• error on installing package with current user

    Hi,   since footprints 12.5, i have problem to execute RO with current user. Step are like: - install package - execute program (package)   This last action must be run by the current user to work. But...
    Lionel ROCHA
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  • Excel entries to tickets

    Hello everyone,   I have this requirement with where I'm facing some difficulty. As always, turning to the kind experts on Community for every help available,   A business user submits a service request. A...
    edison pioneer
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  • What is "Enabled SSL Protocol" used for?

    Please see the attached file.   What exactly does this do?  There is no literature that I can find that details what this is used for.  Can someone please give me a detailed explanation of how to use t...
    Marvin Schumacher
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  • mtxagent not getting started on Master Server

    Hi All,   We have installed BMC Client Management 12.6 on Linux Server with Oracle Database. Once We install Master Server Service get started Properly. But Mtxaget service is not listening.
    Chaitanya Gokhale
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  • Control-M

    I'm trying to add a User ID and password to the Control-M agent server.  I get the following error:   Error: Cannot add or update user: . Verify that the user, domain and password are specified correctly. ...
    Gale Leonard
    created by Gale Leonard
  • Registering multiple custom host name advisor

    I have a possibly unique issue. I need to test multiple custom hostname advisors but the problem is that I can only test them in my production/pilot environment.   I know how to create a custom hostname advisor ...
    William Thomas
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  • License Usage Report Against the License Serial Key

    Team,   Can we get the license usage report against the license Key. For example we have purchased the Microsoft Office 2013 licenses with Enterprise License Key. But if someone is using Microsoft with another l...
  • Want to monitor Mysql database

    Hello All,   I have success full installed patrol agent on MySQL server and when I was configuring the same through classic console I am getting this error Isabelle Guitton       Regards Amit...
    Amit Singh
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  • Monitoring oracle database table content

    Hi All,   one of my client applications is logging transactions details/error or warning messages to oracle DB table. Is it possible to read/monitor the content of that table and raise an event/alert when any ex...
    sudhakara Rao Katakara
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  • VMware Discovery vCenter appliance

    Hello all,   the "default" VMware Discovery is using vCenter credentials, after successfully scanning the vCenter OS (Windows Server) and finding the vCenter SI. I've heard there are vCenter appliances where yo...
    Viktor Marinov
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  • ADDM : updating owner information

    How to update following fields in ADDM, currently field shows "Not Set" Please share the procedure to run bulk update rather than updating each.   Person: The person or owner responsible for the support of this ...
  • Please guide, is it possible to create an asset entry  from a Sandbox entry ?

    Hi,   I was checking one database in bmc.core:bmc_database form, but it don't have any entry for asset dataset, it has only sandbox entry (No addm entry). Is it possible to create an asset entry from these Sand...
    kanchan tripathi
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  • GDPR issue, I have to remove Incidents, Tasks and Problems from Remedyforce

    Hiya,   I have to remove Incidents, Tasks and Problems from Remedyforce that are greater than 12 months old. This is due to 1) the new GDPR (EU) regulations and 2) our internal Legal team's recommendations. &#...
    Dave Simpson
    created by Dave Simpson
  • Use link from Discovery tool in Confluence

    We would like to take a created and saved report in BMC Discovery, take the URL for the report and place it as a link into Confluence or similar pages so that management can click the link and have it take them direct...
    Roger Bayne
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  • Entuity integration with remote TrueSight/BPPM cell (ISN)

    Hello everyone,   I need to forward events from Entuity to a remote TrueSight/BPPM ISN cell (BEM cell). As far as I know the ootb integration allows to propagate events from Entuity to the TSIM/BPPM cell only, ...
    Alvaro Paronuzzi
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  • Use of control-m utilitiesexportdefjob/exportdeffolder

    Hi All,   Good Day! I need to validate if a certain job/folder exists in the Control-M database. I have to run this through command line. I am using control-m utility: exportdefjob/exportdeffolder.   I ...
    Trina Debnath
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  • Sizing baselines - more then 30,000 managed devices

    Hello,   i have read the Sizing baselines for Remedy 9.1.   https://docs.bmc.com/docs/itsm91/sizing-baselines-608491532.html     There i  see, in a Large Environment the "maximum number of ...
  • Issues with Scheduled Report on Smart Reporting 9.1

    Hi guys,   I am facing some issues with scheduled reports, the environment is the following: - Dataset used for report has checked both broadcast and subscription flags. - Report has been scheduled once creat...
  • SQL query in TPL

    Hi All,   I want to use few sql queries to create custom attributes in ADDM. I am looking for some option similar to discovery.wmiQuery or discovery.runCommand.   Please share if you have any idea or a sa...
    Gaurav Sharma
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  • Some monitoring data missing from TSIM

    Hello everyone,   My problem is some data is missing from TSIM while Patrol Agent still connected and IS is running. Has anyone faced this issue before? Does anyone know how to notice in case the data is missin...
    Nichapa Phothiwatana
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