• The Pulse: SCOM vs SCCM and how can I monitor either one in BPPM?

    There seems to have been some interest in both SCCM and SCOM monitoring in BPPM lately. Most people who have an interest in this type of monitoring know all too well the differences between SCCM and SCOM and which one...
    Betty Neumann
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  • The Pulse: A new API for the REST of us

    Version 9 is released and with it come some new features. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to list everything that’s changed, but I’d like to have a look at one specific new feature: the REST API....
    Justin Bakker
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  • The New BMC Support Central Has Arrived

    We are pleased to announce that on Friday May 29th, the new Support Central homepage will go live and replace the old Support Central homepage. We recently launched a new Support Central homepage and invited customers...
    Stephen Watts
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  • How to Self-Upgrade Remedyforce to Latest Release

    Self Upgrading to the current release of Remedyforce is quick and easy by manually installing the managed package that is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Based on your organization's business needs and intern...
    Lisa Kraas
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  • bmc Smart IT 1.3. UX Discovery Sessions - Problem Mgrs Needed!

    Looking for Problem Managers for 1:1 UX Session with our UX Researchers   What is it?   These sessions will be 1:1 lead by our bmc UX designers. Sessions are aimed to understand key tasks and process used fo...
    May Bakken
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  • Control-M and Hadoop

    I find myself more and more convinced  of the value and energy around Big Data and, more specifically, how Hadoop is transforming the way we use and derive value from the many forms of information in and around b...
    James Gingras
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  • Deadline fast approaching!  Engage Customer Innovation Awards

    The deadline to submit a project nomination for the BMC Engage 2015 Customer Innovation Awards is MAY 29TH!   That's only 3 DAYS LEFT!    We know that BMC customers are out there pushing the limits -...
    Dawn Satkowski
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  • Remedyforce Global Support: An Interview with Juliet Hughes

    Join Jon Leighton from our Remedyforce Customer Success team as he talks with Juliet Hughes on our plans to improve the global support we provide to Remedyforce Customers.     Here at BMC Remedyforce, we...
    Jon Leighton
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  • How to change message shown on browser. (AR System MidTier)

    Message shown in the Popup Dialog can be changed (or customized) as follows. (ex, red underline)   1) In MidTier installed directory, please go to the following folder.   <midtier installation folder>...
    Ken Hoshiyama
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  • Automate with ease - new MainView Console Management,  MainView SecureHMC and MainView for DB2 v11.2

    Time is Money. Automate. Save time and reduce operational risk.   Save time by automating your rule generation process, which will significantly reduce your development time and reduce risk. Picture this... ope...
    Alice Ma
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  • Connect with Control-M: Using Global Conditions

    If you are running multiple Control-M servers, including Mainframe and Distributed environments, you can control your workload flow between the environments using global conditions. For example, after a job completes ...
    Jose Luis Luna
    created by Jose Luis Luna
  • Connect with Remedy Webinar Series - 2015

    Connect with Remedy Webinar Series - 2015
    Karl-Anders Falk
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  • VIDEO: Reduce Storage Costs with Sentry Software and BMC TrueSight CO

    Effective capacity management enables IT organizations to balance cost against actual and anticipated storage capacity needs. Unfortunately, establishing a capacity optimization system is quite challenging if not rely...
    Pantoli Cyril
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  • Release: Connectors 6.0 for BMC TrueSight CO

    We are pleased to announce the release of the latest versions of our connectors for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization: Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager ETL for BMC TrueSight CO 6.0.00 EMC SMI-S Agent ETL BMC Tru...
    Pantoli Cyril
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  • How to deploy MidTier WAR to Tomcat in Windows platform.

    To upgrade the MidTier to the latest version (without using Installer), please do as follows.   1) Stop Tomcat's service.   2) Perform backup of your MidTier folder. Usutally under Program Files/BMC Softwa...
    Ken Hoshiyama
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  • Let's Get Analytical - Introduction

      “The Mainframe is dead. We are going to have to retrain you.”    That was the first thing said to me as I interviewed with a dean of a private college for a Master’s Degree in Co...
    Kevin Pintar
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  • MainView Console Management: Reimagined User Interface is - Fast, fluid and relevant to the task at hand

    What's the biggest innovation in computer GUI's in the last generation?  My money says, the web browser is the best innovation. From checking one’s bank balance, to following a favorite sports team, to plac...
    Tom Nurse
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  • Combing the power of BMC MainView + Compuware Strobe to reduce workload inefficiencies

    Can you afford to waste resources on a mainframe.  Of course you can’t – because of your MLC  - 4 Hour Rolling Average will cause your mainframe costs to go through the roof. If you’re not ...
    Alice Ma
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  • Creating a rule is as easy as checking your favorite team scores

    MainView Console Management NEW 1 step rule generation wizard writing a rule to escalate important messages and automating the shutdown/IPL process is simple.  As you know automating the IPL process is one of the...
    Tom Nurse
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  • Connect with BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.11 What's New Webinar

    Thank you for attending the Connect with BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.11 What's New Webinar If you were unable to attend, please feel free to download/playback the webinar here:   Playback/Download link: ...
    Betty Neumann
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