• Track-IT 2018.3! Multi-Value Parameter Report Error

    Has anyone used the multi-value option as a report parameter?  I keep getting a runtime error when I try to edit the report when I use the Design Report button.  I'm also getting an error when I try to run t...
    Edith Murillo
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  • Pattern for reading the content for Registry key

    Experts,   Could someone ever across or worked on the pattern for reading the content for registry key.I am working on an assignment in which registry key usually holds the maintenance window? Registry path fo...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Create Business Rule to Reply to RE: messages without creating a ticket

    I am looking to create a business Rule that would auto reply to emails with RE: in the subject that does not have a ticket number without creating a new ticket.  I have users that will email Track-It and cc other...
    richard Lester
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  • Last 12 months report in smart reporting

    Hi All,   I have a requirement to show reports for the last 12 months. I have tried multiple ways to get this output but I did not get exactly what I expected.   I would need your valuable suggestions or i...
    Raju Mangali
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  • BCM OSD : PXE-E32 TFTP Open Timeout

    Hello All,   I have upgraded BCM from 12.0 to 12.1 on Win 2012 Server three months back. Here now OSD manager is on Windows 10 OS, previously it was on win 7. (Same device, OSD Manager OS upgraded.) Before and...
    C B
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  • Meraki events/incidents in Entuity

    Hello Experts,   We have onboarded some of the Meraki CMP in Entuity.   However we can see only below events in Entuity 1. Meraki Device Status Impaired 2. Meraki Device Status Healthy   there are ...
    Amol Kotwal
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  • Orchestrator 7.8.01 - CDP Database configuration

    Our CDP was configured to use an ORACLE database for external metrics collection. After turning off this functionality, we were notified from a DBA that a connection was still being established by the CDP host machin...
    Jeremy Nicolls
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  • Issue with Data Wizard since upgrading to 18.08 from 9.1.03

    We've been experiencing issues using Data Wizard to update data in various forms since upgrading to 18.08.  Not seeing errros but data doesn't change either.  Anyone else seeing this?   Thanks Dave
    Dave Shellman
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  • Scan an Asset from Universal Console?

    The documentation says to "from the selection menu, select search and then Search by code scanning" in Smart IT, but no additional context.  I would like to scan an asset, bring up its details and possibly edit -...
    Ezra Wise
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  • In Track-It 2019, how do I unlock an account?

    In Track-It 2019, how do I unlock an account?
    Robert Johnson
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  • Query on Entuity Events Supression

    Hello Experts,   can incidents which are open before putting events suppression will auto clear?   If not what is the best way to auto clear them in Entuity.   Also I think there was option to do eve...
    Amol Kotwal
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  • Not able to see events for device/port from newly created View.

    Hello Larry,   We are observing strange behavior of Entuity 17 P06 related to seeing events for device/port from newly created view.   We can see events for ports of Devices from MyNetwork/All Object view ...
    Sanket Taral
    created by Sanket Taral
  • Do we require MIB file for Trap handling for Cisco ACI devices

    Hi Experts,   How do we handle traps for Cisco ACI/APIC devices added to Entuity?   Do we require MIB file for Cisco ACI/APIC devices?   Thanks!!!!!   Regards Avinash Pal
    Avinash Pal
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    In Domain controller server, modul DHCP I have client with IP address witch name is BMC_DHCP. Do you maybe know what is happen if remove this BMC_DHCP with DHCP consolle.
    Boris Zorec
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  • SMART folder behaviour in Control-M v9

    Hello community, I have a question which puzzles me for a while. I am now responsible for a migrated environment which has extensive use of smart folders. Lots of them become red every day for the following two reaso...
    Ronnie Junker
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  • Help Desk Archive Definition can not be updated

    The Archive definition in the HPD:Help Desk form can not be updated.  All fields are disabled.  The Overlay Type is set to "Overwrite".  The other tabs under Other Definitions can be updated.
    Walter Freeman
    created by Walter Freeman
  • How to take backup of profiles in MFT control-m

    Hi,   Can anyone tell how to take backup of all the profiles created for MFT and how can I reuse it incase I lost all the profiles?   Thanks in advance, Yashasvi
    Yashasvi Kolachina
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  • Rebranding BMC Digital Workplace 19.05 does not work

    Hello, after DWP update from 18.11 to 19.05 Rebranding does not work. We have updated DWP und DWP Catalog to the same Version 19.05 The Rebranding URL https://[dwp.server]/dwp/app/#/admin/rebranding under DWP admi...
    Juri Glasman
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  • RSCD agent installation on Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 R2

    I have gone through the RSCD agent support matrix but didn't find this platform supported for RSCD agent installation. Is there any way or workaround through which we can install the RSCD agent on Microsoft Windows W...
    Manik Sharma
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  • The specified field ID does not exist in this form. - HPD: IncidentInterface: <304412421>

    Hi Everybody,        We have this error when we change the incident´s status or any change in any ITSM module; save the change, but at end, display this message "The specified field ID ...
    Fernando Galicia
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