• purchased licenses

    Could you tell me how I can find the list of purchased licenses that has been bought my company
    Anastasiya Pushkina
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  • check my license

    how can i check my all products and its license
    Ahmed Kazem
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  • Great video, the worst sound

    Not sure where to put this, but I found this little gem in my team chat: Connect With Remedy - Approval Server and ITSM Applications Webinar 11-19-2014 - YouTube   "Seems like a great resource, but the audio i...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • how we check expiry date for support id

    Hello,   could you please help me about the check status on the Support id Expiry date.   Regards, Sachin Salunkhe
    Sachin Salunkhe
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  • Hi how I fill the survey for the person who helped me on my bmc case

    Hi how I fill the survey for the person who helped me on my bmc case
    Pankaj Gehlot
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  • Recuadro en blanco formulario de incidentes BMC Remedy

    Buen día   Señores saben como se puede retirar el recuadro blanco que estoy evidenciando en el formulario de incidentes de BMC Remedy ver 9.1, esto apareció luego de crear algunos paneles y camp...
    Santiago Sierra
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  • license used count doesn't match audit count

    We own 350 audit license and it says we have 348 in use. When we look at All Audited Assets it equals 347?
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  • Raising IDEAs in the Community

    Matt Laurenceau  sometime back you were able to create Product IDEAS in the relevant community.  What is the best process for customers now?   Do they create within the BMC Customer Support Community a...
    Samantha Amend
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  • How to get a moderator approve my post

    So I've posted this question here: Create Custom List of Servers  and ofc this current post if for you, moderator, as it's been a while since I've posted and still having this status:   Please note: your c...
    Adele Couture
    created by Adele Couture
  • MyIT

    does anyone have any idea how to differentiate between tickets which are created by MyIY application and the ticket created by portal.?
    Mohaned Eltyeb
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  • Case Survey

    Has anyone received a survey after a case has been closed?   I did one, expressed my disappointment and then ticked the please contact me, but no one has ever contacted me.   Wondering if this is just rela...
    Antony Wardle
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  • Domain wise(varied Services) Approvals

    How do I design a KM process to ensure I am able to set up Services wise Approval Configuration? Lets say we have multiple domains - We definitely cannot  have a single approver, approving the content just for s...
    Richa Dwivedi
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  • Need help in adding multiple BSA client in BSA console

    Hello All,   I got an environment where the RSCD agent comes along the base OS image(Solaris Clients). All I need is to add the hosts in BSA console which were recently build.   I got custom Properties as ...
  • Check out our kickoff TrueSight Operations best practices webinar!

    Hey all We are kicking off a webinar series to share best practices in 'bite sized chunks' to our beloved customers. The first one is on setting up abnormalities and events from dynamic baselines in TrueSight Operati...
    Seth Paskin
    created by Seth Paskin
  • Where are the feedback stored?

    We have some user guides uploaded to Remedy and posted out for our staff to read.   We found that users can give feedback and vote Yes or No for the resource. However, we are not able to find where are these fe...
    Ryan Yeung
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  • Notification queued for sending

    I have over 600 notifications queued for sending , these were all created by mistake is there a way to delete all these from queuing to send? I am on Track-It! 11.4.
    Farai Makombe
    created by Farai Makombe
  • Footprints 12.1.08 Freezing on login and ticket creation

    Hi,   We have 2 VMs for Footprints and the SQL database. We have the adequate specs shown below: Footprints Application Server Windows server 2016 RAM: 16GB Processor Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 0 @2.00GHz (8 pro...
  • Failing to add bmc discovery in compliance tool

    I'm trying to extract report from BMC discovery compliance report utility on Windows, providing the correct tideway credentials, and server name /ip , but failed to add addm machine in the utility before I run license...
    Syed Muhammad Faisal
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  • Getting error while downloading installable from BMC EPD

    Hi Experts,   I'm unable to download installable from BMC EPD site. I have valid credentials to logon to EPD.   Below is the error message when i click on installable to download.   Error downloading ...
    Amol Kotwal
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  • Email Notification

    Hello Experts,   We have one requirement to include previous approver name in email notification.   EG: We have three level of approval chain A1+A2+A3, our requirement is once A1 approves the email notific...
    Santhana Krishnan
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