• Google-like search in Smart IT and DWP

    Below Review Threshold
    22 votes
    Hello,   the idea is to implement a search technology that will, just like google, search not only for exact matches, but will be able to use the options:   - case insensitive search (regardles of the case...
    Damir Suban
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  • User Record should be disabled when People Record status is changed to Offline or Obsolete

    Product Team Review
    87 votes
    Its observed that that the Change in People Record Status (in CTM:People form) has no effect to the status of the User Record. This creates confusion and specially when Customers have LDAP Integration, this is a funct...
    Vignesh Nadar
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  • Smart IT: Please support active Hyperlinks in all Kinds of Text Fields

    Product Team Review
    136 votes
    In a modern application, regardless whether mobile, client or browser based it is a standard feature to recognize a URL (or URI) as an active hyperlink. Copy and paste any http: or ftp: or file: urls (or their secure...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Smart IT - Allow definition of 'Global' Preset Filters for Ticket console

    Product Team Review
    115 votes
    The OOTB application gives users two default basic Ticket Console Preset filters - however customers should be able to change the definition of these OOTB filters and/or add to them to create their own global presets ...
    Ash Hall
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  • In Smart-IT support product name aliases as in Classic ITSM

    Product Team Review
    67 votes
    In 1.5 only product names are being resolved even when an alias exists.
    Joel Brom
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  • Use 24hr formatting instead of the current flawed AM/PM format.

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    17 votes
    This is not really an idea, more of a bug report; however, I've been told this is how to further progress the issue:   AM/PM format currently used for scheduling changes  – ambiguous, and it would app...
    Iain MacLeod
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  • Issues with Approval Central,Approval central has so much un-used blue color area

    1 vote
    Approval central has so much un-used blue color area, we could use that area to have the approval central table wide, instead of horizontal scroll bar. Approval central table doesn’t show requester full name, it...
    Ranjith P E
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  • SRM 19.08 IAM:SRM:ApplicationURL_AIF (ARERR 9264) on Request Now SR

    Hi all, I've performed a fresh installation of following ITSM module/version   ARS 19.08 ITSM 19.08 SRM 19.08 SLM 19.08   with sample data I'm logged with Allen user and tried to open a sr (Enable Acc...
    Marco Garruto
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  • RSSO: Identity attribute also for Kerberos authentication

    11 votes
    Hello BMC Community,   after some troubleshooting, we found out that Kerberos authentication uses the sAMAccountName as an identity attribute. We had the problem when the UserPrincipalName does not match the sA...
    Maximilian Bugl
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  • Smart IT: Please add Login-ID (User Name) to Customer Information

    On Roadmap
    123 votes
    Most of our Customers (if not all) are interested in Full Name and Remedy Login ID of the customer. In a large company you may have more than one Jane Doe and more than one John Smith. In most cases the unique login n...
    Thomas Hammer
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  • Allow KCS Coaches to be added to Teams for AQI

    Below Review Threshold
    19 votes
    Currently you cannot add KCS Coaches to the Manage Teams when using this option for evaluating Knowledge articles (AQI).  We found that you also have to KCS Contributor or Candidate to search and add them.  ...
    Jeff Mergens
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  • Week predefined function always starts on Sunday, there should be a way to change it

    67 votes
    Currently, the date/time configuration change on Week Start day only applies to pre-defined filters/yellowfin pre defined conditions. However, in the calculated fields, week predefined function always considers week ...
    Bharath Kumar Chitrala
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  • problem Backlogs and KPI statistics

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    15 votes
    looking for the ability to create KPI reports for Problem management backlog per support group. By default ITSM has OOTB filters for Incident per support group and work order support groups. what is needed is for si...
    marianne reeves
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  • how to calculate time difference for the team if number of times the team get the incident to the queue , is that possible to show the total time for the specific team ?

    (NOW() - [BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c].Assigned_To_TEAM_Time_Capture__c )*24 show the time in hour for single assigned is that possible to add the next time difference with the previous time difference when the same...
    Rajkumar Meher
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  • Innovation Suite On Premise

    Hi,   I heard a rumour that Innovation Suite was coming to on Prem installs from 19.02 onwards. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? Also are there any instructions on how to install it locally?   Many ...
    Andy Rogers
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  • BMC Discovery (11.3) Storage System/ Volume

    BMC Discovery (11.3) Storage System/ Volume - The last TKU had some Storage, however the storage not triggering down to host as it should be.  Any recommendation appreciated. Regards, RT ! 
    Robert Thomas
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  • Description of Service Request in MyIT

    In MyIT when User searches for a Service Request only the Title is shown as the title doesn't explain much and User needs to open the Service Request in order to read the Description. Wherein in the Request Entry Con...
    Ganesh Prakaash
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  • Monitoring of OpenJDK based Applications

    Product Team Review
    35 votes
    Currently TrueSight App visibilty Java agent does not support OpenJDK based applications monitoring.   Many customers have already migrated/migrating their application to OpenJDK  versions like 1.7.X, 1.8.x...
    C B
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  • Radio buttons in innovation suite

    Hello,   Can you please help with the Radio button in Innovation Suite.   How to arrange then in Horizontal or vertical alignment. How to enable/disable the other components based on the radio button acti...
    Ritesh Bhatt
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  • Is it possible to extract the list of all Discovery account ID's used fr scans

    Hello Experts,   If we can create the query something like to extract the list of all Discovery account ID's used fr scans ?   ~Hitesh
    Hitesh Jha
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