• how to get the support contract id to access BMC support

    I have an account with BMC but as i dont have the contract id, i could download the control m products. Can anybody help me how to get it?
    Krishnan Subramanian
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  • VM's sharing same serial number issue

    Anybody else run into this and know of a work around?  Here is the scenario:   server1.domain is deployed on vCenter East with IP   server2.domain is deployed on vCenter West with IP
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • Push Fields - Create a new entry on no results found

    Good morning Remedy community; I have a tricky one...   I have a new requirement.   If one of the apps that integrates with our custom ARS application consumes a get operation on one of our published web s...
    Phillip Brockhaus
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  • Appending automatic replies to tickets

    Hello,   I've noticed that TrackIT 2020 doesn't process emails where the subject starts "Automatic reply: ". I can see why it would do this but we would like to see when someone is out the office in our tickets....
    Sean Middlemore
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  • Legacy CAM

    Are there plans to depreciate CAM from Discovery?
    Edward Dickinson
    created by Edward Dickinson
  • license limit exceeded

    good morning,   what happens with requestor accounts when the license limit has been exceeded? I tried to assign a self service license to someone and got the error - the license limit has been exceeded. so I'm...
    mariam penman
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  • BMC Smart Reporting Date calculation

    HI All,   Anyone has any idea how to create this calculated field/value in BMC Smart Reporting(20.02)   Day Number of a Year: Day Number represents the current day number in the year that the report wa...
    Alam Syed
    created by Alam Syed
  • Has anyone been able to get aliases to work using BQUERY?

    Referring to this document: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ServerAutomation/89/uri-syntax-examples-653398863.htmlQuerying on a condition - Documentation for BMC Server Automation 8.9 - BMC Documentation   There is a...
    Matthew Ragland
    created by Matthew Ragland
  • Asset Primary Contact in Smart IT - change default relationship type

    Hi All,   I'm wondering if it is possible to change the "Asset Owner" widget on the Asset screen in Smart IT to default to a "Used By" relationship instead of the "Owned By" relationship?  This section actu...
    Ezra Wise
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  • Javascript for tagging sysnm

    Trying to set the value of a tag based on the start of the system name: -   if (!sysnm) {return;} else if (sysnm.match(/^JOB_/)) { out.add('BATCH') } else if (sysnm.match(/^JOB:OMVS/)) { out.add('OMVS') } ...
    Jim Waring
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  • Windows Device Management (DLP) - New Technology

    Hi folks,   For those using Windows Device Management Rules (Must own Compliance), I ran into an issue this morning when customer plugged in a USB Storage device and it registered as a "Portable" device and also...
    Steve Gibbs
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  • How do I send a http post request from control-m to a custom api endpoint once a job or all jobs in a folder succeed?

    How do I send a http post request from control-m to a custom api endpoint once a job or all jobs in a folder succeed (with payload at the body of the request containing jobs status updated dynamically)?
    Arjun Umathanu
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  • Upgrade from 9.1.02 to 9.1.04,ARS installer fails and rolls back due to failure in RIK Command

    All the checks in the config checker were successfully treated.   When i ran the ARS installer (had to use root access as there were errors in copying folders), the installer ran for 14 minutes, and in the end w...
    Harsh Baua
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  • /dev/sda7 full

    Hi ADDM Experts,   We have one ADDM appliance which is on 9.0.1 & tried upgrade to 10.1 directly, during upgrade found mentioned error post that /dev/sda7 showing 100% full, please help us to resolve the sam...
    Kamal Sharma
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  • Modifying Remedy Web Service Response

    Hi All,   I have an issue while integrating with a third party using SOAP Web Service. The issue is they want a synchronous response in very specific format.   They want the response in below format(all x...
    Rohit Varshney
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  • Monitoring An Environment That Uses Data Diodes

    Is there a way of monitoring an environment that has data diodes in place to limit the flow of traffic to one way?   Many thanks,   Stuart
    Stuart Reid
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  • Invisible custom field.

    Hi Experts,   I've added a new custom field, specifically in Incident form. It has been added well in Mid-Tier, Smart IT (create Incident view), but it's invisible in incident view.   Notes: I've added t...
    Mohammad Jedayeh
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  • Dark Space

    Just want to make sure I understand this correctly.  If you have Dark Space setting "To keep most recent" does that mean that for every endpoint that ADDM doesn't get a response back that it will remember that IP...
    Bob Bailey
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  • Upgrade Issue for CMDB 20.02

    Hi Team,   trying to upgrade the CMDB to 20.02 from 9.x. But getting errors in installation logs. This is the cloned VM of one of the primary AR servers from the server group and using cloned DB of production. &...
    last modified by PAWAN KAUSHIK
  • Digital Workplace Enhanced Service Progress bar not translated

    Hi,   We are using DWP (20.02) with DWP-C for the enhanced catalog. Once you request a service, you can go to "My Activity" tab and form there enter into the details of the request, write comments, cancel it, et...
    David Vacas
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