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    Do nice guys ever finish first? They can if they also do the work necessary to become a true, technical ace!'s own blogger and Oracle go-to-guy, Chris Foot, is an ace -- an Oracle Ace -- and he's got plenty to say about his career as an Oracle DBA, what is the deal about outsourcing these days, and the changing role of the DBA. Join us for a fast-paced conversation with a guy who knows database administration, and knows his Oracle!


    We always love to hear Chris Foot talk, whether discussing drill-down Oracle  how-to’s, or answering questions on his popular Oracle blog. Now that he has  been titled Oracle Ace by Oracle Corp., we took the opportunity to get a little  less technical and a little more personal about topics like his career as an  Oracle DBA, what’s on his Oracle bookshelf, what is the deal about outsourcing,  and where he sees the role of the DBA changing going. Join Tom Parish for a  casual conversation with’s Oracle go-to, and technical whiz, who’s  proving these days that sometimes, nice guys do finish first!



    Christopher Foot has been involved in database management for more than  18 years, serving as a database administrator, database architect, trainer,  speaker, and writer. Currently, Chris is employed as a Senior Database Architect  and Database Group Manager at Giant Eagle, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. Recently  given the title

    Oracle  Ace, Chris is the author of over thirty articles for a variety of  magazines and is a frequent lecturer on the database circuit having given over a  dozen speeches to local, national and international Oracle User Groups. Chris  recently completed his first book, titled OCP Instructors Guide for DBA  Certification, which can be found at

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