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    Have you ever heard of a board game called "Sleuth"? It's a sort of intricate detective story that lets players use careful pragmatism and creative ideas to solve mysteries and win the game. And there's another sleuth in the select group of true, Oracle masters who also loves a good mystery -- an Oracle database mystery -- and who solves them with his own blend of natural curiosity about how things work and why, and no-nonsense detective work. Join in an interview with Jonathan Lewis, author of the hot new book, Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals, published by Apress.


    There is a board game that has been described as “a classic  deduction game”; the rules are deceptively simple, but amazingly  complex. The player who wins the game must be “flexible, yet reliable,” and must  be willing and able to record even the tiniest bit of information about the  mystery in detail. The game is “Sleuth,” named for the clever players who like  to solve intricate mysteries. “Sleuth” may also be a proper way to describe the  subject of this podcast interview, Jonathan Lewis. He is a longtime  Oracle consultant, an Oracle Ace, author of many articles and two important  Oracle books, Practical Oracle 8i: Building Efficient Databases and, most  recently, Cost-Based  Oracle Fundamentals. And he likes to solve mysteries — complex,  detailed mysteries about why the Oracle database does what it does and how it  can be designed and utilized to do its work better.


    Lewis is distinguished even among the select group of Oracle elite, being at  once a pragmatic problem-solver with the natural curiosity of a scientist. He  not only likes to solve database problems, but likes to find ways to avoid  problems altogether by understanding Oracle in detail, down to the bones of how  it works. And in this interview, both the pragmatist and the scientist come  through in thoughtful, creative answers he gives on a variety of questions, on  topics ranging from why he decided to write his most recent book on Oracle, to  what kinds of misconceptions he frequently sees as a consultant, to what he  believes the future will hold for the professional DBA.

    So, tune in as spends some time with Jonathan Lewis, a genuine  Oracle sleuth who is as disarmingly casual as he is intellectually savvy, about  the nature of the database industry, about the Oracle database, and about the  people who are behind it at every level, from creators to designers to  administrators.


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    Jonathan Lewis has been involved in database work for more than 19  years, specializing in Oracle for the last 16 years, and working as a consultant  for the last 12 years. Jonathan is currently a director of the UK Oracle User  Group (UKOUG) and is well known for his many presentations at the UKOUG  conferences and SIGs. As an Oracle Ace, he is also renowned for his tutorials  and seminars about the Oracle database engine, which he has held in various  countries around the world.

    Jonathan authored the book Practical Oracle 8i (Addison-Wesley, 2001),  and he writes regularly for the UKOUG magazine and occasionally for other  publications, including OTN and DBAZine. He also finds time to publish  Oracle-related material on his Web site, JL Computer Consultancy.


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