• BCM 12.7 duplicate device name removal

    Hello,   To allow duplicate device name, We have enabled Allowed Duplicate device name option in global settings system variables. Now we could see duplicate hostname in BCM. In our scenario, whenever machine ge...
    Vipul Pawaskar
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  • Job starts in Control-M directory, fails due to relative paths

    -Scenario: Control-M Agent v7 FP7 on Windows Server 2012 R2 Agent is running as a local administrator user: ctmagt Agent is configured for LogOn As User ctmagt account is added to the following local security poli...
    Gonzalo Barrio
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  • Regarding Vcentres scanning in ADDM

    Hi Team,   We have scanned few Vcentres. and got discovered around 30 ESXi servers in it. but getting no access issue for two of the ESXi in same subnet where Vcentre is hosted. (where we got 30 success)   ...
    Naveen Kumar N C
    created by Naveen Kumar N C
  • BMC TrueSight Alerts : Integration with Automatic calling/voice/reading system

    Dear Experts,   Did any one get a chance to integrate with any automated voice system ,   Requirement :  The momemt an alert comes  requirement is to call a particular team or a person and read t...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • Switch Stack Represented in Atrium

    Hello All,   The March TKU made some more minor updates to the switch stack device representation and this is leading to questions from the config mgmt community here....   The logical entity "Switch Stack...
    Louis Troise
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  • Merge to ASSET dataset

    Hello I'm trying to preserve a name of a CI, that is already in ASSET dataset. I want info from another datasets to update values only. I want to use custom naming for CIs, which is not always the same as a server (...
    Olegas Domanskis
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  • Service Request Details screen half bank after upgrade

    Dears after upgrading from 8.1.02 to 9.1.04 Service Request Details has new bank tabs .. anyone faced the same issue before or any advice
    Mohammad Talaat
    created by Mohammad Talaat
  • Cleanup Diagnostic Test

    Hello,   sometimes, when the following "out-of-the-box" NSH job is run:   [/BladeLogic/Jobs/0_Workspaces_BLAdmins/0_Workspaces_BLAdmins_Projects/1_BLAdmins_Maintenance_Projects/0_Bladelogic_Database_Clea...
    Greinger Oltra
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  • About configuring IBM Watson Assistant in Innovation Studio

    Hello Team,   We are trying to setup and use the cognitive feature of the IBM Watson in BMC Innovation studio using the Chat bot tab.We tried setting this up but we are not able to do so.   The issue is th...
    created by SUNDEEP KOUL
  • How to pass a parameter to shell script while defining a Job in Control-M?

    Hi All,   I am trying to create a Job in which I need to schedule the shell script with passing the parameter to it. For example: demo.sh date   How to get it done, while defining a job as I am not able ...
    himanshu khandelwal
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  • Looking for syntax using DOWHAT=SEARCH to filter on individual fields

    MRcgi/MRlogin.pl?DIRECTLOGIN=1&PROJECTID=192&DOWHAT=SEARCH&KEYWORDPHRASE=XXXX works, but I am trying to add Customer=Test   Is there a way to search for individual fields or does it only support the ...
    Peter Prosen
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  • DWP/smartit integrate with RSS0

    Dear , i have installed newly smartit and DWP in my application server and its working fine but i want to configure below both the url should integrate with the RSSO , while i am trying to execute the installer there...
    Smruti Ranjan Nayak
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  • Server 2019 Support

    When will BCM Support windows server 2019 both as the master server and clients?
    Jacob Olesen
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  • Integration between Remedy - Jira

    Hi,   we are making our first flow between Jira SD and Remedy. And we find some problems that maybe someone can answer us:   - How to sync attach files from Jira SD to Remedy (we didn't find in the docs) ...
    Fer Sanchez
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  • Atrium CMDB - Solarwinds Integration

    Hi,   Currently I was playing around with solarwinds, and I saw that they got discovery portion. Just wondering if there's a chance remedy got a native adapter to talk with Solarwinds on this portion.   T...
    Ravian Nugraha
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  • View of panel from HPD:Help Desk

    Hi guys;   I've a problem when I access to HPD:Help Desk by Mid-Tier; the system shows this form in the end of scrollbar and the aren't any panel up this form.   Have you got any idea?     T...
    Aaron Garcia
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  • How to calculate date diff with same field in Smart Reporting

    Hi all! We are doing in Smart Reporting the reports that we had with Birt. We are encountering some problems, mostly related to dates.     To not complicate much, here goes the question: How can we do dat...
    Xuban Gonzalez
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  • how do i check if my hosts at datacenter  have access to internet at BMC console

    how do i check if my hosts at datacenter  have access to internet at BMC console@
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  • Duplication on Change Request with CIs Report on Smart Reporting.

    Hello,   Please is there a way I can achieve this report style in Smart Report      Change ID CIs CRQ0001 Server 1, Server 2, Server 3   As against having the Change row duplicated as in b...
  • Unable to Open The Incident from Relationships tab

    Hi  Team,   I am unable to open Incident ticket from the Relationships tab   i am opening the incident ticket  "INC000002427500" , going to Relationship tab , trying to open "INC000002448991" not...
    Siva Perumal
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