• Controlling ctrl-m jobs via command line

    Hi All,   I am trying to control below ctrl-m actions via command line.   >run >hold >order >rerun >status   Did anyone implemented this succesfully or can anyone throw some idea o...
    Sunil Bethapudi
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  • The process terminated in the ready state

    I recived the messagge ProcessTermination=The process terminated in the ready state . Can someone explain me the meaning?
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  • Three panels in panel holder - Fill, XY and Fill

    Hello, everyone.   I have following problem: I have two tables and two buttons between them, so I can transfer records from one table to another and vice versa. I want tables sizes to adjust screen resolution, ...
    Timur Bokov
    created by Timur Bokov
  • BMC Discovery Insufficient diskspace on filesystems

    Hi Everyone   We are using 11.1 version of BMC Discovery. and we get the error of insufficient diskspace. Although we have increased the space, we would like to know whether there are temporary files which can b...
    Harsh Vardhan
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  • Sorting float formatted  results

    Hi All, I have a report that lists sum(sumvalues) of free filesystems as fmt('%.2f', float(@free_kb) / 1024 / 1024) to have it in GB. The result values I can't sort properly neither by sorted function nor by build s...
    Wawrzyniec Golda
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  • Export BMC documentation to PDF makes blank pages

    I tried to export the complete BMC "The Pattern Language TPL" with all its children to a single PDF file. This basically works, but whenever there is a code or grammar sample, the Tool generates a blank page before ...
    Bernard Stern
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  • How to connect to a AR server using JAVA SDK in a HA where load balancer is configured

    We have a requirement to connect to the BMC Remedy servers using Java SDK API. We have a load balancer which balances the load on the system. Is it possible to connect to Load balancer using Java SDK. Would it redirec...
    Rajeev Kurupati
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  • Exporting ticket data from the ARSystem database

    I've taken over a project to implement a new Servicedesk, moving away from Remedy to another product.   All but the database server have been shut down, and I've been asked to provide a method of querying the da...
    Nick Harris-Dobson
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  • Sync Storage Volume data from ADDM 11.1 to CMDB

    Hi All,   i have a need to sync data from ADDM 11.1 to CMDB, based on this document storage volume are not mapped by default https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-33942#jive_content_id_How_do_storage_elements_m...
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  • Unable to collect the result from "for loop" activity at the end.

    Hi All,   I am stuck in below step during the workflow development, it would be highly apricated if you could help me to figure out.   I am unable to collect all the result out from “for loop” ...
    Ram Dev
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  • DRIFT Management replacement

    With DRIFT management going end of support next year, does anybody know what BMC's plan is for a replacement?  Our customer uses it fairly extensively to baseline services and report on unauthorized changes.
    ryan nicosia
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  • Process Monitoring Query : Automatic Process Monitoring

    Dear Experts ,   Can some one explain me how Automatic Process Monitoring works or what is use of this   Document says the below ,   Automatic Process Monitoring CPU Threshold in % Specify the CPU...
    Abhay Bhagat
    created by Abhay Bhagat
  • Continuous Reconciliation do not work

    Continuous Reconciliation is not working when enabled. I have Comp Sys CIs coming into my custom Dataset. I have created a recon job for this, manual run works fine. If I check it as Continuous, the recon job not trig...
    Deepak Sukte
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  • 390600 : The database is not the expected version (may need to run upgrade program) (ARERR 36) - Post Refresh

    Hi Team,   Can this issue be assigned to On Priority HIGH.   We are on BMC Remedy ARS and planning to upgrade it to 9.1.03. We had our Test DB Refreshed with Production and facing issues with i...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Show team but not assignee via formula

    The scenario is like this:   I want to create a report via a formula that, instead of showing me Team.TestAgent; Team2; Team3.TestAgent(AgentSmith), it will simply show Team1, Team2 and Team3.  The purpose ...
    Scott McLaughlin
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  • In Drift management Exclude CI which CI name start with xyz

    Hello,   In Drift Management Report I want to exclude CI's  which CI Name starts with xyz. So to achieve this scenario I have created Qualification Set as below.   ClassName - BMC_ComputerSystem ...
    Balaji Kumbhar
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  • MS SQL Database downgrade in BBSA 8.9

    Hi Team,   We are having BBSA 8.9 environment with MS-SQL 2016 Enterprise database installed.Kindly let us  know if there will be any technical challenges, if we downgrade this Database from Enterprise to S...
    Yashaswini K J
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  • Patch post Remediation report

    Hi , i do not have BDSSA in the environment , is there anything i can get report of Windows Post patch reports which i run against servers with multiple groups per week vi BSA console?
    vijay Chaudhery
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  • Tracking the time a Task is with a specific team

    We have a scenario where a task is moved around multiple teams so they can complete investigations and add information to the task as part of Change Planning.   We would like to be able to see how long each ...
    richard shackleton
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  • ECA Error in EDP-2017-12-1-ADDM-11.2+

    We are rolling out the latest EDP and observed the following error, which we did not observe with the previous EDP.   Are others experiencing the same errors?
    Bernard Stern
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