Remedy Smart Reporting - Unable to add users manually, How to enable the add user button

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    Smart Reporting 9.1.03 and and above


    Add button is missing in Smart Reporting under user section. How to enable the add user button in Smart Reporting console?


    The User creation process is automated taken care by User Sync Escalation. Due to this Add User button was disabled from the console. From Smart Reporting 9.1 SP3 onward, the 'Add' button has been hided in order to disable adding users manually.

    Note: Only use this as a last option as it could break the  user sync between Remedy and Smart Reporting

    In case there is any requirement to add a deleted Administrator user, Add User Button can enabled following the steps below:

    1) Login to the Smart Reporting Server Machine.
    2) Navigate to install directory.

    <Install Dir>\BMC Software\ARSystem\SmartReporting\appserver\webapps\ROOT\customcss\CustomCSS.css> 

    3) Take the backup of CustomCss file and make this changes on this tags:

    td#addUserBtn , td#importUserBtn 

    Change from None to Grid

    the change should look like this:

    td#importUserBtn {
      display: grid;
    td#addUserBtn {
        display: grid;

    For 9.1.04 version and above a new tag was added at the end of the file, also change it to grid, it should look like this:

    div.adminPageContentBody > div.userAdminPassword {
      display: grid;

    4) Restart services and clear the browser cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 on the browser window.

    This should enable the Add User button in the users section.

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