Creating a Rule for Incoming Email Importance using Incident Templates

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    Helped a friend with this and thought it may be useful.


    When sending a High Importance mail through the default Create Rule will raise the Urgency to High but that, in turn, will only raise the Priority to Medium due to the Impact field not being updated from Low impact.  Normal or Low Importance emails just stay on Low for both Urgency and Impact.  However, the value stored in the AR System Email Messages form in the Priority field is dependent on the Importance setting, i.e. Priority 1 = High Importance, Priority 3 = Normal Importance and Priority 5 = Low Importance.


    I think the best way to keep this easily configurable is to use Incident templates for the specific Email Importance values and what the customer wants as an outcome.  After creating the templates you can then create a new rule to invoke it on the Inbound emails.


    Create a new Use Case under the Base Configuration tab - these can be customer specific or - Global -, e.g.


    Then build the new Rule ensuring that it comes below the OOTB Sort Order of 100 so that it gets processed first - ensure that you refer to the Priority field from the Email form (1= High, 3= Normal, 5= Low), e.g.


    In the Actions section, select the Template Name option and set the Value to the Incident template you wish to call.


    It should be document rather than discussion.


    You're right Sidhdesh.  Just brain dumped yesterday while assisting my colleague.  I'll get it changed. 


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