How to reset Demo user password from database.

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    Remedy AR System Server


    All AR version.


    How to reset "Demo" user password from database. 



    1. Please follow the below steps to update the user password from database.
      update user_cache set password = '+vDdSHzQ7uONFN0HpqpucQiJZ9bb' where username = 'Demo';
      NOTE: Here user name and password both are Demo.  
    OR  You can use any encryption password string which is present in your system. 

            2. For DWP Catalog AR Server 

                Default Demo user password is   password

                So you can run below query against   DWPSaas db/schema. 

                update user_cache set password = 'a$PxDyTAxZRSZu71wYiGeaMgfGx7QguMVwcAYwKdv+vt1SpM1kC/QKQH1XFb+POWufY' where username = 'Demo';
                  For DWPC 19.11+, run below query too.  
        UPDATE AR_System_Admin_User
       SET    password='$(NEW_SAAS_ADMIN_PASSWORD)'
       WHERE  login_name='$(SAAS_ADMIN_USER)'


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