• Capture from job output maximum characters or words

    Does anyone know how I can increase the maximum characters that the capture from Job output captures into a variable? I think by default it captures up to about 214 characters?
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  • PBM:Problem Management Console

    Hello,   The aim of my request:   I would like to avoid the mapping for theses fields Categorization Tiers 1 Categorization Tiers 2 Categorization Tiers 3 between HPD:Help Desk  and PBM:Problem...
    david marcil
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  • Is there any way to filter/whitelist devices in TrueSight Operations Management 10.1/10.5/10.7/11.0/11.3 extractor ETL?

    Is there any way to allow only particular devices to be displayed in TSCO while using the TSOM 10.1/10.5/10.7/11.0/11.3 extractor ETL?
    Sheena George
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    Hi, Out Truesight Server Automation is configured with SMTP server for outgoing notifications and is using default Port 25.   the same was configured through below command: blasadmin set EmailConfig smtpserver...
    Kunal Pishe
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  • Help with business rules

    Hello ,   i have migrated Trackit 19.x to and since i am having trouble , i have already fixed most of them , except the one regarding my business rules :   When a ticket is created through self...
    gallerand cyril
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  • List of defaults?

    Is there a list of all the default values and/or suggested values to use with Trackit 2018 and newer? I'm talking about things such as email monitoring time, business rule time, that sort of thing.     Tha...
    Chris Webb
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  • How can I export grid categories and content out of Track it 2020.

    in 11.4, we could right click and export grid contents for categories, settings, lists.......   this functionality does net seem to be available in 2020
    Eric Butkovich
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  • Compatible BMC Products Matrix

    Is Discovery 12 (20.02) centOS 7 compatible with Discovery 11.3 CENTOS 6 ? I mean , can I integrating scan appliance 11.3.0 CentOS 6 with consolidator Discovery 12 (20.02) CentOS 7 ?   Is Discovery 12 (20.02) com...
    Christiane Menezes
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  • Integration BMC Remedy with Dynatrace

    Can you help me? I want to connect BMC Remedy with Dynatrace. What are the BMC Remedy requirements for integration?   In BMC Remedy How do I configure for integration with Dynatrace?
    Emmanuel Martinez
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  • How to install the Patrol Agent in Silent mode on Linux, Solaris & Windows?

    Hi,   We are working with Altiris Deployment Solution, and we need to us it to push the Patrol Agent in Silent mode without any user interaction.   Please advise how to create a silent package of Patrol Ag...
    Ahmed Salman
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  • HTTP Status 404 – Not Found - Tomcat Upgrade 8.5.34(from 8.0.36)

    Hi Team,   We are on BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM and SRM along with SLA,with RSSO 1802 and DWP1802. We have upgraded Tomcat 8.5.34 from 8.0.36 and experiencing an issue with access to the environment with th...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • RE:Getting session dropped

    Hi Everyone,   We are with BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM Suite with RSSO,DWP With Windows as OS and Oracle as DB, We are with Server Group environment ( 3- App Servers,2- Mid tier,2- RSSO,2- DWP Servers) with Loadbalancer ...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Sub groups AD synchronization

    Bonjour à toutes et tous,   I have to synch an AD OU (workstations groups) and have many sub-groups, like bellow   domain/Groups/Security/GL_WKS_LVL1 wks01 wks02 wks03   domain/Groups/Secur...
    Gabriel Andrey
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  • time.formatLocal v11 vs v12

    hi Andrew Waters Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux   i have a pattern that uses the time.parseLocal function like that   last_login_time := result_attributes[6]; converted := regex.extract(last_login_time, regex "(...
    Roland Pocek
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  • BPPM Removal of Group Entries that Were AutoSync'd

    I'm trying to cleanup some collections under the Group section in BPPM and I keep getting errors while trying to get rid of them.  What's the easiest way to remove these?   Error: AutoSync Enabled Group bla...
    Michael Funke
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  • Jetty WARN:oejs.HttpChannel:qtp1529115495-26: /api/jwt/login

    Hi Team,   ARS , ITSM , Atrium on 18.08 Patch 1   In arerror.log we get following error   Mo Apr 06 16:42:06.259 2020 2020-04-06 16:42:06.259:WARN:oejs.HttpChannel:qtp1529115495-26: /api/jwt/login j...
    Alok Dewhare
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  • Remove edit option from character field

    I have a query on how to remove edit option from character field which has attached menu. We need to add multiple menus from the drop down list but user cannot write any Garbage value in that filed. This is Display on...
    Abhishek Singh
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  • Error in Midtier after publishing it through internet - Cannot read property 'ARMenus' of undefined

    Dear All,   Recently, we published the midtier through internet and as soon as we login , getting below error.   Using the midtier in intranet(through loadbalancer) works fine. Wanted to know if this issu...
    Vinayak Navada
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  • Is there any way to take reports of scheduled Discovery?

    Hi Experts,   I am using BMC Discovery v11.3,   I want to take report of scheduled Discovery.   Can somebody let me know how should I proceed?   Regards, Sonali
    Sonali Sutar
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  • Reg Integrations to new BMC helix from existing on Premise BMC discovery

    Hi,   Please comment on how can have the existing integrations migrated from existing on premise ADDM to BMC Helix discovery,   What could be the factors to be considered or steps before doing this?  ...
    Jamila Khan
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