• Connect with Remedy - MongoDB and Smart IT/MyIT Webinar Recording

    MongoDB and Smart IT/MyIT Please join Srini, as he presents on mongoDB and Smart IT/MyIT. In this short webinar Srini will provide a overview of MongoDB, how it is used by Smart IT/MyIT, and references to a...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • BMC UX Studies - Configuration Management

    Our Customer Programs team have posted the following as a call for Configuration Managers to take part in our UX study sessions, please take this opportunity to contribute the future of Atrium CMDB and Configuration M...
    Stephen Earl
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  • New BMC CLM 4.5 video series about third-party certificates and BMC Cloud Lifecycle Products

    By John Stamps.   Three new videos were recently posted on the Using CLM products with third-party Certification Authority certificates topic in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.5 documentation. The videos in th...
    Shweta Hardikar
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  • Connect with Remedy - Powerful new server is at your fingertips Webinar

    Powerful new server is at your fingertips Please join Deepak and Christopher, as they present on the "powerful new server is at your fingertips" during this month's webinar. In this session you will learn ab...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • BMC BladeLogic Server Automation 8.7.00 Beta Program

    Announcing the  BMC Server Automation 8.7 Beta Program - Sign up now! Deadline to apply is July 31, 2015. Sign up by completing this BMC Server Automation 8.7.00 Beta Application Survey.  Questions? custome...
    May Bakken
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  • How to hire a consultant/developer that is BMC Certified to customize AR System

    In the past, developers and consultants needed to take our Remedy Approved Consultant (RAC) certification to certify (ensure) they had the knowledge and skillset to effectively customize BMC Remedy AR System. Since th...
    Heather Leventry
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  • Hiring Employees that know BMC Remedy AR System 9.0

    In April of 2015, BMC introduced Remedy 9. BMC applications run on the BMC AR System Platform. I am excited to announce that we have revised the AR System curriculum for Remedy 9 by focusing on personas. There are 4 m...
    Heather Leventry
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  • BMC Communities: January Survey Winners

    Thank you everyone for your participation in the January Survey! Here's what you want to see in BMC Communities.   Like we said, we have some giveaways. We resorted to complex dark magic and totally random alg...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Remedy 9.0 Vs. 8.1 Performance Comparison

    BMC has just released Remedy AR Platform version 9.0. In this blog we will look at some of the performance enhancements in version 9.0 and benchmark these improvements against version 8.1. Remedy 9.0 is a major releas...
    Vipul Jain
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  • When deleting/importing the job/transformation, here are the steps that need to be followed:

    When deleting/importing the job/transformation, here are the steps that need to be followed:   1. Delete Entry for the job/transformation from UDM:PermissionInfo form 2. Delete entries for the job/transformatio...
    Pratap Dalai
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  • Get ready for Remedy 9 and beyond with the Remedy team at BMC Engage!

    We are 5 weeks away from BMC Engage at the beautiful Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. We had a fabulous time last year at the first annual BMC Engage event, where we launched Remedy with Smart IT, and had a chance to interact...
    Michele McFadden
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  • Workload Automation = Visibility

    The other day I was discussing a particular process that gets performed ad-hoc and how we could turn that workflow into an automated process and then tie it into a self-service request.  This particular process h...
    Robert Stinnett
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  • The foundation of every Digital Company Webinar

    Please join Dirk Anderson, as he presents on The foundation of every Digital Company. In this webinar we will explore BMC’s strategy for enabling organizations through Digital Transformation with an in-depth...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • September training available

    BMC Education Services September training schedule is live.  We want you to be educated in the BMC solutions so you can be efficient and productive in your role.  We run classes year round and worldwide acro...
    Kim Wharton
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  • Speaker of the Week - Tony Stevens, State of Michigan

    BMC Engage 2015 Speaker of the Week is Tony Stevens, Cloud Automation Architect from State of Michigan. Tony has been an IT professional for more than 15 years, working in various capacities from software engineering...
    Dawn Satkowski
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  • The Pulse: Stay on top of your Business Services with MyIT and BMC TrueSight

    MyIT is a next-generation self-service app that reduces IT friction, cuts support costs, and boosts customer satisfaction. It’s fast. With a swipe, alerts and service updates appear.   Picture this…...
    John Gallagher
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  • Virtualization Monitoring

      Virtualization Monitoring   Smart computing technologies have given rise to the virtualization of almost every device that has been historically managed as a discrete piece of hardware—servers, sw...
    Patrick T Campbell
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  • Release: Connectors v7.0 for BMC TrueSight CO

    We are pleased to announce the release of the latest versions of our connectors for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization:   Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager ETL for BMC TrueSight CO 7.0.00 EMC SMI-S Agent ETL ...
    Cyril Pantoli
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  • The Pulse: FTS Fortification

    Introduction  This blog post applies to FTS in AR System Server versions 7.6.04, 8.0 and 8.1 only.   Full Text re-indexing can take a very long time, several days in some cases.  We suspect that too m...
    David Still
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  • bmc Remedy with Smart IT UX Design Sessions for Configuration Managers

    Looking for Configuration Managers   What is it?   These sessions are aimed to understand key tasks and processes used for Configuration Management.  We also want to understand how Remedy is used for th...
    May Bakken
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