• Configure Chroot SFTP on CentOS 7/CentOS 6 running BMC discovery

    Hi,   Can anyone Please comment if this is advisable to have SFTP configured on Cent OS 6/7 that is already running BMC discovery for file transfers,   Kindly let me know if there are any challenges.  ...
    Jamila Khan
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  • Smart reporting custom query on column

    Hi,   I want know whether we can do any custom query on each column of the report. If yes then how can we do that please assist.   Thanks, Sujata
    Sujata Aswar
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  • Hitachi HUS storage Hardware Container and Storage device info missing

    Hello,   we are using BMC Discovery with following TKUs:   TKU-2020-07-1-ADDM-11.2+ EDP-2020-07-1-ADDM-11.2+ TKU-Storage-2020-07-1-ADDM-11.2+   We successfully discover Hitachi HUS storage...
    Ondrej Kieler
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  • create multiple jobs with ctmcreate

    Hi , we would like to create multiple jobs using ctmcreate utility with input_file Inputfile will be created by a script and will then be called by ctmcreate -input_file /xxx Does anyone know how to define multiple ...
    Tom Bruylandt
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  • make the field "Status Reason" available as a filter

    Did anyone manage to make the field "Status Reason" available as a filter in the ticket console? Especially with V.20.02? We have followed the instructions from Configuring columns in ticket console - Documentation fo...
    Dirk Reuter
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  • [RFE]SQL Performance improvements

    To whom it may concern:   We are recently replaced to SQL Performance from other product. In the process of replacement, there is some problems occured. In order not to recur it, we ask two improvement; one is...
    created by KOHEI MINATO
  • Any luck on using BMC Remedy user tool on windows 10 without installed MS Visual studio1.1?

    We have migrated to windows 10  but MS Visual studio 1.1 is not supported and hence we are unable to run bmc user tool. Anybody solved this issue without installing MS Visual studio on windows 10? I know its depr...
    amandeep baluja
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  • ARS REST API Call to DWP-C fails with HTTP 406 Not Acceptable

    Dear community,   I'm working on ARS 19.08 environment and trying to achive a REST API call from ARS (Filter) to Digital Workplace Catalog. As described on BMC Doku for REST Call on DWP-C all requests must be au...
    Roger Neyer
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  • Deleting records from AR System Configuration Component

    I have moved my AR system to a new server and repointed it to the current production database. One of the issues I have is when I send an email with a link the correct link is displayed   http://gadvaaprm01/arsy...
    Raumin Tadayon
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  • After running post install.sh script dwpcontroller services are not getting started

    I have successfully installed the DWP Catalog  20.02 version and also performed the postinstall.sh commands and it was also successfull. But while trying to start the dwpcontroller services sometimes it's throwi...
    Abhishek Verma
    created by Abhishek Verma
  • Unable to install DWP Catalog

    While trying to install DWP Catalog on a linux environment getting error:   [ Installation started: 17:18:36 ]     [17:18:36] Dependency Check    .............................. ...
    Abhishek Verma
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  • ServiceDesk Client Profile - Permissions needed to see flow standard component triggered in Lightning Home page

    Hy Guys;   I have to types of images displayed at Home Lightning Page:   1) Image displayed by a custom component in XML with reference to a static resource ==> Ok, every user with ServiceDesk Client pr...
    Carlos Valle
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  • RSSO, Midtier, Tomcat cluster = session timeouts due to wrong reaction of rsso agent?!

    If I have understood the documentation correctly, BMC recommends to cluster several midtier over standard tomcat cluster configuration. The question I ask myself is: Why?   The following case: 2 MT (1 and 2), L...
    Stefan Hall
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  • Control-M for SAP connection profile issue

    Hello , Can someone assist on this issue which we are facing in Control-M for SAP.We are unable to access connection profile management in CCM.We tried attempting to restart the container from .../cm/SAP/exe/sapcmbe...
    Pavan Akkinapally
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  • Kernel / OS Build sync to CMDB

    We would like to have Unix Kernel information in the CMDB. For windows servers, we could also bring in "OS Build" for similar data. We looked and think the best unused field in ComputerSystem class is "PatchNumber". B...
    David Fudger
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  • Not able to get the BMC Helix trial version

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to get the free trial version for BMC Helix ITSM from the BMC Support Portal (BMC Helix ITSM Trial - BMC Software )   However, when I tried getting the free trial version, it pop...
    Abbas Saboowala
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  • Default Help Desk View's

    We encountered a system time out error and after logging back in, the Default Help Desk Views such as Open Ticket's, Closed Ticket's, My Open Ticket's, etc are no longer displaying in the View's drop down list. Is the...
    Stephen Denton
    created by Stephen Denton
  • Cloning Remedy/ITSM environments in 2020?

    Hello everybody. It has been a while since I cloned a complete Remedy environment (AR 9.0 when I was working on a zero downtime upgrade presentation for BMC Engage). I have see the more recent AR Server Rename utility...
    Jason Miller
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  • 11 Year Old Topic Being Helpful

    This showed up in my Communities Inbox today because somebody marked a response as Helpful. Even though many of us have complained that marking a response Helpful makes the thread show up in our Inbox again (or sends ...
    Jason Miller
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  • Smart Reporting - Calculated Field not allowed as a first parameter

    Hello,   After the upgrade to the latest ITSM version (20.02), some of Smart Reporting reports do not show up properly and show below error:        Error retrieving results An error occ...
    Jan Zacharjasiewicz
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