• Strata Data Conference NYC

    BMC will be in NYC September 23-26 for Strata Data Conference as a contributing sponsor. Strata Data Conference is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect—and merge. It's a deep dive i...
    Sedea Bou
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  • Action required by users of TrueSight/BladeLogic Server Automation Microsoft Windows Patching (Shavlik)

    If you are using TSSA/BSA to patch your Windows servers, you have hopefully already upgraded to a version of TSSA that uses the new Shavlik SDK version and are happily off patching your servers, because you received a...
    Bill Robinson
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  • BMC Communities Feedback Survey, March 2019 (closed)

    Well, what's happening? Why should I take this survey? More incentives for you Well, what's happening? Okay let me give you some background here. Every six months, the Communities Team runs a survey for it...
    Vishnu Nair
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  • Workload Automation = Visibility

    The other day I was discussing a particular process that gets performed ad-hoc and how we could turn that workflow into an automated process and then tie it into a self-service request.  This particular process h...
    Robert Stinnett
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  • Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - Smart Reporting: Performance Best Practices Webinar

    Please join Daniel and Bharath as they present on Smart Reporting Performance best practices during the August 2019 webinar.   In this session, they will provide an overview of the architecture and sizing, best ...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • Categories Icon and Description enhancement in Self Service 3.0

    Increasing self-service adoption along with a good user experience is a goal for most service desks. A service catalog and Knowledge article page is deployed to allow users to create service requests and read issue re...
    Ashwini Bhagwat
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  • Forward your log

    Just a quick note on syslog forwarding from the Discovery appliance.   While the Discovery appliance (physical or virtual) is based on a fairly standard CentOS build, we are careful to control the packages and c...
    Nick Smith
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  • Configuring the Monitoring of Several Hosts at Once

    Monitoring multiple hosts that share the same characteristics has never been easier with Monitoring Studio!   The Bulk Add… feature enables you to provide a list of hosts that will automatically be indepe...
    Veronique Delarue
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  • Two-Column Layout for Service Requests in Self Service 3.0

    Increasing self-service adoption is a goal for most service desks. A service catalogue is deployed to allow users to create service requests for a wide variety of requests such as requesting for mobile devices, access...
    Ashwini Bhagwat
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  • Template support in RTF compose email

    The Activity Feed, launched in the Remedyforce Console, made it much easier for staff to compose emails from within a record without having to switch to a different page. We have been adding features to the Activity F...
    Ashwini Bhagwat
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  • New Secure File Transfer (SFT) service for Customer Support

    With increasing demands for robust cybersecurity solutions that comply with industry best practices, BMC has implemented a new Secure File Transfer (SFT) service for sharing large files with us. Our new SFT service ...
    John Stalnaker
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  • New Case Study: University of Kansas Health Systems and BMC Helix

    We have a great new video to share featuring Blake Bowlin of the University of Kansas Health Systems describing their transformation from ITSM to Cognitive Service Management with BMC Helix. Check it out!
    Susan Von Konsky
    created by Susan Von Konsky
  • Console list view - Attachment flag

      Attachments “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a well-known adage. When a client faces an error in an IT service, they not only submit an incident, but also add attachments that often carry a...
    Neena Ahirrao Guha
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  • Enabling Self-help in SmartIT 1908

    Starting with version 1908, Smart IT comes with embedded self-help which with a guided assistance. This will be available out of the box for all new installations , however for upgraded systems a small manual step in...
    Nithya Reddy
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  • BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management 19.08 – Configuring Azure Monitor alerts notifications

    BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management Notification feature enables you to monitor your Azure resources by receiving the Azure alerts metadata through the webhook option. BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management cur...
    Virendra Chauhan
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  • Remedy IT Service Management 19.08 is now available

    BMC Software announces the 19.08 release of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.   The 19.08 release delivers some exciting new capabilities for Remedy that include an ITSM calendar, a workspace to support custom...
    John Weigand
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  • BMC CMDB 19.08 is here....!

    Hello Everyone,   I wanted to let you know that at the end of last week we released BMC CMDB 19.08, along with ITSM and AR System along with other products.   This release contains several items of interes...
    Stephen Earl
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  • Trending in Support: Patrol Agent Security issues – PATROL Agent unable to connect to the Integration Service

    Recently, the Support team has seen an increase in the number of PATROL Agent security issues. These security issues can lead to several problems in the TrueSight arena. The most commonly seen error when the PATROL Ag...
    Betty Neumann
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  • BDA "How To" Videos

    Today I just wanted to remind everyone of a  great resources for BDA... our "How To" Videos on YouTube. . If you want to learn how to do things in BDA such as patch, provision, enforce compliance or even creat...
    Eric Liszt
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  • Announcing BMC Helix Cloud Security & BMC Helix Cloud Cost

    Automation, cloud, and cognitive, together at last. We are excited to announce that TrueSight Cloud Security and TrueSight Cloud Cost are joining the BMC Helix platform and are now known as BMC Helix Cloud Security a...
    Rick Bosworth
    created by Rick Bosworth