• Assigned Teams Won't copy from workspace to workspace with ticket create/move

    When copying a ticket from one workspace to another, we lose the assignee if the assignee is a team. If the assignee is a user, it copies over as expected.   Does anyone have any suggestions?   Thank you
    Ian Dodd
    created by Ian Dodd
  • Failing to add bmc discovery in compliance tool

    I'm trying to extract report from BMC discovery compliance report utility on Windows, providing the correct tideway credentials, and server name /ip , but failed to add addm machine in the utility before I run license...
    Muhammad Faisal Syed
    last modified by Muhammad Faisal Syed
  • Getting error while downloading installable from BMC EPD

    Hi Experts,   I'm unable to download installable from BMC EPD site. I have valid credentials to logon to EPD.   Below is the error message when i click on installable to download.   Error downloading ...
    Amol Kotwal
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  • Email Notification

    Hello Experts,   We have one requirement to include previous approver name in email notification.   EG: We have three level of approval chain A1+A2+A3, our requirement is once A1 approves the email notific...
    Santhana Krishnan
    last modified by Santhana Krishnan
  • Remedy Support Contract ID

    We have recently taken over a Remedy (8.1.02) project, earlier managed by other vendor, and BMC support id is not provided by earlier vendor/customer. As per customer, we have to contact (by mail) the earlier vendor t...
    Viknesh PS
    last modified by Viknesh PS
  • EULA 2013 request

    Hello,   Could you provide me EULA document marked earlier than 07/07/2013. Our partner need this one.
    Alexander Osipov
    last modified by Alexander Osipov
  • Not able to access Licensed products while my team mates can access with the same support ID

    HI All,   I am not able to access downloads and products and download tab in below tab:   Licensed Products - BMC while my team mates with same support ID can access the same and can download the product f...
    Urvashi Mehandiratta
    last modified by Urvashi Mehandiratta
  • Does someone have the January 2016 Product Change Notification?

    I am looking for the January 2016 Product Change Notification where it was announced that BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping was renamed to BMC Discovery. Thanks for the help.
    Raphael Chauvel
    last modified by Raphael Chauvel
  • Change my mail id

    Hello There,   It seems I cannot change my registered mail id in BMC Communities . I want to subscribe BMC Communities notifications on my personal mail id rather than the official one, without changing my profi...
    Santhosh Kurimilla
    last modified by Santhosh Kurimilla
  • Access to Bladelogic 8.1 or 8.2 RSC/RSCD binaries downloads | No support contract:-(

    Hi!   Couple months ago my company had to terminate our customer software support site, which i had access to download binaries for bladelogic agents for various OS platforms.  I am in need for Solaris X86 ...
    Jason Culver
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  • BMC Community Search button broken?

    No matter which community I'm in, logged in or not, the Search button does nothing when I click on it. It was working yesterday. Tried in IE, Firefox and Chrome. Is something broken or is it on my end?  
    Yanick Girouard
    last modified by Yanick Girouard
  • Error trying to log onto Track it!

    Unknown error   Additional Information Frameworks.ErrorCode.001     -- The datasource doesn't contain a datamember with the "NAME" name.  [System.Argument  Exception]   This is the er...
    Brad Douglass
    created by Brad Douglass
  • Adding data values to a field menu in remedy 8.1.2

    I am attempting to add data values to an existing field in Remedy - field Reported Source.  I am being told there is a bug with 8.1 and the method of how to do this.  Right now, I would have to stop replicat...
  • Is  SSO for Support broken for anyone else? 2016-09-29

    I logged into Communities today and then went to log into Support but SSO appears to be broken for me. I clicked Login on the main Support page and it went to the expected gray Okta loading screen but then presented a...
    Rick Westbrock
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  • Knowledge Articles in HTML

    Is there a way to input Knowledge as HTML as opposed to the Rich Text that is currently being used? Our documents tend to have a lot of images included and we are unable to copy and paste them in. So after pasting all...
  • How to change email in our profile?

    How to change email address in our profile?
  • Is it possible to order sub folder from smart folder without 'Ignore scheduling criteria'

    Dear Colleague, We want to order (not force) the sub folder (sub_folder_1) from the smart folder (main_folder) below: is it possible ? Because when we try it the 'Ignore scheduling criteria' always grayed even w...
    last modified by ERWIN ROMMEL
  • change email address for communities

    Hello,   I would like to change email for communities, its linked with old organisation email ID because of SSO. Please help how I can do it.   Regards, Vinit
    vinit choudhary
    last modified by vinit choudhary
  • there is a download area for scripts and programs by user for user?

    there is a download area for scripts and programs by user for user? I'm looking e.g scripts for tureisght cli to get more information from the get true sight.
    Axel Faust
    created by Axel Faust
  • Automating report error

    I have created the report in report facility. When automating i am getting the following error. Any ideas   Login Failed. This error may be caused by any of the following: - Server 'XXXXXXXX' is not running.&#...
    Ramesh M
    last modified by Ramesh M