• SSL Security Update - BMC ADDM System Communications

    Hello ADDM Community, This week a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library, known as The Heartbleed bug, was publicly disclosed. It affects a wide range of consumer and enterprise web pr...
    Sam Elliott
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  • Reporting Workshop (webinar)?

    If I and a few others wanted to do a Reporting Workshop for a couple of hours on a webex, perhaps starting with an overview of BDSSA, quick tips on ETL & troubleshooting, building some common custom reports in Que...
  • Field Notes: Salesforce1 Documentation

    Getting your hands on the right documentation before you start something is well worth the effort it takes. Right now, I’m working with the Salesforce1 app on RemedyForce. Early in the project I started look...
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  • BAO E-Learning: Microsoft Hyper-V

    Hello,   In this article I focus on how to integrate with Microsoft Hyper-V BAO E-Learning: Microsoft Hyper-V   The content is located in Atrium Orchestrator (Customers and Partners only) . If you need ac...
    Volker Scheithauer
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  • Monitor BAO Grid

    Hello,   Monitoring BAO Infrastructure is becoming more important, as you rely on orchestration to work 24*7. In this series, I'll cover several different approaches, starting with the basis, the JMX interactio...
    Volker Scheithauer
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  • Orientation Workshop

    Hello,   Getting started with Atrium Orchestrator? Content published at BAO E-Learning: Orientation Workshop   Topics being covered in multimedia fashion:   Introduction to BMC Atrium Orchestrator ...
    Volker Scheithauer
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  • The Pulse: What data connection is ARERR9351 really trying to set up?

    Some errors are clearer than others and the same goes for errors thrown by Remedy. Session is invalid or has timed out is pretty clear, Required field not specified is self-explanatory. They’re no-brainers, you ...
    Justin Bakker
    created by Justin Bakker
  • ADDM Discovery Interest Group

    We are pleased to announce that the next independent ADDM DIG user group will be hosted at BMC in London on the 14th May 2014. The agenda for the day has now been finalised as below: Time Description Speaker Slot ...
    Mark Lemar
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  • The Pulse: Does your heart bleed for Open Source?

    By now you will have heard about OpenSSL's Heartbleed vulnerability, not only in the Tech Press but on mainstream media. For ADDM-specific information, see here, and for wider range of BMC products, see here.   ...
    Nick P G Smith
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  • The Pulse: Configuring Entitlements for Tenant’s users

    In this post, I will share configuration steps on how to configure entitlement for a Tenant’s users, whether they belong to the same department/Organization or different, so that they can see different Service R...
    Abhishek Rai
    created by Abhishek Rai
  • Jason's Quick Tip - Hot Keys, get your Hot Keys here!!!

    A good g33k keeps their hands on the keyboard right?  The mouse slows us down.  WUT had hot keys (AKA shortcut keys) but they are dead in the browser. NOT SO I SAY!!!   Most of them are still there...
    Jason Miller
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  • Jason's Quick Tip - Finding the "real" Request ID

    The Tip Sometimes you need to know the Request ID of a record.  I am not talking about the ticket number generator number but field 1. CTRL+ALT+H is your friend.   Incident   Change Management &nb...
    Jason Miller
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  • Asset & Configuration Management - Webinar with ITIL Expert, George Spaulding

    BMC and Pink join forces on April 17th to review how asset and configuration management can help you drive better business decisions. George Spaulding, Executive VP at Pink Elephant, along with Sharron Sims and I from...
    Criss Scruggs
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  • NetApp Filers KM for PATROL - Get a Full Visibility of How your Cluster is performing with NetApp Monitoring

    Are you looking for a solution that provides a full visibility and deep-dive diagnostics of how your NetApp Cluster is performing? Don’t look any further… Get the latest version of NetApp Filers KM for P...
    Pantoli Cyril
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  • Automation in the Zoo

    Last Friday I had the chance to join our very own a Alf Abuhajleh on his Alf's Zoo show. We talked about cloud computing, data center automation,  and... cheese?   You'll just have to watch the show to find...
  • BMC Communities: interacting from Mobile

    I don't know for you, but I am more and more mobile. Or I'm as mobile as before, but I get a lot more things done while being mobile (email, IM, social platforms, Evernote, etc.)   Some weeks ago, we upgraded B...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Tuesday tip: To Chat, VoIP, Skype or Hangout?

    We have come a long way from the earliest days of smoke signals and beating drums to mordern day electronics and the web, the scope for communication has increased exponentially. Would you rather email, Have an inst...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • The Pulse: Choose your request methods carefully

    Okay, I’m the first to admit it: I am sometimes obsessed with the tiniest of details. But this has been nagging at me for quite some time now: why do people prefer to use POST requests? Why do I find this option...
    Justin Bakker
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  • What do we mean by DevOps?

    DevOps is born because of the need to improve IT service delivery agility. One of the main issue about agility come from usual wall that you've between development team and operation team who pass things along but don...
    Fred Breton
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  • Does ITSM 8.0 Support Intelligent Ticketing 2.0?

    No. Intelligent Ticketing is not support by ITSM 8.0. We made a conscious decision given the limited Customer install base in production with this release and the relatively short window between this and the 8.1 release.
    Darius Wallace
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