• Want to access BMC’s Online Technical Documentation portal – docs.bmc.com?

    By Shweta Hardikar   BMC Software technical documentation for all BMC products is available at docs.bmc.com, our portal for documentation. If you are a new user and are accessing docs.bmc.com for the first time,...
    Michele Marques
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  • BMC to be at JDA Focus to showcase retail & supply chain cloud computing

    We were thrilled to be asked by our customer, JDA Software, to be involved in their JDA Focus event which takes place April 27 - 30 in Las Vegas. JDA Software delivers on-demand solutions in a SaaS model to their cust...
    Monica Brink
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  • Watch and learn

    Do you need to know how to manage mainframe SQL performance through a GUI? Or check DBRC List History through a GUI? Or manage z/OS, CICS, DB2, IMS, or WebSphere MQ through a GUI or 3270 interface?   You can lea...
    Jonathan Adams
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  • 5 Ways To Join BMC at #SITS14

    The Service & IT Support Show is the largest event for IT service management in the UK.  It attracts IT service management and service desk professionals from across the UK.  SITS14 is co-located with In...
    Eric T. Tung
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  • BMC Intelligent Ticketing Solution version 2.0 GA

    This patch delivers a set of high value features and enhancements for the Intelligent Ticketing integration between BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and BMC Remedy Incident Management. The new improvements are ...
    Darius Wallace
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  • 2014-04-17 { BMC Remedy ITSM - New User Experience (Galileo) Beta Application}

    Announcing Beta Program for New BMC Remedy ITSM User Experience (Project Galileo) ***Application Date Extended to end of April!*** Applications must be received by April 30 in order to be considered. Space is limite...
    May Bakken
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  • AtriumCore maintenance release 8.1.01 listed as a Licensed Product

    Hello everyone,   The service pack is here! Now, if you've been waiting for this release as I have, then there is something you should know about how to get it and what you can do with it.   First off, it ...
    Daniel Hudsky
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  • Signing up for PDF focus group

    Deborah Silvi and her team is planning a focus group to receive input on how and when external and internal customers access and use PDF documents. See Sign up for PDF focus group.
    Deepa Bhat
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  • Reporting Workshop (webinar)?

    If I and a few others wanted to do a Reporting Workshop for a couple of hours on a webex, perhaps starting with an overview of BDSSA, quick tips on ETL & troubleshooting, building some common custom reports in Que...
  • Field Notes: Salesforce1 Documentation

    Getting your hands on the right documentation before you start something is well worth the effort it takes. Right now, I’m working with the Salesforce1 app on RemedyForce. Early in the project I started look...
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  • Atrium Webinar- Understanding CMDB Drift Management

    >> Atrium Webinar Series  Dear Users, We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our Atrium Webinar- Understanding CMDB Drift Management Webinar on April 10th, 2014 ...
    Shivkumar Manakshe
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  • Sign up for PDF focus group

    IDD is planning a focus group to receive input on how and when external and internal customers access and use PDF documents. Although we have moved much of our content to docs.bmc.com, we know that customers like PDFs...
    Deborah Silvi
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  • Why PatrolAgent run as root?

    The PATROL Agent (version 3.2 and higher) will run as the "patrol" account as opposed to the "root" account as it did with PATROL version 3.1.9.  The PATROL Agent binary has "setuid" on it so that it will switch ...
    Pankaj Kshirsagar
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  • The PULSE: Email-Based Approvals

    This month’s blog is about the one of the most useful enhancements of BMC Remedy AR System version 8.1.00, Email-based approvals. Many of our customers have already started taking benefit of this new feature. So...
    Deepshikha Rawal
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  • The Pulse: Configuring Entitlements for Tenant’s users

    In this post, I will share configuration steps on how to configure entitlement for a Tenant’s users, whether they belong to the same department/Organization or different, so that they can see different Service R...
    Abhishek Rai
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  • Understand the software inventory filter

    This article intends to explain the software inventory basics, in order to teach you how to customize at the end. Download the complete documentation on our support site and read BMCFPAssetCore_InventoryManager.pdf (p...
    Julien Devienne
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  • SSL Security Update - BMC ADDM System Communications

    Hello ADDM Community, This week a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library, known as The Heartbleed bug, was publicly disclosed. It affects a wide range of consumer and enterprise web pr...
    Sam Elliott
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  • Quickly and easily create customized PDFs from docs.bmc.com

    Link to the PowerPoint document. Link to the presentation recording.   On April 23 at 10 AM Central time, join us for a webinar on how to quickly and easily create your own customized PDF documents from docs.bmc....
    Deborah Silvi
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  • BMC Remedy OnDemand Webinars

    The Wednesday Webinars helps customer to understand and best use particular product features. This document provides a summary and the WebEx recording links to these webinars to make them easier to find.   D...
    Vignesh Nadar
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  • Tell us your story and have a chance to win an iPad mini!

    Think about the creation and modification of jobs in your batch workload environment for a second. How is it done?  Is it streamlined and efficient?  Is it perfect?  Or is there room for improvement? &n...
    Robby Dick
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