• CO₂ Analytics with Hardware Sentry KM 11

    Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL 11.0.00 is now available to download! Among the many new features and capabilities included in this version, it includes the new Green IT extension.   The Green IT extension is a so...
    Veronique Delarue
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  • Your Db2 utilities BIG PICTURE with AMI UTILITIES for Db2

    Your Db2 utilities BIG PICTURE with AMI UTILITIES for Db2  For many years now, Db2 systems have been running more and more utilities for the critical Db2 applications or management needs of databases. Db2 Utili...
    Roberto Cason
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  • A simple script to separate out the Diagnostic Self Monitoring - Data flows anomalies report

    The output of the Diagnostic Self Monitoring - Data flows anomalies shows information about data quality in terms of non-reporting systems and business drivers. It is very pretty, and a little to pretty too perform a...
    Dima Seliverstov
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  • Using the Digital Workplace Catalog API

    There are times when you need to be able to access DWP-C functionality through an API. This might be in order to offer a Business to Business (B2B) interface to external systems, to help automate deployments through a...
    Paul Seager-Smith
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  • Nuevas formas de trabajar con BMC Helix

    ¿Sabías que una conversación con Helix Chatbot puede ayudar a optimizar los costes de un servicio? ¿Y que distintos equipos pueden trabajar conjuntamente en Microsoft Teams de forma má...
    Marisa Ortega
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  • Digital Assistant Survey: How would you like to use a Digital Assistant?

    What Is It? We want to learn from you about the types of tasks you expect to do with a general purpose digital assistant for usage across BMC products. You can interact with it using textual or voice conversations fro...
    Deepa Bhat
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  • Remedy Smart Reporting 1902 Versions License Expires By End Of Year 2019

    BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 19.02 license will expire by the end of this year 2019-12-31.   There is a separate license file for Smart Reporting 19.02 and it can be applied following steps below: Download the at...
    Bharath Kumar Chitrala
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  • Fine tuning BMC AMI Load return codes

    Load is a fairly simple utility to manage, right?  I suppose it is if your input data is correct and you don’t allow discards, then it either works or fails.  But what if you don’t have control o...
    Doug Wilson
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  • Certificate Discovery

    You may have noticed that with TKU 2020-08 we have started to implement a new feature: SSL certificate Discovery:     where, for Webservers of types: "Apache Webserver" "IBM HTTP Server" "Oracle HTTP S...
    Nick Smith
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  • Control-M 20. Ventajas en el MFT

    http://lifecontrolm.es/control-m-mft/Analizamos las principales ventajas de esta nueva versión del plug-in mas importante de Control-M.   Para aquellos que sean "perros viejos" en esto de la planificaci&...
    David Tabernero
    created by David Tabernero
  • Connect with TrueSight - TSCO:Best Practices for Installation and Upgrade Webinar

    Please join Adrian as he covers TSCO Best Practices for Installation and Upgrade during the October 14th webinar.   In this webinar he will be reviewing Installation and upgrade best practices which include: In...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • Getting the VPC to work with Amazon Linux

    A couple customers followed my old guide about hacking the VPC to work with other RPM-based Linux distributions and I figured I'd document the steps specifically for Amazon Linux.  After these changes you will be...
    Bill Robinson
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  • Announcing BMC Helix Control-M

      We’re excited to announce that BMC Helix Control-M was officially announced today by our CEO, Ayman Sayed, during our global Virtual Exchange. BMC’s newest SaaS offering builds on Control-M’s ...
    Loreal Hunter
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  • Salesforce Security Alert!  Changes to Guest User Security

    Update: October 15, 2020: The Guest User Security changes will be enforced in the Winter '21 release without opt-out and disable options.  Details can be found here: https://cloud.mail.salesforce.com/GuestUserSec...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - Service Modeling Lifecycle Webinar

    Please join Support & Engineering as they present on Service Modeling Lifecycle in the January 27, 2021 webinar.   In this session they will explore the Service Modeling lifecycle across Discovery, CMDB, and...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • BMC AMI Capacity & Cost Portfolio Transformation

    I’m excited to announce the launch of BMC AMI Capacity and Cost portfolio transformation which you’ll find here on Communities and through the new bmc.com webpage.  The same great solutions that empow...
    Kathleen Tsaknakis
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  • BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes

    Summary:  BMC's Capacity Management for Mainframes (CMM) customers, that are entitled to service, have access to significant additional functionality at No Additional Charge. The YouTube invite below covers enhan...
    Donald Zeunert
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  • MainView for DB2 product documentation is now available in Japanese

    Thanks, Susan Rice for your post about the Japanese documentation. Thanks also to Tejas Andhare from our L10N team, and Claire Cohen, Dana Thawkho, and Aparna Saxena from our IDD team. A very special thanks to Ayako U...
    Gina Fevrier
    created by Gina Fevrier
  • Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - DWP Catalog Workflow Best Practices and Troubleshooting Webinar

    Please join Jeff as he covers DWP Catalog Workflow Best Practices and Troubleshooting in the October 21st webinar.   In this session he will discuss Connectors, service import/export, DWP Catalog approvals and b...
    Gregory Kiyoi
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  • Helix Support: Patrol Agent Installation (Direct Installation Method)

    Direct Installation method Installs products on the computer on which you are running the installation utility;For this method,product files needs to be available on the computer where you would like to install patrol...
    Mahendra Pawar Pawar
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