TSSA/BSA: Is it possible to undo/rollback a single windows patch when many were deployed to a system during remediation?

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    When multiple Windows patches are deployed to a system as a result of remediation performing the Undo operation via the Deploy Job will trigger the undo/remove for all patches deployed during the job.  Is it possible to only uninstall/remove a single patch instead ?


    To uninstall/remove a single patch create a new Deploy Job that runs the uninstall for the patch:

    • Live browse a target, expand the HotFixes server object
    • Find the particular patch that you want to uninstall, right click on it and select Uninstall which will bring up a job creation wizard
    • Select the patch from a Windows Catalog (to pickup the uninstall instructions)
    • Select Enable Single Job Mode to allow a reboot if it's needed by the uninstall
    • If the same patch should be uninstalled on multiple targets select those additional targets as well during the wizard
    • Proceed with running the uninstall Job.


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