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    “How do I keep my job?” In this Brave New Tech World of outsourcing and  offshoring, we’ve all either heard that question, asked it ourselves, or thought  of it. Author, IMS expert, and corporate strategist Peter Armstrong hears that a  lot from IT professionals, including DBAs. And the quick answer he gives to them  is, “learn how to talk without talking tech.” Peter is a strong proponent of  that hot, new craze that is sweeping IT: Coming out of the cubicle and being  part of the business. And learning about solid IT best practices is a good way  to begin. Agree? Disagree? Tune in and find out


    Life in an IT department is not a bunch of fun nowadays. There is constant  pressure from above to reduce costs, which results in people looking at options  like outsourcing and offshoring. So, many (including DBAs) run around trying to  protect their own jobs, and tend to lose sight of the bigger picture. Using  offshoring or outsourcing to save money is often a quick way to lose money.


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    Peter Armstrong joined IBM in 1976 and was the UK Country IMS specialist.  He helped design parts of DBRC and wrote the Recovery/Restart procedures for IMS  disk logging. He joined BMC Software in 1986; these days, he is a corporate  strategist, responsible for the increasingly important domain of how business  and information technology need to work together. Peter is also a prolific  writer; he has authored

    Database Recovery Control (DBRC) in Practice, and  maintains an active blog, Adopting a Service Mentality.


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