• SRM 9.1.04 patch 2 - Service Request Dialog Window Size

    Does anyone know with the standard SRD created is it possible to increase the window size of the dialog window?   The dialog window I am referring to is the one that the user sees when they click Request Now. &#...
    T. D.
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  • Remedy integration issue

    We are integrating Remedy with a external tool. So whenever a user send an email to Service Desk that tool automatically converts that email as incident. The tool picks up the user name in AD and pass the value to Rem...
    Dhushanth Ganesan
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  • AR_SERVER Variable on UDM_VARIABLE Form

    We were previously configured for the Carte Server to be pointed to our server group alias, but needed to move the bulk of the work away from the first server. I followed the steps to change the default Carte Server, ...
    Christopher Janovich
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  • AO Dev Studio - Using REST adapter, can we pass request body in GET call?

    Is there an option to pass request body for GET call?
    Usha Jasti
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  • How to find workflow for adapter call error

    Hi all,   we have the problem that there is a broken SQL statement somewhere in one of our workflows. We can see in the grid.log that an adapter throws an error, but we can't find the workflow that is causing it...
    Richard Bayer
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  • Line Manager approval

    Hi experts,   I am working with BMC Remedy 9.1.06 version. I have tried to create SRD filling the Approval Type field  with Manager, but when request the service never appears in the Manager User the service...
    Majd Alsadi
    created by Majd Alsadi
  • Reassign pending approval automatically

    Hi   We have a new customer requirement i.e If approval is pending for a specified days let's say 2 days and there is no current alternate approver set for the approver then the approval will be reassigned\notifi...
    Majd Alsadi
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  • TrueSight RSSO : Unable to get the tokenId Linux Server

    Dear Experts,   I installed the TrueSight RSSO on a unix server along with the TrueSight Presentation Serve on the same .   From the browser on the linux server when we try to login to TSPS it gives the b...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • DWP Regular Expressions

    We have configured forms in SRM with fields having regex validation.   For Example: /[B]{1}[0-9]{7}/ Already when typing the first character the following error message appears: Answer does not contain requir...
    Marie Pfautsch
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  • SNMP adopter error

    I am trying to check adopter in our dev enviornment. while checking the configuration I coud see the below errors.   [root@lhdbdev01v mibs]# /usr/bin/snmptranslate No log handling enabled - turning on stderr lo...
  • Remedy AIE import not populating all fields

    Hi, the clients want to start importing assets into the system and I have created a set of AIE Data Exchanges in order to do this.   But there are a certain number of fields which aren't being populated by the s...
    Yvonne Thompson
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  • Remedy Developer Contract Position @NASA Ames Research Center California

    Intrinsyx Technologies is looking for a Remedy developer to support NASA Super computing division at Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. An ideal candidate must have good communication skills with exposure to w...
    Mohammad Rehman
    created by Mohammad Rehman
  • How to create a work order via escalation with the use of a WO template (or really, how to automatically create a work order every day with the use of a WO template)?

    We are trying to build workflow to automatically create a Work Order daily, and require the use of a WO template (specifically for the many related tasks).   Immediately, I thought it would be a simple operation...
    Andrew Turner
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  • Syncmapping for EOL (retirement_date)

    I've got a requirement to map EOL and EOS data into the CMDB from discovery but I am struggling with the appropriate syntax in my syncmapping.  To be honest, it is not my strong suit so if anybody has had success...
    Ryan Nicosia
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  • Work Log Entries made in ITSM are not visible in Smart IT

    Hi guys,   we are facing the following issue currently. Work Log Entries made in ITSM are not visible in Smart IT. All Entries that are created in any Incident on SMART IT side, are visible in ITSM. It doesn't...
    Dominik Scholz
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  • Control-m Error message loading data corruption

    Hi,   I got this message after loading one of my control-m folders into the workspace. The problem is I don't know which sub-folder is the problem.  
    Darin Miyashiro
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  • Configuration Manager - User permission question

    What privileges do i have to assign to a group to be able to order but not modify the contents of a folder.     Currently the only way that ordering is working is to change the folder permission to FULL. Ho...
    jay borja
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  • How can I fill out Date/Time fields via Rest API?

    Hi, I have created a small App with some fields. Two of the fields are Date/Time fields. I use a service in DWP Catalog to create an entry for the app. As long as I only use the string fields, it works fine, but as...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • BCM Trial License for asset inventory

    Hi,   I'm trying to find BCM 12.8 trial license entitlement to run full asset inventory;how many end-point devices can be bring in inventory in trial version of BCM?   -MF
    Muhammad Faisal Syed
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  • SRM Entitlement for only Profile Manager

    Hi All,   My requirement is to create SRM Entitlement for Managers to see specific SRD only.   I tried using below Advanced qualification but it is not working.   \$USER$ = 'ManagerLoginID'   ...
    Sudhir Ujagare
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