• User Experience (or is it a Work Around)

    Julien BOISSERIE posted the picture below in his blog post En quête de satisfaction 2015. It resonated with me very much and I have to reshare. I think this picture speaks volumes about design (or actua...
    Jason Miller
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  • Can we Chat?

    Hopefully you have had the chance to see the release notes and capabilities with the Winter ’15 release of Remedyforce.  One of the key new features is Remedyforce Chat.  This capability was originally...
    Jason Baldree
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  • Patch 1 for BMC Atrium Single Sign-On 9.0.00 (

    The Patch 1 for BMC Atrium Single Sign-On 9.0.00 ( is available on the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. On the EPD site, use your BMC support logon credentials to access the document.   The r...
    Kamalakannan Srinivasan
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  • How better cookies got rid of the ARERR9360 error

    Remember when Mid-Tier was on version 7.5? This was one of those errors that kept coming up, no clear reason or root cause, it just happened. The error was difficult to reproduce, it wouldn’t show up in any logs...
    Justin Bakker
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  • BMC Remedyforce Customer Newsletter, April 2015

    Welcome To the April Issue of the Remedyforce Customer Newsletter Each quarter the Remedyforce Customer Newsletter provides articles and resources to help you get the most out of your Remedyforce investment. We'll...
    Jason Baldree
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  • En quête de satisfaction 2015

    Hello amis francophones, après plusieurs années passées chez certains partenaires BMC, j'ai eu l'opportunité de les rejoindre en tant que CSM en ce début d'année 2015.   CSM, un nou...
    Julien BOISSERIE
    created by Julien BOISSERIE
  • Understanding Ideas on the Communities

    Have you ever wondered what happens when you submit an idea for enhancement to Remedyforce?   Our product management team reviews on a weekly basis ideas submitted and voted on within the Remedyforce Community t...
    Jason Baldree
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  • Need help finding a product in EPD?  Need to remove a secondary email in your profile? Need Web help?

    Hi – I’m Joanne Dixon with the BMC Customer Care Team supporting Website technologies.   Our Web team can assist you with many items including but not limited to:   Finding a product in Pro...
    Joanne Dixon
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  • New Automation Academy topics available for 8.5 and 8.6

    By Fran Coughlin   Ever wonder how many patches are missing from the systems in your environment? Want to know the process for identifying and applying those missing patches or hotfixes? There are new Automation ...
    Shweta Hardikar
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  • Connect With Control-M Webinar: Client Connectivity

      In today's complex environments, Control-M can be configured for security, remote access and multiple production and testing landscapes.   On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, Ted Leavitt will discuss and demons...
    Rick Hansen
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  • BMC Engage 2015 - Evening with Experts

    Its BACK!  and this year it will be bigger and better than before.   BMC Engage 2015 Evening With Experts will be THE place to gather Wednesday night 7pm - 10pm.  Taking place in one large room, this y...
    Dawn Satkowski
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  • Upgrading Your Experience on BMC Communities, very soon

    As shared in the Survey results post, we are planning many changes to improve even further your experience with BMC Communities.   Key themes we're focusing on in the short-term are: reducing complexity: we alr...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • OpenSSL Security Advisory [19 Mar 2015]

    On March 19th the openSSL group issued a notification regarding fourteen vulnerabilities in the openSSL libraries.   http://openssl.org/news/secadv_20150319.txt   Of these fourteen, two vulnerabilities wer...
    Andy McCall
    created by Andy McCall
  • User survey on SSO for consumers

    Hello friends,   As part of an educational competitive event intended to learn / improve / showcase leadership skills in the product management vertical, I am playing the role of a Product Manager.   Being...
    Saroj Sahu
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  • The Pulse: Fixing Capacity Optimization Scheduler Communication Problems

    Update Note: This article is not applicable to TrueSight Capacity Optimization (CO) version 10.0 and later.  One of the many enhancements made to the CO 10.0 release is that the communication mechanism used by t...
    Timothy Hill
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  • Disproving "no pain, no gain"

    In one fell swoop TrueSight IT Data Analytics has disproved the old saying "no pain, no gain".  That's right, there's a lot to gain from spending a few spare minutes learning how to, and then performing, an insta...
    Scott Bleasdell
    created by Scott Bleasdell
  • Earliest start date (ESD) and Requested Start Date (RSD) in ITSM CM 8.x

    This post is intended to share my understanding of how the ESD (Earliest Start Date) and RSD (Requested Start Date) values are calculated in 8.x and how the "scheduled start date" is validated against the ESD and RSD ...
    Saroj Sahu
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  • Release: BAO Application Adapter for EMC Storage 1.2.00

    The latest version of BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapter for EMC Storage is now available to download. It includes several fixed issues. Read the product's Release Notes for the exhaustive list of fixed issu...
    Pantoli Cyril
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  • Connect with Remedy - CMDB Best Practices - Get Set, Get Ready, Go! Webinar

    CMDB Best Practices Get Set, Get Ready, Go! Please join Stephen Earl as he presents on CMDB best practices during this month's webinar. BMC are currently creating a set of documented best practices for Atri...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • The Pulse - Footprints Service Core - How to enable BMC Client Management (FootPrints Asset Core) Integration

    Good Morning Footprinters! Its the start of the quarter and I wanted to write up a guide on integrating Footprints Service Core and Footprints Asset Core (BMC Client Manager).   If you haven't already signed up ...
    Alex Steinwachs
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