• Configuring Patrol Agent for Security Level 3 / 4

    We have seen a trend in customers requesting for the Configuration of Patrol and its components for Higher Security Level 3 and 4 .   Below are the detail for configuring the Patrol  for higher security lev...
    sriram iyer
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  • Control-M 9: Get the Information You Need Here

    Simply put – the next generation of leading workload automation software is now available.  Don’t delay – download now and see what makes Control-M 9 the best yet.   And yes, while I am bi...
    Criss Scruggs
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  • Looking for Asset and Configuration Managers for UX Study

    Looking for Asset Managers   What is it?   These sessions will be 1:1 lead by our bmc UX designers. Sessions are aimed to gather user feedback on early design for Asset Management.  This will help to en...
    May Bakken
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  • The Pulse: Installing & Configuring Online-Help

    This is just something I've been working on recently, and since there's not a whole lot of documentation about this - I've decided to blog about it.   You maybe asking why is this being included in the AR System...
    David Still
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  • Remedyforce Reports and Dashboards - Historical Trending, Report Types and Joined Reports

    Have you been looking at ways to create custom Reports and Dashboard that pull in HISTORICAL information? Perhaps you’re trying to display geographical LOCATIONS but not sure how to find the information? Or mayb...
    Mike Leveiller
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  • Performance Solution for working - Atrium Integrator (Spoon)

         Handling Roundtrips
    Velan Ramakrishnan
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  • The Pulse: Importing a custom Knowledge Module into BMC ProactiveNet Performance Manager

    We have seen a rise in interest regarding custom Knowledge Modules (KM) and importing them into BMC ProacitveNet Performance Manager (BPPM). While we have touched on this topic before, we can expand it a bit more with...
    Betty Neumann
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  • BMC Remedy 9.1 (KCS) Beta Program

    Accepting nominations for BMC Remedy 9.1 Beta Program This is your opportunity to check out the upcoming BMC Remedy 9.1 release and provide feedback to BMC about functionality, usability and quality. The program is e...
    May Bakken
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  • Looking for Business Analysts and Service owners for Truesight UX Feedback

    Looking for Business Analysts and Service Owners   What is it?   These sessions will be 1:1 lead by our bmc UX designers. Sessions are aimed to gather user feedback on early design for Truesight Intelligence...
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  • How are we doing?

    How are we doing?   It’s a simple question, but knowing how we, BMC, are doing from our customers is very important. It helps us identify what we’re doing well and should continue to invest in, or w...
    Heather Ausmus
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  • How to upgrade BMC Client Management (ex Footprints Asset Core)?

    This article will cover steps to upgrade BCM (ex Footprints Asset Core) to a new version then to a new one off version if available. It will be updated and enhanced from time to time. Note that you'll also find in...
    Julien Devienne
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  • The Pulse: Installing Control-M 9 Webinar Q&A

    Learn how you can install successfully Control-M 9.   On Wednesday, September 23rd, Ted Leavitt presented and demonstrated the following:         • System Requirements ...
    Jose Luis Luna
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  • BMC Delivers Day One Support for IBM System z/OS V2.2

    BMC continues it’s commitment to the mainframe, as promised earlier this year, proudly offering toleration and exploitation in our solutions to provide day one support for IBM z/OS® Version 2 Release 2. By o...
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  • Looking for Control-M Users for UX Studies

    Looking for Control-M Users   What is it?   1:1 hour session lead by our bmc UX designers. The aim is to gather feedback on new Control-M prototypes and identify usability issues, likes dislikes, and missing...
    May Bakken
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  • Remedyforce Self-Service: Migration from 1.0 to 2.0

    Hello Remedyforce Self-Service 1.0 users! It’s time for a change. As of our upcoming Spring 16 release of Remedyforce, Self-Service 1.0 will be going end of life. As a recap, going end of life means:   No ...
    Nancy Hinich-Gualda
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  • Remedyforce CMDB: Migration from 1.0 to 2.0

    Hello Remedyforce CMDB 1.0 users! As the Summer season (in the US of course) begins to wind down and Pumpkin Spice lattes will be available soon, it’s time for a change for you folks as well. As of our upcoming ...
    Nancy Hinich-Gualda
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  • Tuesday Tip: Feed me some content coffee

    It has been a while I had posted this Tip about being served content on topics of your interest. Today's tip is all about geeking out with RSS Feeds and some cool Social automation that serves you realtime content wh...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Client Management 12.1 has been released!

    Client management 12.1 is now generally available to all customers on support. The downloads are available on the BMC EPD (Electronic products download), and very soon on the old Numara support site.     ...
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  • Filtering Filesystem Types using Patrol KM for UNIX

    We can apply below rule-sets to disable monitoring of required filesystems: --------------------- "/FILESYSTEM.excludeTypes" = { REPLACE = "1111" }, "/UNIX/FILESYSTEM/NFSTokens" = { REPLACE = "NFS CACHEFS NFS3 NFSV...
  • Writing BAO Adapters - Part 4: Adding Flesh to the Actor's Bones

    Writing BAO Adapters - Index   Introduction If you've been following the series so far, you'll know that in Part 3 we created a skeleton actor adapter. This contained the core components required to register it o...
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