[Webinar] Automation: Propelling the Future of Service desk

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    Wednesday, November 15, 2017                   

    03:30 pm – 04:30 pm IST

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    Agenda of the Webinar:

    1. Modernize  and Streamline Your servicedesk
    2. Most Common Use Cases for servicedeskautomation
    3. Use Case: Unlock an Account
    4. Use Case: Onboard a New Employee
    5. Use Case: Email Mailbox size increase
    6. Organizations Driving Profitability With servicedeskautomation
    7. A Closer Look at Customer Savings With Automated Request Fulfillment
    8. Productivity Savings With Automated Service Desk Request Fulfillment
    9. Technology Highlights


    Service desks are now more accessible than ever, which increases the workload for the service desk staff but may not correlate with any increases in IT budget. And although more users are relying on self-service, many of the requests made are still fulfilled manually. Handling service requests or issues manually leads to high costs and unnecessary delays. Where possible, automated fulfillment of common IT-based requests can drive down costs while greatly improving customer satisfaction.


    Join this itsm_webinar for a live demonstration on how Service Desk Automation can help you to:
    • Automate common servicedesk use cases
    • Measure the business benefits of service desk automation
    • Use a phased approach to prove ROI and build support for it automation
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