Incident WorkInfo is not appear in Smart IT console

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Incident WorkInfo is not appear in Smart IT console


    - Found huge number of entries in Social bridge form with status = submitted 
    - Found that the escalation SHR:SHRCAI_SubmitEvent was disabled. 
    - Enabled the escalation and still the entries was not getting processed. 
    - Enabled the escalation log and found below error for the esc SHR:SHRCAI_SubmitEvent 
    ERROR (8755): The specified connector does not exist. BMC.REMEDY.ITSM.SOCIALEVENTMANAGER 
    - Checked in ar.cfg file that the plugin entry is missing. 
    - Added the plugin entry in ar.cfg file and restart the AR server and verified that the entries are started getting processed from Social Bridge form. 

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