• Execution Plan? Soft Parse? Hard Parse? session_cached_cursors parameter

    So what does the Oracle database do when a SQL statement comes in to be processed?   A SQL is HARD PARSED the first time it comes into the database:   SYNTAX CHECK       ...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • Salesforce July 2018 Tech Update

    How's the summer going?  It's been a busy month around here what with pushing Winter 18 Patch 3, releasing Remedyforce Summer 18, and we still have more to come!  But first, let's review the Salesforce July ...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Vote Now!  Remedyforce CMDB User Experience and User Interface Survey

    As Remedyforce continues to enhance and expand across many areas of the solution, the CMDB user interface has remained unchanged since its inception. This project is intended expose and validate improvement opportunit...
    John Fulton
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  • New Storage Devices Covered with Monitoring Studio!

    As you sure know, many storage devices are already supported by our Storage Monitoring solution for TrueSight Operations Mgmt. For any other storage device that you wish to monitor in TrueSight, you can count on Monit...
    Isabelle Guitton
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  • BMC Helix – What does it mean for Remedy ITSM Customers

    On June 5, BMC launched BMC Helix Cognitive Service Management, which delivers everything-as-a-service with intelligent, omni-channel experiences in the cloud.   I’d like to share some insights about what...
    Peter Adams
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  • Let's Grow Together - BMC Communities Survey, March'18 Live

    It's time when we open the window of discussion, gather your collective feedback and re-think on how we can improve the BMC Communities experience further. An opportunity for you to provide your feedback on current pr...
    Shadab Ashraf
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  • Salesforce Alert:  Auto-Transition of Lightning Experience for Selected Customers

    The following Alert was posted by Salesforce and we wanted to make sure our Remedyforce customers are aware of potential changes.   Who is impacted by this change? Partners with smaller, low complexity customer...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • Remedy System Consolidation - A Case Study

    Capgemini provide ITSM as a service to over two hundred and thirty customers across four multi-tenant BMC Remedy ITSM systems hosted on Remedy OnDemand (RoD). These multiple systems result in operational inefficiencie...
    Robin Ashford
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  • D2P Overview

    D2P OverviewKnown as Dev to Prod(D2P) is a feature used to push stuff from QA/Dev environment to production environment , this feature was initially introduce in AR System 9.x and later was enhanced a much over the re...
  • Remedyforce Summer 18 and the Living is Easy!

      It's summer time and the living is easy, or, depending on where you live, it may be hot, Hot, HOT!  Either way, we've got some hot new features for you plus we have some things that are "in flight" that we...
    Virginia Leandro
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  • BMC Education Introduces the Next Subscription Service – Control-M Subscriptions are Now Available

    BMC Education is pleased to introduce the next subscription service in the BMC Subscription program. The new Control-M subscription service allows our customers and partners to have access to all education contents ...
    John Stalnaker
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  • Want to See What’s Coming in BMC Client Management 12.8?

    If you are interested in seeing what enhancements we have planned for remote control, operational rules, patch management, credentials management, and security, then you should join us!   We are launching a beta...
    Loretta Seto
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  • AR SQL log file(s) not recording the entire SQL statement?

    BMC Support or R&D might have asked for a "slow" SQL's Execution Plan and it is possible that the SQL might have aged out of Oracle's Library Cache or MSSQL's Procedure cache and hence no Execution Plan is availab...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • Remedy 9.x, Oracle Case Insensitivity and SQL with LIKE conditions

    Remedy 9.x is written in Java. One of the features that was introduced was to avoid sending literal values in Remedy SQL statements as was the case in 8.x and prior versions.   Instead the statement is prepared ...
    Rajeev Patel
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  • MainView Infrastructure Focus on Features: What’s New

    MainView Infrastructure (MVI) 6.3 became available on June 21, 2018.  MVI 6.3 includes all the Small Programming Enhancements (SPE) that have been released since MVI 6.2 including: Currency for z/OS 2.3 and z14...
    Susan Rice
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  • Everything that you need to know about accessing new CMDB UI

    Where is New CMDB UI hosted? CMDB New UI is NOT hosted in mid-tier. It is hosted on AR contained Jetty server.   Can I access the new CMDB UI from mid-tier? Yes, From the home page fly-out menu, Atrium Core R...
    Raj Hiremath
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  • Control-M Subscriptions Are Now Available!

    BMC Education Subscription Service offers twelve months of continuous access to our offerings for one product, including live classroom events, instructor-led online training, on-demand content, and certifications. &#...
  • Remedyforce Summer 18! My “summertime” favorites.

    The release of Remedyforce Summer 18 brings some great enhancements for Remedyforce administrators and clients. Here are my “summertime” favorites. Please click the link to see details   Remedyfo...
    kedar zavar
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  • Remedyforce Summer 18 Features

    Remedyforce Summer 18 is here!  For those of you currently basking in the Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave, which here in Ireland has been over 4 weeks of unbroken sunshine with temperatures not seen since the 1970...
    Richard Would
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  • Extending BMC Innovation Suite with your own fabulous functionality

    You know what I like about Remedy? That it allows to me to quickly build complex applications. Things like approvals and authentication, which are difficult to manage are put together quite quickly using workflow. So ...
    Justin Bakker
    created by Justin Bakker