After upgrade to Chrome 62, some form fields are no longer visible

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    any web application that changes visibility of elements and its parents


    Chrome versions 61 and 62 have introduced a bug that changes the visibility of html elements and their parents .  This bug affects the display of Remedy forms in that some fields may no longer be visible in Chrome.   

    Google acknowledges the bug and will be addressing it in a future version.


    Chrome bug


    The Chrome defect causes a rendering problem; the parent element's visibility is set to hidden after setting the child to visible resulting into the entire element to be hidden.

    The defect will be addressed in Chrome 63.  In the mean time BMC Support offers the following workaround:

      - Look up Chrome's version of ARSystem.css under the <midtier_install/resources folder. In 8.1, this was called saf; in 9.1. the folder is called chr.  
    - Take a backup  
    - Edit it and add this: 
      *{transition: visibility 0.01s} 
      - Restart Tomcat and clear browser cache  
    *****  Make sure to revert to the backup after the Chrome update. ****** 
    This will affect menus, active links and other elements that are made visible by changing CSS using javascript 

    Chrome 63.0.3239.108 has this problem solved 


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