• Sending Device Password Configuration Settings to CMDB

    We're working on a solution to track password configuration settings on devices. We're currently using Discovery to run commands on devices and then parsing the command output to store the text in detail nodes related...
    James Yant
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  • DWP Branding ..

    Hello , How can i replace a message in sign in help ???
    mohammed ghandi
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  • Regarding, REST API feature abilities

    Our client would like to integrate many of existing 3rd party products in metric level to use dynamic baselining,centralized view and Prob.Cause analysis.. Such as dynatrace,riverbed,solarwinds and so on. Can i use mo...
    emre gulersoy
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  • Class manager issue

    Hi All,   Once i add new attributes through class manager, and run asset UI sync, then do i need to change the location of the field, do i need to create overlay for this?   I have added few new attributes...
    Gajanand Patil
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  • sec_storage_get is not retrieving a stored password

    sec_storage_get is not retrieveing a stored password by an infrastructure policy. I put the below XML part to get username and password and let the policy to store it on SKS Database located in $PATROL_HOME/common/sec...
    Alexandre Akio
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  • TSA Health Dashboard

    Hi Experts,   Can anybody tell us how the Health Dashboards collect DB related information. In our environment, health dashboard shows DB size as 9 GB and free space as 0%.   We checked the below article a...
    Omkar Karavade
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  • ASSO 7.7.02 version HTTPS --> HTTP

    Hi All,   We are facing one major issue in 7.7.02 BMC Atrium Orchestrator.   We had used self-signed certificate in ASSO previously which was helping us to use HTTPS.   But now we want to use HTTP. W...
    Subash Chandra Behera
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  • How to configure SAP Data Access jobs into Control M

    Hello All,   How to configure the SAP Data access jobs into Control M v9.0.19.100.   Kind Regards, Amit Bandal
    Amit Bandal
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  • I want a command that can channge a user account on control m agent

    I am working on a project in a I want to create a Java program that will change password on control m agent I was struggling to see where control m stores the passwords for the control m agent, can you please assist...
    Sandile Mthimde
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  • Dependency cyclic job

    HI,   We had 2 jobs as Job A and Job B they both are depended job. We need to run same job twice a day. indly with scheduling criteria.   Issue i faced was first job triggered twice but depended job trig...
    Sanjay Vishwasrao
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  • PATROL Developer Console won't start

    Hi All,   I have installed the PATROL Developer Console on my client (laptop) today. However, it won't start: Anyone came across the same issue?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • BSR : custom priority/severity slots for impact/urgency in Remedy

    Hello, Using TSIM 11.3, BSR 3.5.01 and ARS 9.1.07 I'm trying to map my custom priority/severity slots in events (ticket_severity,ticket_priority) with Rugency/Impact from ARS/Remedy Some of my clients want differen...
    Baron Guillaume
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  • rest api query return date in GMT format, ARS 19.08

    Hi, when I query for a Incident ticket info like "submit date", the dates are in GMT, without offset, but If I query for change ticket info like "schedule start date" the info is right with my current offset for CST. ...
    Pedro Cardoso
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  • Too many records in ft_pending table for one single record

    Hi All,   AR Version : 8.1.00   ft_pending is pounded with too many records ( for e,g, 1000's ) for one single record. Issue is only with the SRM:Request and CHG:Infrastructure records.   select co...
    M K
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  • BMC Client management network utilization very high

    Hi,   It's been a while that the network utilization of the BCM Master server is high. It's using 100 percent of the available bandwidth. I tried applying transfer window to it, but no change. I am curious to kn...
    Ajinkya Kadam
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  • Migrate Requests to Workflow Designer format

    Hi,   Is there a simple way to migrate existing (old) workflows to the Workflow Designer format? Or does it involve rebuilding the individual workflows?   Thanks   Conrad
    Conrad Hemingway
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  • VMWare monitor best practices

    Hi all   We are going to run a PoC related to VMWare monitoring and I would like to know best practices about what to monitor, critical KPIs and VMWare components to take into account. Any updated info is welco...
    Pablo Ramirez
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  • Risks associated with Restful API vs SOAP?

    We have been using SOAP webservices for years.  We have total control of what data can be retrieved, updated, created or removed, based upon how the WSDL is structured.   As I understand it, with Restful a...
    Barry Lindstrom
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  • Error AR Server is not reachable

    Hi, we using BMC Remedy 9.1.04 version. Today we getting 'RPC call failed : 15000 ONC/RPC call timed out (ARERR 91)', then 'ARWARN [9505] AR Server is Not Reachable', and now I'm getting this error while release user ...
    Dwina Andilla
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  • Reset siadmin user in Smart Reporting 9.1.03

    Hi, Please assist to reset siadmin user for smart reporting. We tried following steps but no luck: Go to C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\SmartReporting\development\examples Copy ResetAdmin.jsp and paste it ...
    Rakesh Singh
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