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    How can I install ARServer with Pause mode?

    The AR System Installer can be executed in a PAUSE mode. 

    This allows the installer to be paused in order to:   
    • Manually start/restart AR Server in case the installer is not able to correctly start it
    • Put newer libraries and executables in place after the 'out of the box' installer copies the AR System product files into the ARSystem Install directory.
    Pause mode will pause the installer in 2 places:   
    1. Before the AR Server is started for the first time
    3. After AR Server starts and before any imports take place.


    The command to start it is (Run it as Administrator on Windows or as sudo in a shell)
    Windows:  setup.exe –Dbmc.install.PAUSE_MODE=true -i gui
    UNIX: –Dbmc.install.PAUSE_MODE=true -i gui
    Once the prompts have been entered the installer will extract the files and then an “Installation Paused” popup will be presented.  This is when files can be modified or updated as necessary (typically for the first pause), or the AR server started/restarted (typically for the second pause).

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