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We have recently released a new version of the product alert subscription interface. This is the interface where you can control which official, technical emails you receive for your BMC products. The old interface was a little difficult to use and so we have released a new design with some great new features:


What's new?


The product alert subscription interface now looks significantly different as you can see in these screenshots.


Old vs. New


Product Alerts subscription - old to new.png



Product Search functionality


This allows you to search for a product and subscribe instantly to the alert without scrolling through BMC’s entire product portfolio.

Product Alert subscription - Search.png

Your BMC product alert subscriptions


You can review your current subscriptions here and unsubscribe by using the slider switches.

Product Alert subscription - your subscriptions.png

Your supported BMC products


This section will display the products that your company owns and that you are entitled to download, with a single button for subscription.

Product Alert subscription - your supported BMC products.png



Additionally, this new product alert subscription application will offer the chance to chat with our Customer Care team for instant query resolution.

Product Alert subscription - chat.png



You can see a description of the various product alerts that BMC sends and get some help on using the interface by clicking the 'Product Alert types' or 'Help' buttons.

Product Alert subscription - help.png


We continue to work on improving product alerts. In particular we are working on improving the layout and content of the emails that you receive through this system and process. Internal changes will make creating the emails easier and more intuitive for our writers as well, thereby improving the quality of the content.


Feedback is welcome as always!


Recently, one of BMC's customers asked:Why can't there simply be a list of all available patches, service packs, etc. for each version listed in one place and a simple link to access it?


We're glad to announce that BMC launched exactly that feature at the beginning of 2017. Much of our documentation now uses those direct links, negating the need to search for downloads. You'll find these direct "deep-links"; in knowledge articles, email notifications, community content and, best of all, on our new product support pages. Find your product in the product support pages listing and expand the download section to try one of the deep-links out.


Our documentation writers and support staff are now using this method of linking to downloads in all our recently produced documentation.


When you follow one of these links you will see a new, cleaner interface for our download center:

EPD deep-link, customer view.png


Please let us know if you have any feedback on this new feature.


IS&T and Customer Success have just launched over sixty new product support pages that bring together product information, knowledge articles, Community posts, downloads and much more. These pages bring the most relevant product information for any given BMC product into a single location. Pages are product and version specific.

Product Support page - Remedy AR.png

BMC's most popular products have a page available, through a simple predictive search field and A-Z listing, sorted by product line:

Product Support landing page-short.png

Some of the features that the pages offer are...

  • Version specific information:

Product Support pages - version dropdown.png

  • An easier way to sign-up for product alerts / proactive notification emails:

Product Support pages - proactive notifications.png

  • Product life-cycle information:

Product Support pages - lifecycle info.png

  • Easy access to case management:

Product Support pages - case management.png

  • Easy access to product specific search results via our company-wide search tool:

Product Support pages - search.png

  • Expandable sections

Product Support pages - expandable sections.png

  • Direct access to specific documentation areas:

Product Support pages - documentation section.png

  • Answered questions:

Product Support pages - answered questions section.png

  • All the ‘How-to’ videos for this product in one place:

Product Support pages - video section.png

  • The most recent knowledge articles for the product:

Product Support pages - Knowledge section.png

  • Immediate click-through to the exact downloads and patches for the product and version:

Product Support pages - Downloads section.png

  • A richly-featured Communities section:

Product Support pages - Communities section.png

  • A built-in feedback mechanism, so you can let us know what you think

Product Support pages - Feedback.png

If you have any feedback about the pages, we would love to hear from you! Please leave any thoughts below or, better still, on the pages themselves in the feedback section.


Many thanks!


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Based on customer feedback, we have been working on a new way to bring together the most relevant product information for any given BMC product into a single location.


We are now at the point in development where we would like to preview the pages, as they are still in development, with our customers. This will help us to gather some early feedback, helping us to improve the pages further.


The new pages are intended to bring together information from a multitude of BMC resources together into a single page. The pages will be product and version specific. It is our intent to eventually produce these pages for all products in BMC's portfolio.


Product specific information page.jpg

Some of the features that the page will offer are:

  • Many of BMC's most popular products will have one of these pages available at launch, through a simple predictive search field and listing:
    • entry point.png
    • type ahead search.png
  • Version specific information
    • Select by verison.png
  • An easier way to sign-up to product alerts / proactive notification emails.
    • sign up for product alerts.png
  • Product life-cycle information; release date, end of support date etc.
  • Easy access to case management
    • easy access to case management.png
  • Expandable sections for rapid access to:
    • Documentation
    • Downloads and Compatibility
    • Training & Certifications
    • Knowledge Base Articles
    • BMC Communities
    • expandable sections.png
  • Built-in feedback mechanism
    • Feedback mechanism.png
  • Easy access to our Enterprise wide search mechanism
    • easy acccess to search results.png


On Thursday 29th June we will be hosting a call with our customers to get a first look at these pages before they are made available. If you would like to see the pages, provide feedback and contribute to their design, please comment below and we will invite you to the conference call, by using the email address associated with your Community profile.


Many thanks!


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Many of you provide us very useful feedback in our various surveys about the online experience that BMC offers. That can be done through this floating icon that is shown on the right-hand side of many of our webpages:

Feedback bar - font 22.png


It has been some time since I last summarized how we have been following up on that feedback and working to improve the online experience, even in subtle ways. The last summary can be found here: Follow-up on Support Central homepage survey responses from customers


We now have online surveys to capture feedback in our downloads area (EPD) and search engine as well as Support Central. A cross-departmental team meets weekly to read through your comments and take remedial action to address the feedback. We also appreciate the positive comments that we get too of course!


