• MyIT: Alternate Approvers

    178 votes
    MyIT user should be able to identify alternate approvers, like they do in Approval Central.
    Rob Presland
    last modified by Rob Presland
  • FPSC 12 - Ability to change or remove the email marker line from notifications

    Product Team Review
    176 votes
    All email notifications sent from FootPrints include the line "When replying, type your text above this line."  In FootPrints Service Core 11.x and earlier, we were able to change or remove this text using variab...
    Tom McCorkel
    last modified by Tom McCorkel
  • Incoming email html read

    On Roadmap
    177 votes
    Add the reading of incoming emails in html format so the information of tables/hyperlinks...etc.. is not lost.
    Antonio Martorell Ferriol
    last modified by Antonio Martorell Ferriol
  • Smart IT - Add custom fields as new columns to console

    174 votes
    Smart IT has the ability to add new fields to the forms, but there is currently no way to make new fields available as columns.  In addition to various custom fields, there are several OOB fields that are useful,...
    Evan Ruble
    last modified by Evan Ruble
  • Version 12- Sorting Record Number should sort numerically on sequence

    Product Team Review
    170 votes
    When on your home tab, if you attempt to sort on Record Number it does an alphabetic sort.  If you have 20 incidents with a prefix of 'INC' the result ends up something like this:   INC-1 INC-10 INC-11 I...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Smart IT : Activity Log should capture Assigned Support Group

    On Roadmap
    167 votes
    In Smart IT 1.5 the Activity Log captures only the Assignee name (the note is "Assigned to: Agent-X by Agent-Y"). But if after the Activity Log was updated with the Assignee name and after that the ticket is assigned...
  • Copy change option in Smart IT

    167 votes
    Hi All,   Most of the users use copy change feature which is really a user friendly option. It will reduce lot of work when changes has to be created in bulk. We should have an option of copy change in Smart IT ...
    KiranSingh Rajput Kishore
    last modified by KiranSingh Rajput Kishore
  • ITSM-Broadcasts should be visible in MyIT-Broadcasts

    165 votes
    At the moment you can create Broadcasts in the ITSM-Suite and Broadcasts in MyIT. Those Broadcasts are not related.   If e.g. an Event occurs and an Administrator needs to send a Broadcast to the users, he/she n...
    Tamara Ehmoser
    last modified by Tamara Ehmoser
  • MyIT End users should be able to change their passwords through MyIT UI

    164 votes
    There are scenarios in the customers environment where they will be using ONLY MyIT Apps for the End Users.   Currently how system works is -   Force Password change on Login in 'User' form is checked. ...
    Suyog Bandhaokar
    last modified by Suyog Bandhaokar
  • Display of "Audit Log" from 'HPD:Help Desk Audit Log' into the "Activity" of Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    165 votes
    The Idea is to display the complete "Audit Log" from “HPD:Help Desk Audit Log” into the "Activity" of 'Smart IT' with the exact timestamp.
    Alexander Rudi
    last modified by Alexander Rudi
  • Save as Draft option in MyIT

    Product Team Review
    159 votes
    Unlike SRM it seems that MyIT doesn't have the option to save a request in draft prior to submission. If there are a lot of questions in a request and the submitter can't supply all the information in one sitting they...
    Rodney Harris
    last modified by Rodney Harris
  • Zero Downtime (ZDT) Upgrade

    On Roadmap
    160 votes
    BMC has a prototype for an idea that would enable an application to be upgraded on a production server gorup while the original version of the application remains available to users.  Once the application has bee...
    David J. Easter
    last modified by David J. Easter
  • Discovery of SSL certificates using ADDM

    Product Team Review
    158 votes
    It would be beneficial for us for ADDM to discover web server SSL Certificates by checking all listening ports on a server and return all the available certificate attributes and return which Software Instance is usin...
    David Ewing
    last modified by David Ewing
  • Request a supervisor address book field type in FP12 similar to FP11

    On Roadmap
    155 votes
    In Footprints 11.x, there is a "Supervisor" field type in the address book that will convert the LDAP "Manager" attribute distinguished name data into the managers display name. This is the way the name appears in Act...
    Kevin Dort
    last modified by Kevin Dort
  • Smart IT - Console Refresh Interval

    On Roadmap
    154 votes
    I would like to submit an idea for the below use case   The Smart IT Console does not appear to auto-refresh, and there is no refresh button.  Users who regularly monitor the Console must click on a differe...
    Vaibhav Wadekar
    last modified by Vaibhav Wadekar
  • Exporting ADDM visualization in Visio format

    On Roadmap
    152 votes
    Application maps developed using ADDM can be viewed in ADDM visualization feature. Such visualization has information about relationships (like communication, dependency, association etc) between Software Instances, B...
    Swapnil Patil
    last modified by Swapnil Patil
  • Smart IT - Custom Dashboard KPI Configuration

    On Roadmap
    149 votes
    Within the Smart IT Dashboard, a number of KPI's are shown which are preset and cannot be adjusted by the end-user administrator. Companies all have differing qualification and terminology for their KPI calculation, t...
    Ash Hall
    last modified by Ash Hall
  • Discovery of stacked and virtual switches

    148 votes
    Support the discovery of stacked switches and virtual switches.
    Petrus Johansson
    last modified by Petrus Johansson
  • Reassign Approval in MYIT

    147 votes
    In ITSM, when a ticket comes for approval to the manager in Approval Central, the approver gets the following options to perform on the ticket. Approve -- the tickets gets approved. Reject -- the ticket gets rejecte...
    Swati Bhalla
    last modified by Swati Bhalla
  • Approval Console in Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    149 votes
    It would be very nice if the Smart IT appear Approval Console with the ability to manage agreement.
    Elena Zhuk
    last modified by Elena Zhuk