• How can I view inactive Categories?

    I am working on cleaning up our Categories and would like to reference those that have been inactivated.  For example, one of those should be activated once again.  The data extract gives me my complete list...
    Heather Drews
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  • Appending permissions of one server to another

    TSSA 20.02   We are working on removing duplicate server entries in TSSA. However, before we decommission the duplicate entry, we would like to append the permissions of this server to the original one and then ...
    Parag Desai
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  • Pidgin not registering in Software Inventory or Security Products??

    I have a customer that asked why is Pidgin not showing in Software Inventory? I was and still am not able to answer that question. I ran a WMI query to see if it was registered in "Products and Features", it is not......
    Steve Gibbs
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  • PBM:Problem Management Console

    Hello,   The aim of my request:   I would like to avoid the mapping for theses fields Categorization Tiers 1 Categorization Tiers 2 Categorization Tiers 3 between HPD:Help Desk  and PBM:Problem...
    david marcil
    created by david marcil
  • RBE configuration

    I am configuring RBE to create Incidents by sending an email. Rule has been configured to create ticket based on a particular subject string. And sending email to incoming email configured on Email Mailbox Configurati...
    Mayank Kumar
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  • How can i monitor ISAM9 components in Truesight Capacity Optimization 11.3?

    How can i monitor ISAM9 components in Truesight Capacity Optimization 11.3?
    Evelyn Lanestosa
    created by Evelyn Lanestosa
  • Orchestration Repository HA database recommendations and best practices

    Could you help me please,   What are the size in disk, CPU, RAM, etc.  recommended or best practices for the server hosting the Repository database? We gonna use Oracle.   It could be used the same d...
    Alejandro Cortes
    created by Alejandro Cortes
  • HP Hardware Array/Disk

    Is it possible to create a monitoring of HP Hardware Array/Disk without using Sentry KM. If so please give me a link where I can read that information. Have been looking for hours at BMC for this
    Mikael Edlund
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  • Hermes is hiring a Product Owner for the BMC Platform

    If you are looking for a new challenge in the most beautiful city in the world (Hamburg - Germany);-) please apply the job. https://job.otto.de/otto/or_publication/default/html/03024936   Do you have any quest...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Can REST API to create event stop working even when TSIM is up and running ?

    Hi ALL,   A quick clarification needed, can there be any situations or use case where the REST API stops working for some reason even when TSIM is completely up and running ?? what are the use cases that you ma...
    Kaushik KM
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  • Having an issue w/ job on a on do action

    We do many various types of on do actions from text in the sysout but I have one which for the life of me can't get it to work of even send an email on text found in sysout. What I need it to do is on error do not ok....
    Jeffrey Jordan
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  • Agent Upgrade

    Hi All,   During the upgrade of agent I have selected generate the automatic installation file option to generate the xml file. But when I open after generating the xml file, I am able to see those info alone. ...
  • Discrepancy regarding ESX data between scanning and consolidation system

    Hi everyone!   I've just realized that the data regarding the ESX in the scanning system is not the same that the one in the consolidation system.   Consolidation:     Scanning:     ...
    Ana Lorite
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  • Can ssh keys be encrypted at rest?

    We were asked by our security department if the ssh keys we use for MFT connection profiles can be encrypted at rest. Is it possible to do this and have Control-M Agent still be able to use the private key on a connec...
    Brian Leap
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  • Workflow Rule for a task template

    Hello,   I am trying to create a service request workflow for purchasing and placing new computer equipment. I have the service request built in my sandbox and use field mapping for creating the first task to ge...
    Seth Malwitz
    created by Seth Malwitz
  • python script

    I developed a python script to be called by controlm. This script will run a server separated from the controlm, for some reason I can't call. How would I do it?      
    thiago Primeira
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  • Can you ad-hoc a task into a task group?

    Scenario: A change request in the implementation phase has a task group template active, with 4 tasks in it in sequence (1,2,3,4). User wants to create an ad-hoc task to sit between 3 and 4 in the task group, but ca...
    Paul Bastin
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  • Correct OS Name for Solaris servers

    Hello All, For all hosts with Solaris version 10 have OS as  "Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 s10x_u9wos_14a X86" or "Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10x_u10wos_17b X86" as shown in the attached screenshot. There are some junk ...
    Hitesh Jha
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  • Start a job on pentaho from a Filter

    Hey guys,   I need to integrate an account unlock into the AD through a Work Order. The process consists of passing the user's login to a powershell file that already has the entire script to call the unlock. &#...
    rodrigo barcat
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  • Related to form View

    Hi , Is it possible to determine the homepage view name in ARsystem User freference Home page tab in the Form Name field ? Actually there is a requirement to change the UI of an application so normally when we login...
    Swati Sharma
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