• FP12 - Ability to set permission based on the value of a dropdown field

    On Roadmap
    296 votes
    In version 11, it is possible to configure a field to be mandatory, optional, hidden, or read only per status per user role.  In version 12, it is not possible to make this property change per Status.  It co...
    Bernadeth Raquiza
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  • Smart IT - Ability To View Change Calendar

    279 votes
    At the moment there is currently not a way to bring up the change calendar in Smart IT without having to create/edit a change. I was told that the calendar view in Smart IT is only a purpose built calendar for change...
    Scott Weber
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  • Relationships between the core switches with edge switches

    Product Team Review
    283 votes
    Even with dynamic relationship, it is very important that they display the relationships between the core switches with edge switches.   Thus being able to predict impacts and dependencies.   Besides assis...
    Tiago Sanz Fré
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  • Auto refresh widgets and Views in FP12 Consoles

    On Roadmap
    264 votes
    Allow Widgets and Views on Consoles to have an auto-refresh interval.  
    Kathryn Roys
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  • COPY functionality - FP12

    262 votes
    Delivered in 12.1.08   This Idea will only cover items 1 and 10 for now.  Please vote on the other separate Ideas for 2-9.    There are a lot of areas in FP12 which are missing copy functions.&#...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Automated Utility to update ARS/ITSM/SRM etc Server References

    On Roadmap
    261 votes
    The need to update 'Server References' when moving a DB to a new environment is an important but lengthy task and is required at multiple points during the lifecycle of an upgrade project. Server Reference updates are...
    Ash Hall
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  • Ability to scan Storage Devices

    234 votes
    Whether through SNMP or direct login to SAN switches and Storage management consoles, or directly to storage devices such as NetApps, Arrays, and suh to get a better mapping of storage connected to servers would be RE...
    Stephen Becker
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  • Display approvals after approval process - FP12

    On Roadmap
    229 votes
    Currently in 12, the contents of the approval tab disappears after an approval has been completed.  This is a bit confusing because the section header is still there, and even then, post approval process, it woul...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • FPSC 12.1 - Ability to hide the Subscribe column from the default homepage and custom searches

    On Roadmap
    227 votes
    In FPSC 12.1 there is a new Subscribe column to allow users to subscribe to global issues.  If a customer is not using this feature, they have no need to have the Subscribe column on the homepage but there appear...
    Tom McCorkel
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  • Smart IT - Provide 'Advanced Filter Qualification' box for the 'Ticket Console'

    On Roadmap
    226 votes
    When defining Filters within the 'Ticket Console', the limitation is to the various filtering options provided, however these filtering options do not include the ability to use 'NOT' or 'AND/OR' syntax, i.e. to exclu...
    Ash Hall
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  • @Team - FP12

    213 votes
    Delivered in 12.1.09   I thought this already existed as an idea, or that I had previously created, but cannot find, so sorry if this is a dupe.   Basically, when creating a search, in the 'search for' sec...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Ability to update multiple tickets at once

    Product Team Review
    206 votes
    Similar to v11 I would like to have quick actions on the homepage, select multiple records and close, send email, delete (admin), assign, etc...
    Bruno Domingues
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  • Smart IT Ticket Console - Extend Filtering Options

    On Roadmap
    204 votes
    This idea is about the Smart IT Ticket Console. At the moment it offers various filtering options. Nevertheless, our customer request to have filters for all underlying ticket fields. This includes at least customer ...
    Oliver Koplin
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  • Delegate rights to view and update requests in MyIT

    195 votes
    Currently (MyIT 3.1) a user can only see and work on their own requests. If the OnBehalf of functionality is used, one more person can get access, provided it is being considered upfront. This idea describes how a del...
    Karl-Anders Falk
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  • 'Add All Fields' button added to 'AR System Report' Form

    193 votes
    When using the Mid Tier (without access to the AR User Tool) you can only export ARX files by creating a report of type 'AR System'. When defining such a report, you must select the fields/columns to include in the re...
    Ash Hall
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  • Support for SRD Actions in Smart IT

    On Roadmap
    192 votes
    When you create a service request via smart recorder it would be very helpful if the configured Actions will be supported in Smart-IT as well.
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Calculations with date/datetime fields

    On Roadmap
    191 votes
    Would like to be able to use date or datetime fields when doing calculations.  Some examples would be: calculating the time between 2 fields and putting the result in a 3rd field in minutes, hours or days. Addi...
    Jeffrey Honig
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  • FPv12: List what business rule performs an action in the ticket history

    189 votes
    Delivered in 12.1.08   It does not appear that the name of the business rule shows up in the history of a ticket.  This is very useful info so unless I am missing something I would very much like to see th...
    Linda Kirkpatrick
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  • Utilize Functions in workflow Run-If commands

    On Roadmap
    184 votes
    Currently you can use Fields and Keywords in Run-If qualifications, but not Functions.  Currently if you want to compare, for example, parts of two strings, you must do one workflow to set the values you are look...
    LJ LongWing
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  • To be able to create your own themes

    Product Team Review
    180 votes
    A customer has requested to be able to create his own themes.
    Julien Devienne
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