Let's see tomorrow ^_^


    You realise that this is not a good thought


    Some additional information:

    You can actually log what happens in the "Interface_Create" form when selecting a "Service".  There is a lot of background workflow that runs on this form and it relies on the actual unique ID's when and not the names when pushing values through to create a new request:


    e.g. Reconciliation ID, Support Group ID, Login ID, Template ID, etc


    This is a "gotcha" on the interface forms, sometimes you need to reverse engineer these somewhat to find what value it is actually expecting.






    OH MY GOD ITS WORKING!!1!eleven


    Thank you thank you thank you!




    Leica X1 wrote:


    OH MY GOD ITS WORKING!!1!eleven


    Thank you thank you thank you!


    Whooo oooo!!!!



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