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    DB2 UDB can be a powerful, yet complex beast. In this podcast, expert Scott  Hayes gives his tips and insights into how you can tame that beast (and make it  purr).


    Tuning expert Scott Hayes knows DB2 UDB: he’s been working with it since the late 1990s, and with DB2 mainframes before that. His experiences range from working for a company that built databases large enough to store all U.S. patent records to starting his own very successful consulting business to creating equally successful database tools and software to overseeing the integration of the best-of-breed technology, methodology, and metrics from those creations into BMC Software’s SmartDBA offerings.


    These days, as he travels the world giving seminars and working one-to-one with customers to help optimize and tune DB2 UDB databases, you might think of him as a sort of DB2 Energizer Bunny. Or, you might think of him as he once described himself to a fellow airline passenger: as someone who pulls the thorns from paws of DB2 databases and makes them function a lot better.


    When he recently sat down to talk with TalkBMC’s Tom Parish, Scott offered the sort of concise and focused advice for database professionals that you’d expect from a seasoned professional who’s traveled a lot of consulting miles and has tuned a lot of databases. And he wasn’t shy about answering questions about what he feels the future might hold for DBAs, about IBM’s continued involvement with Linux, and about the new, self-healing database technologies offered by IBM.


    And, oh yes, he talks about his top five tips for DBAs to optimize their DB2 UDB environments.


    Interested? Tune in to this insightful conversation and learn more about this DBA-cum-entrepreneur-cum-corporate evangelist who’s made a career of taming the savage database.



    Scott Hayes is a well-known DB2 UDB performance expert. He is a regular  speaker at International DB2 User Group conferences, IBM DB2/Data Management  conferences, and is frequently sought as a guest speaker for regional DB2 user  group meetings. Scott has authored several published articles on DB2 UDB  performance, is an IBM DB2 Gold Consultant (an elite, exclusive group of  IBM-recognized top DB2 advocates), has obtained Advanced IBM DB2 Certifications,  and is widely regarded by the worldwide DB2 community as a top performance  expert for DB2 on distributed (UNIX, Linux, and Windows) platforms. In his  current role at BMC Software, Scott is responsible for Customer Advocacy,  Continued DB2 UDB Industry Stewardship, and providing technical product  direction for BMC Software Solutions.


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