• BMC_CloudInstance class Categorization options

    BMC_CloudInstance class for cloud discovery - We are considering the use of this new class and would like to know what the appropriate categorization for these CIs is for: Category, Type
    Mitch Zimbeck
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  • Kickstart on virtual machine instead of VA

    Hello all, Hello Kerryn Wood   I have a customer, who installed Kickstart on virtual machines running in prod. My opinion is that this is totally wrong, but are there any known (proven) drawbacks running such...
    Viktor Marinov
    created by Viktor Marinov
  • plugin server error while logging into remedy and trying to create any people record

    Hi All,   i am working on remedy 9.1 and it is a fresh environment with windows and remedy 9.1.03. it is installed successfully but when i am loggin into remedy i am getting an error as cannot establish a networ...
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  • adding sequential approvals based on answering a question

    Hello,      I have a requirement from the customer to add sequential approvals based on answering a question on SR, and getting the approver names from a custom form as below :   how can i...
    Mohamed Bayoumi
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  • Is it possible to Import/Export Platform setting details?

    Hi all   When i installed BAO platform, is that possible to Import / Export the setting details of the platform? I think it is impossible but i just would like to ask it on here as double check.   Kind R...
    Mina Horiuchi
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  • Impact on Scanner

    Hi,   Is there any performance impact on the scanner if it sends the data to multiple consolidators. We are in process of adding another consolidation appliance to the scanners and would like to know if there is...
    manu mshm
    created by manu mshm
  • MyIT Search : Making Case-insensitive

    Hello,   In MyIT , end user searches below items in MyIT Searchbox: Knowledge Articles Service Broker Services (associated with Keywords) SRDs (associated with Keywords)   Now , out of this , Knowledge ...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • Possible Javascript injection in TSPS?

    Hi,   While working with the "Agent Query" feature in TSPS (following Daric Smith's post: How To: Use the Query Agent Window ), I noticed that HTML tags were not protected in the result windows of the Agent Quer...
    Bertrand Martin
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  • Need to Sync Schema to CMDB

    Hello, Everyone, We have a requirement to discover and sync schema to CMDB. We could able to discover Oracle database schema using deep database discovery now I need to sync those schemas to CMDB. I could find disc...
    A B
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  • Inconsistancy between MidTier and Smart Reporting

    Hi All   Been a while So I have created a 'carried forward' report which shows open incidents older than 8 days as incidents from last week and anything <=7 days as incidents from this week. I created ag...
    Phindiwe Moshoele
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  • defining approval mapping based on customization

    Hi All,   We have done some customization on change form. Now we want to use these custom field value on change form in approval mapping form and based on that how can we attach approver for change request. ...
    Anuj Yadav
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  • Using Powershell for ADDM REST API call - Invoke-RestMethod exception

    Hi All, I am trying to use this example on https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/DISCO111/Examples  to make a REST call to ADDM. The call to get the token works fine..   # make the call to authenticate and ge...
    Rajesh Ramakrishnan
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  • Is there a switch that turn on/off "Return to Salesforce" in Self-Service 3.0 (Summer 17)

    Is there a option or switch which can turn on/off the "Return to Salesforce" function in Self Service 3.0 (Summer 17)?   I don't want user return to the salesforce home page as our users use the RF SS only.
    Daniel Lau
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  • Remedyforce - Self-Service 3.0

    Hi all,   I have some questions with regards to Self Service 2.0 (currently using) vs Self Service 3.0, appreciate if someone can advise me on my 3 queries below. Refer to question column and if can provide me w...
    Angeline Law
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  • Knowledege Article are searchable from Smart IT.

    HI All,   We have Deleted knowledede article from in-progress state still it is searchable from Smart IT.   From Global search it is not but while creating an Incident through smart recorder, it is reflect...
    Shivani Singh
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  • ARSystem 9.1 SP2 to SP3 Upgrade - Server Group

    Hello together,   Sorry for this probably basic question but I'm really not sure here. If I have a server group and want to upgrade from 9.1.02 to 9.1.03, can this be done actually without outage ?   My qu...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • How to call a remote server  .sh script from the remedy server using the Active link Run Process command?

    Hi Experts,   Please could you assist in achieving below scenario:-   How to call a .sh script located in remote unix box  from the  remedy server 8.1  on windows using the Active link Run P...
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  • Maximo 7.6 - Automatically Refetch WORKORDER Record with Button

    I have an external interface that updates WORKORDER and WPMATERIAL MBOs in the background, and locks the session context record for editing unless the user exits out and comes back in. I figured out a method for re-fe...
    Leviya Bl
    created by Leviya Bl
  • "Process could not be found" error in catalina log

    This error appears in catalina log file sometimes and then stops.   Set 19, 2017 11:37:02 AM com.sun.xml.ws.server.sei.TieHandler createResponse SEVERE: Process ":NextelBAO_Horizon:NextelBAO_Horizon_GetMsisdnInfo...
    Maiara Tronco
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  • Filter Rows Step in Spoon Job

    While working with the delta data sample job of Atrium Integrator, the filter rows step is continuously failing. It is promoting false action in short.   If you open "AISAMPLE_CompOs_Delta" sample job, Filter ro...
    Himanshu Pandya
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