ARS 8.1.x the outgoing emails are adding random image attachments

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    ARS 8.1.x


    When sending an outgoing email that contains an HTML body with <img> tags, the email engine will attach a non-related random image from the AR System Email Attachments.

    Even though there is no attachment association, an email body with an <img> tag will pull a seemingly random attachment from the AR System Email Attachment form and include it in the outgoing email. This occurs at the Email Engine.
    The email engine submits a SQL query to locate the attachment using a LIKE statement.


    SELECT TOP 101 T183.C1,T183.C18133,T183.C18005,convert(varchar(15),B183.CO18004)+';'+convert(varchar(15),B183.CC18004)+';'+B183.C18004 B183C18004 FROM T183 WITH (NOLOCK) LEFT OUTER JOIN B183 ON (T183.C1 = B183.C1) WHERE (T183.C18133 LIKE '%S.gif') ORDER BY 1 ASC

    The field T183.C18133 is the [AR System Email Attachment] form, [Attachment Name] field. The first result is an old, unrelated attachment with a name of 'ATS.gif', which matches the LIKE pattern but is in no way the intended attachment.



    The email engine submits a SQL query to locate the attachment using a LIKE statement picking up any attachment matching the qualification.


    Attached is the last hot fix for Email Engine that was for 8.1 SP2. This patch can also be applied on any 8.1.x version of the Email Engine. Backup the original jar file and replace the emaildaemon.jar file and restart the Email Engine Service.

    You may also download the most current Email Engine 8.1.x hotfix here:


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