• Connect with Remedy - CMDB Best Practices - Get Set, Get Ready, Go! Webinar

    CMDB Best Practices Get Set, Get Ready, Go! Please join Stephen Earl as he presents on CMDB best practices during this month's webinar. BMC are currently creating a set of documented best practices for Atri...
    Gregory Kiyoi
    created by Gregory Kiyoi
  • Connect with Remedy - CMDB Best Practices Coffee Break Q&A Session

    CMDB Best Practices Coffee Break Q&A Based on the attendance and interest in the Connect with Remedy CMDB Best Practices webinar we are having a special CMDB Best Practices Coffee Break Q&A session.&n...
    Gregory Kiyoi
    created by Gregory Kiyoi
  • How BMC Network Automation Addressed the POODLE Vulnerability

    What is POODLE Vulnerability On October 14, 2014, a security vulnerability affecting Secure Socket Layer version 3 (SSL v3.0) was publicly disclosed (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, or “Poodle...
    Pooja Chitnis
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  • The Pulse: Making use of the armonitor.log file

    Ever looked at an armonitor.log and wondered what's going on with it or how can you use it to help you?   Well along with the arerror.log, the armonitor.log is a basic log file of AR Server. It records the activ...
    David Still
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  • Bob Beauchamp announces the launch of Customer Experience Center at Business Bay, Pune, India

    Inauguration of Pune facility by Bob Beauchamp Bob Beauchamp lights the lamp at the Customer Experience Center The grand inauguration of the Pune facility and the unveiling of the Customer Experience Cen...
    Poonam Relwani
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  • Engage Call For Papers

    Not sure how we didn't get this posted here, but while the deadline was an hour ago, if you want to submit something between now and Monday, I think it'd be worth doing.  BMC Engage 2015 - Call for Papers window ...
  • The Pulse: Important Prerequisite for upgrading to BPPM 9.6 on Windows

    Users who are upgrading to BPPM 9.6, please be advised of an important perquisite for upgrading to BPPM 9.6. BMC Software is alerting users to perform the following steps before upgrading to BMC ProactiveNet 9.5.00 on...
    Betty Neumann
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  • The Pulse: Security Vulnerabilities found on BMC Portal and RSM servers

    BMC would like to acknowledge the most recent security vulnerability which has been found to affect the BMC Portal RSM servers.   CVE-2014-3518 : JBoss EAP/AS 5: Remote code execution via unauthenticated JMX/RM...
    Betty Neumann
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  • BMC Engage 2015 - Call for Papers window now open

    The time is now.    BMC Engage 2015 is now accepting abstracts for consideration.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to present your viewpoint on how IT can help drive business transformation. &nbs...
    Dawn Satkowski
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  • The Pulse: Insights of “Share Services” feature in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x

    In this post, I will describe the concepts and importance of “Share Services” feature in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. By taking a closer look at how this functionality works, we can understand the behav...
    Abhishek Rai
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  • How to get a ticket resolved faster

    Ok, so this is was going to be a quick post...   I go to see customers as often as I possibly can, and one thing I get asked a lot is: how can I get my ticket addressed quickly?  We've all felt the frustrat...
  • Save the Date! February 25, 3:35 pm-4:20 pm - Sentry’s Breakout Session at BMC Swiss User Day

      Sentry Software is proud to be a featured speaker at the BMC Swiss User Day conference in Zurich. During this session, Bertrand Martin will present the Sentry’s extension modules for BMC TrueSight.  ...
    Pantoli Cyril
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  • The Pulse: What’s trending in Remedy ITSM? – Email Engine Rules

    This post shares information on how simple it is to create an incident via email or just to update work info entries. There are situations where in you receive issue information in email which you want to record in th...
    Ajey Darwatkar
    created by Ajey Darwatkar
  • BMC Communities: January Survey Results

    Late January, we proposed a public survey to gather your feedback about your Experience on BMC Communities. Many of you responded, thanks!   It was up for 1 week. We're excited to share results today, and earl...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Second BMC Usergroup Wrap up

    Confident with the first Usergroup hosted at Vyomlabs, it was expected we'd have a Bigger Party, especially when you have a VIP attendee like Doug Mueller!   What a Party it was!  True to the core idea of h...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Hadoop goes global with BMC and Hortonworks

    Interest in Big Data has gone global with organizations around the world aggressively jumping onto the Hadoop platform. The leader in open source Hadoop is Hortonworks and BMC is proud to be their partner. We have jus...
    Joe Goldberg
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  • Mobile Apps for BMC Communities

    I've just spend an awesome week during BMC Engage 2014 in Orlando, FL.   The main reasons are definitely people I enjoyed to interact with. Can you tell who is enjoying food and good conversation at Social Hub?...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • DNS feature in BMC Network Automation

    What is the DNS feature offered by BMC Network Automation? BMC Network Automation (BNA) introduced a feature in the release to be able to register DNS addresses of VMs provisioned within Cloud Lifecycle M...
    Pooja Chitnis
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  • Qualys and BMC Join Forces to Close the SecOps Gap

    In recent years cybercrime has gone from an array of independent hackers to a global industrialized operation that utilizes collaboration, worldwide coordination and advanced criminal techniques to evade detection. On...
    John Haberland
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  • bmc Remedy with Smart IT 1.1 UX Design Sessions for Change Co-ordinators

    Looking for Change Co-ordinators   What is it? These sessions will be 1:1 with lead by our bmc UX designers. Participants will attempt to complete a change request with the new designs and will be asked to prov...
    May Bakken
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