• Control-M/Enterprise Manager API authentication vulnerability

    A security authentication vulnerability involving LDAP authentication was found. This vulnerability allows unauthorized access to the EM GUI server by using the EMAPI. Due to the severity of this vulnerability, BMC ha...
    Ariel Kirson
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  • Will your hot topics be covered at Engage 2016? See how to make sure.

    BMC Engage 2016 planning is underway and we need your help to identify the hot topics for next year. What matters most to your team and organization? What topics do you want to learn more about and discuss?   Jo...
    Bianca Buckridee
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  • BMC Engage 2016 Call for Papers is Open!

    Call for Papers is now open and accepting submissions.   Don’t miss out on your opportunity to help shape BMC Engage 2016, our global user conference.  We’re looking for great customer stories a...
    Teresa Rocha
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  • Connect with BSA: Upgrading to BSA 8.7 Webinar

    Please join us for this web seminar to review the BSA 8.7 release.  The presentation will review the benefits of upgrading to this release and the process of engaging with our Professional Services & Customer...
    Newton Nyante
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  • Announcing the BMC MainView for Java® Environments Beta Program expansion

    The BMC MainView for Java Environments beta program has been very active. We are now expanding this program for additional applicants to partner with us in shaping the leading mainframe monitoring solution. As a membe...
    Brian Hunt (BMC)
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  • "Discover" v11 on February 23rd

    As most of you should know by now, we are going to release v11 soon and will unveil it on February 23rd. This release comes with a great new user experience, specifically around business application mapping, but also...
    Raphael Chauvel
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  • The Pulse: ar.cfg/conf parameters - A New Look

    This blog post is really just to gauge interest and gather feedback on something I've spent a lot of the last year working on - which is sanitizing the ar.conf parameters that are published in the wiki docs here: &nbs...
    David Still
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  • MainView for CICS focus on features:  Task Kill Exit

    In the last couple of releases of MainView for CICS BMC has made quite a few changes to the Task Kill exit.  Prior to release 5.3, which became available in December of 2015, BMC added the capability to kill task...
    Susan Rice
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  • OpenSSL Security Vulnerability - CVE-2016-0701

    Latest details from BMCLast Updated: February 9, 2016 02:00PM CST   BMC Software’s Application Security team is investigating the impact that the OpenSSL security advisory published on January 28th has on t...
    Ariel Kirson
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  • Optimize Your IT Projects with BMC Remedyforce and Cloud Coach

    Your department does more than just answer service desk tickets - you also have dozens of projects that support your strategic business objectives. How are you keeping track of those projects? If you’re like mos...
    Brandi Johnson
    created by Brandi Johnson
  • Remedyforce on the go!

    In a world where the popular proverb “A stitch in time saves nine” can be more aptly changed to “A click in time saves nine,” fast communication is the need of the hour. The BMC Remedyforce mob...
  • Video - Part 4 - Evolution from Intelligent Ticketing to Service Resolution

    Part 4 of the Service Resolution Smartflow Overview Series. In this one, Darius Wallace covers the evolution of Service Resolution from Intelligent Ticketing to Service Resolution.
    Rick Nelson (BMC)
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  • Video - Part 2 – Service Resolution Organization and Process Maturity

    In the first overview video you heard the foundations of what is a Smartflow. In this video, hear Darius Wallace cover the personas that relate to the Service Resolution Smartflow and how their needs differ within an ...
    Rick Nelson (BMC)
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  • Video - Part 3 - Service Resolution - Bridging the IT Operations and Service Desk Gap

    In this video, Darius Wallace covers how Service Resolution is used to better align the two halves of a service organization.  
  • The Pulse:  SRM Approval Chains and Implementing SRM Approvals based on a Users Response to a Question

    This Pulse Blog consolidates a number of discussions surrounding the configuration of "non-standard" Approvals for Service Requests, specifically focusing on how to implement an Approval Process (Custom + Approval Cha...
    Carl Wilson
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  • All aboard the innovation train – Remedy 9.1, Smart IT 1.3 SP1 and HR Case Management 4.6 now available.

      Happy New Year! Throughout 2015 we’ve been busy building Smart, Beautiful and Powerful software to help you be more productive and we’re excited to announce an abundance of new Remedy, Smart IT and...
    Tony Myers
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  • The Pulse: BCO Data Warehouse - an Introduction

    BCO Data Warehouse - an Introduction   The Data Warehouse (DWH) is an essential component in BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO) which is managed by the Data Hub component.   The Data Hub uses a backend servi...
    Timothy Hill
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  • Warm Welcome from Your Product Manager

    Hello Everyone,   Some of you may know me from previous engagements and interactions but for those that do not I would like to introduce myself and give you all a warm welcome!  My name is Antonio Vargas, w...
    Antonio Vargas
    created by Antonio Vargas
  • The Pulse: SRM-How to hide certain fields from SRM Request Entry Console

    The Pulse blog shares experiences from BMC Customer Support on topics that are trending in application support.  Our goal is to share insights on how to understand features, investigate when there are issues, and...
    Vaibhav Wadekar
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  • New product release for our HR Case Management solution

      We are excited to announce a new product release for our HR Case Management solution. If you’re not already familiar, HR Case Management is a new, dedicated service management application designed specif...
    steve terry
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