• segregation in trackit 20.19.02

    Hello   I have made a segregation in trackit 20.19.02 so that the groups do not see the entries between them.     I have another rule that works correctly that makes the assignment to the correspondin...
    Sonia Pintado
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  • MyIT Admin, MyIT Super Admin, and updating permissions using CTM:People

    While looking into RSSO and DWP Basic, I ran across a comment on a BMC docs page that mentioned MyIT Super Admin permissions.  I hadn't noticed that in the docs anywhere before and what I found since isn't partic...
    Thad Esser
    created by Thad Esser
  • Operational Rule to install AutoCAD deployment fails and rolls back

    I have an AutoCAD deployment which works fine when ran directly, but fails and rolls back when executed with an OR.   The step is execute a program with this path:  \\<share>\sdd\AutoCAD\\Img\Setup.ex...
    Scott Gibson
    created by Scott Gibson
  • How to BIM Alerts send SHOUT Table DESTS

    Good afternoon guys,   I would like to know if there is any way to define the destination of the BIM alert messages. I would like to send to a SHOUT that runs a shell and integrates into Slack.   Thank ...
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  • A fresh 1902 installation lacks all IBxxx indexes - right or wrong?

    When I compare a fresh 1902 installation with an upgraded installation, we lack several thousand indexes in the fresh installation! A closer look reveals that 1902 no longer create IBxxx indexes.   Now the ques...
    Stefan Hall
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  • is it possible to execute the native action categories using the REST API, bdacli, or command line utilities

    I'm trying to engineer a method for our MS SQL DBAs to do a reboot-patch apply-reboot batch activity on large groups of their servers.  Within the TSDA UI, the node has a native action to reboot a node.  Is ...
    Greg Michael
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  • Auto-Categorization

    How many of you struggle with clients or staff selecting the correct category for a given Incident?  Are you trying to drive this classification via templates or process builder?   Virginia Leandro Remedyf...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Bim_report utility "server is down"

    Has anyone used the Bim_report utility?  Been trying to run it and see if it is useful to generate a report that shows start and stop times of services. When we try to run it either from a command line or within...
    Mike Landis
    created by Mike Landis
  • Numeric evaluation in workflow

    Hello All,   First, let me describe what I'm trying to accomplish and then I'll digress into how I've tried to solve for it and some of the challenges I've encountered...   I would like to capture a dollar...
    Ezra Wise
    created by Ezra Wise
  • BMC Discovery :Trend Micro Deep Security Agent not discovered as software instance on Windows Server

    Dear Experts,   In our environment Trend Micro Deep Security Agent not discovered as software instance on Windows Server whereas it is discovered as software instance on unix server .   Is it the correct...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • query that gives me all the servers with software instances I define?

    Can anyone help me create a query that gives me all the servers with software instances I define? I need to be able to query for server with only XX types of SI installed. I this case I need all servers that only ha...
    Odd Andreassen
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  • What is the best and most optimized way to monitor and log usage of the multiple app sever threads?

    I'm looking for a way to monitor and log the statistics of work item, nsh proxy threads and db connections (basically everything shown in the Memory Monitor probes) almost (if not) in real time.   The current Me...
    Yanick Girouard
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  • How can I get data from this url?

    How can I get data from the below url?   BMC Smart Reporting or Redirecting... https://synopsys-smartit.onbmc.com/ Thanks,
    Khaled Omar
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  • REST Call within DWP Workflow

    I am attempting to utilize the Send HTTP Request to consume the Incident creation REST call within ITSM 18.05 as a POC, as I will need to utilize Send HTTP Request to another system in the near future. I have variable...
    Jonathan Piechur
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  • SAAM Models after DB_wipe

    Hello,   Recently we ran db_wipe on consolidator and imported root node keys on the same server and then rescanned the infrastructure. After the rescan we imported model definitions (SAAM) and published it. We h...
    Richa Patil
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  • After updating 9 to 9.0.19 KAFKA Error!

    Hi, on AIX operating system with DB Oracle upgrade EM y CTMS After updating version to, an error was found with the CMM that shows me that Kafka was not initialized. and I can not find infor...
    Juan Rendon
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  • Stalled Discovery Runs

    Hello All,   As checked  I have noticed one of the scheduled scan shown as blocked.Could someone came up with similar issue kindly let me know how you proceed further to resolve the issue.  
    Hitesh Jha
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  • BMC Discovery - how to get the server MAC addres for a specific IP address?

    Infrastructure: BMC Discovery 11.3.03   Requirement: We need to get the “principal MAC address” for the “scanning IP address” from which a FQDN host node was successfully derived and t...
    Roland Bruegger
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  • Error while integrating DWP_Advanced with DWP_Catalog

    Hi Experts,   I am working on the implementation where I need to integrate my DWP_Advanced 19.05 with DWP_Catalog 18.05 to enable services from DWP Catalog in DWP Advanced (MyIT).   While Installing DWP_Ad...
    Vinod Shewale
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  • error "Apache Kafka is not Available"

    Control-M/Enterprise Manager   Problem After a new EM 9.0.19 base install Services component fails to come up. Looking in the CCM the status of the Services component is set to Error.   Cause On sp...