• Activity Period to be available at Table Level

    0 votes
    I am running EM V 9.18, and find the 'Activity Period' Start and End date range extremely useful for when I either would like to stop a job from running for a period of time, or to create new jobs ahead of time and se...
    Ian Matthews
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  • Smart IT / Helix Major Incident Management

    2 votes
    I'd like to see something in Smart IT / Helix which assists with managing Major Incidents. I've seen an MI Candidate / Promote feature with rules (in another product) which would be a great way to engage the right re...
    John Odden
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  • CMF interface to ZOSMF sysplex wide performance data, GPMSERVE equivalent

    2 votes
    CMF needs to be able to interface with ZOSMF to display sysplex wide performance data, similar to the RMF GPMSERVE Distributed Data Server.  This would be in addition to the already developed LINK TO MVE as expla...
    mark lee
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  • BMC License Usage Collection Utility

    New Release BMC License Usage Collection Utility version 4.8.00 is available from April 10, 2019.   What's New in this Release This release has few product enhancements along with new BMC product support.  ...
    Dipali Doke
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  • LicenseUsageCollectorWindows4.8.00

    Dipali Doke
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  • FTP Site for Old Remedy patches

    Heritage Patches are posted on this site below. Once you know the patch you need from discussing with support you can get the patch content from the link below. Link ftp://epddownload.bmc.com Username :heritagepatches...
    John Stalnaker
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  • FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities

    Basics Knowledge Tab on Communities Comments and Workflow How do I ... ? Basics Q: Why are public Knowledge Articles now on BMC Communities? A:  To make our public solutions available in Google s...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Link asset table to requester table

    0 votes
    We have a need to be able to run a report that will show us a particular software package, the version of that package, the asset it is located on, the user name, location and department.   EX. We would like to ...
    Cathy Grant
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  • Support Videos

    BMC Customer Support provides video solutions to help customers use BMC products more successfully. These include both short “how to” videos to demonstrate a feature or troubleshooting operation, and longe...
    Jesse Richardson
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  • checksum for downloads

    12 votes
    Need Message Digest (MD)5 hash or the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)N checksum for downloads.. we are being required to have checksums to validate all installation files...
    John Palmer
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  • Can I run a calculation on the column totals at the bottom of a report?

    Is there a way to run a function against the column totals displayed at the bottom?   I have 3 columns: first contact resolution (multiple rows for each analyst), total # of incidents (per person) and then a calc...
    Jeffrey Kostich Jr
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  • Recuadro en blanco formulario de incidentes BMC Remedy

    Buen día   Señores saben como se puede retirar el recuadro blanco que estoy evidenciando en el formulario de incidentes de BMC Remedy ver 9.1, esto apareció luego de crear algunos paneles y camp...
  • Changes Coming to BMC Downloads (EPD)

    There are some important changes coming to BMC downloads (EPD) on Friday November 16, 2018.   Added Features New single download button in EPD. When downloading, you must check the downloads you want and then cl...
    John Stalnaker
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  • Quarterly Product Change Notification January 2019

    The consolidation of information into one notification quarterly allows the customer to view changes to their products with valuable information including effective dates, end of support dates and migration plans for ...
    Amruta Khedikar
    created by Amruta Khedikar
  • license used count doesn't match audit count

    We own 350 audit license and it says we have 348 in use. When we look at All Audited Assets it equals 347?
    IT Manager
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  • Raising IDEAs in the Community

    Matt Laurenceau  sometime back you were able to create Product IDEAS in the relevant community.  What is the best process for customers now?   Do they create within the BMC Customer Support Community a...
    Samantha Amend
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  • Enable High Availability for Control-M EM component in PostgreSQL

    2 votes
    Issue :   High Availability in Control-M works well for both Control-M Enterprise Manager and Server components on MSSQL in Windows.   But for PostgreSQL ,only Control-M Server is supported. Due to this ma...
    Jayaraman Subramanian
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  • Provide a place to download hotfixes

    60 votes
    Currently the only way to find out if a hotfix exists is to comb through all of the product documentation, open a ticket with BMC, or to create a discussion in the communities and hope that someone sees it and will po...
    Josh Taylor
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  • How to get a moderator approve my post

    So I've posted this question here: Create Custom List of Servers  and ofc this current post if for you, moderator, as it's been a while since I've posted and still having this status:   Please note: your c...
    Adele Couture
    created by Adele Couture
  • MyIT

    does anyone have any idea how to differentiate between tickets which are created by MyIY application and the ticket created by portal.?
    Mohaned Eltyeb
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