• How do people scrub sensitive data from files they send to BMC?

    I am looking to understand how customers and Support partner currently scrub log and config files to find server names, IP addresses and user names before sending them to BMC.   If you need to do this, can you pl...
    Jonathan Chivers
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  • Poor User Experience for opening/updating tickets

    Hey,   after hearing about BMC's new stragety regarding its transformation for the new digital enterprise at BMC Engage last week, i thought i should come back here and share my feedback on the "Issue Management...
    Steffen Kreis
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  • BMC Support's Knowledge Base Issue

    Sorry wasn't sure which group to post this in.  Please feel free to move it if anyone knows of a better group.  Anyone else having issues accessing the BMC KB this morning?  See below screenshot.  ...
    Josh Taylor
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  • Different submitter is showing on Incident ticket that I created

    I have created an incident ticket under my account and it shows upon saving that it is created under other's account. How could this become possible? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for the thoughts.
    Gerald Barredo
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  • The Customer of 2015

    meet-2015-customer-infographic.jpg (1205×2048)   - Source blogpost More reasons to keep growing a Social, Customer Support Community.   Shared with Jive Anywhere   http://1.bp.blogspot...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Can't register for Overcome the Challenges of ITSM Adoption webinar on 6/18/14

    I have tried multiple times today to register for the "Overcome the Challenges of ITSM Adoption" webinar at the URL below but every time the right pane where the data fields must live just shows me a spinning cursor f...
    Rick Westbrock
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  • SPAC not compatible with Chrome?

    I am trying to check on product compatibility but when I open the SPAC tool at Product Availability and Compatibility - BMC Software I don't see the Product Name or Product Version fields in the top half of the page (...
    Rick Westbrock
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  • Misleading e-mail from Support regarding vulnerable products

    Maybe it's just a pet peeve of mine but today I got the e-mail from Support which says "BMC Software is alerting users to check the BMC Support Home page for the latest information about products assessed for vulnerab...
    Rick Westbrock
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  • How can we make the knowledge base better?

    One of the ways BMC Customer Support tries to enable customer success is by maintaining a knowledge base which grows and evolves as we work customer-reported issues.  We follow many best practices to ensure the k...
    Jesse Richardson
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  • Even if it's not in your title, you work in customer Service!

    Cheers to the Customer Support Community for an open, social mindset! LinkedIn - Google+ - Even if it's not in your title, you work in customer…   LinkedIn Shared publicly  -  14 Jan 2014 #...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • BMC KB availability

    Hello, I'm often unable to search the knowledge base (at http://kb.bmc.com). The page keeps loading and I give up after a few tries. Most of the time I search it in the morning CET (that would be 3AM EST).   A...
    Sylvain YVON
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  • how do i log a rfe

    Hi I am a customer and we used to have bmc support log RFE for us when a support case could not be resolved. Support now tell us we must use communities to do this. However I cannot find a RFE section. Can someone ple...
    Philip Choo
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  • Leslie A's Updates | BMC Communities

    Leslie A's Updates | BMC Communities    Leslie A posted 1 day ago Why is EPD so slow! 3 Comments   Anirban Dutta 3 hours ago Have you interacted with folks on ...
    Anirban Dutta
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