Here is just a selection of feedback submitted by Communities members. With your continued help we can continue to improve!


  • Manoj Dikonda, Juan Ingles, Kathy Kieirg, Ratna Patil and Piotr Gulbicki had an issue with a Support ID that was resolved. Support ID's are explained in more details than ever before in the BMC customer orientation checklist. Tom Ward is leading efforts to improve the 'adding a Support ID' process.
  • Jorge Viegas was looking for a Remedy download. We created a 'featured result' in our search engine to make our Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) even easier to find.
  • Brent Maloney told us about an issue with using Partner IDs that was fixed.
  • Charles Minter suggested some filter improvements for consultants using case management that were implemented back in March.
  • Grant Scurrah had some difficulty finding Footprints error messages, we checked and in fact using Search we could find several references to them.
  • Alvaro Paronuzzi gave us lots of useful feedback about case management and the related email layout, attachments and subject lines (fixed) and knowledge base article reference numbers (fixed)
  • Wolfgang Prescher , Jamsheer KK and Steve Kline gave us lots of useful feedback on the new case management system and search engine shortly after it was launched.
  • Sourabh Puranik let us know that case management wasn't working right when logged in as a partner and we fixed that.
  • Craig Ross and Aurora Dellanno gave us some feedback on PTF files that Janet Sessarego helped to resolve.
  • Jim Gingras had an issue with accessing Control-D documentation that was resolved.
  • Michael Luttmann had problems to use our search engine due to browser security settings. Roger Dittmer has a similar issue related to firewall settings.
  • Rich Bone reported an issue with documentation PDFs not being accessible which we fixed.
  • Lori Munro and Gary Finlay reported a performance issue that we resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Somebody reported that they were looking for gardening tools! We told them that they might be trying to get in touch with another BMC in Sri Lanka:  Lanka Building Materials Corporation Limited::..
  • Arjun Nagabandla wanted to retain the same BMC ID even when different working for different customers. We explained how to do that.
  • Steven Cochran couldn't find PUT maintenance because it had been replaced.
  • prabhat srivastava was looking for Mainframe 'video tutorials' and was then directed to Product Demonstrations. Other customers have had some issues finding eFix
  • Danny Kellett asked about the search engine within Electronic Product Distribution (EPD). We are working towards a large improvement for that next year.
  • Warren Baltimore gave us some feedback on Remedy documentation which has been area we have been focused on improving for the Service Pack 2 release in particular.
  • Tosho Zaprianov had difficulty finding some older knowledge base articles. Gayle Melton pointed out that some older Control-M webinars were referencing legacy knowledge base ID numbers as well. We have now fixed that by adding legacy knowledge base article numbers into the new versions of those same knowledge base articles.
  • Eric Plunk was looking for some ADDM video tutorials which we helped him find and then made sure others could too by improving tagging.
  • Timo K gave us some detailed feedback on the time filters of our search results. We are close to deploying the fix from the vendor.
  • Rebecca Shalfield gave us a great idea to improve the user interface in the AZ Listing.
  • Joao Bras gave us some feedback about Numara knowledge bases that led to us re-running a data migration.
  • Greg Whitney asked us why using quotes "" in our search engine wasn't working. That one's a long story , but we are planning to restore the functionality next month.


When filling out feedback survey notes to us, please include your email address as without knowing who the feedback is from, it is hard for us to follow up fully.


survey-smiley-face[1].jpgThis past spring, many of you participated in our BMC Customer Survey, which we run twice per year to gather feedback on BMC and how we can improve. We wanted to provide you with some highlights and improvements made this year.


Your feedback highlighted that the quality of our products and prompt, easy-to-use support are the most important factors to you. We continue to focus on driving improvements to provide you with the best customer experience possible.


Below are some examples of areas where we have already started to take action:


  • Launched a new search engine on BMC Support Central, giving you better results from BMC's online content.
  • Implemented a new online case management and knowledge system to improve your support experience.
  • Improved access to BMC Communities with single sign-on. You now only need to remember one login and password.
  • Created a new BMC customer orientation checklist accessed by going to to help you quickly get up to speed as a new customer or with a new product.
  • Improved the performance of our download center (EPD) by a factor of 5.
  • Refreshed "how-to" video content on YouTube, improving branding, removing redundant videos and boosting the rate of video production. That has resulted in better search results, higher quality videos and more videos overall (100+ new videos uploaded since the survey).
  • Launched new product, industry, role and training pages to provide clearer and more personalized information.
  • Enhanced BMC Communities and with a new 'liquid layout' making better use of user's full screen width and thereby improving legibility. Also added Communities sticky header and Docs guided tour.


If you participated in our survey this spring, we would like to thank you for your time. It is critical for our success to measure which of our initiatives have brought about positive change and also identify areas of further improvement.


Please comment on how these actions have helped your business.


The survey will be available again in October, please take the time to share your thoughts on our progress.


Using Communities Server Automation Client Management Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt Control-M Discovery (ADDM) FootPrints Service Core Mainframes SolutionsMyIT Remedy AR System Remedy ITSM Remedyforce Track-It! TrueSight Capacity Optimization TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt


Recently you have given us a lot of feedback about poor performance (loading times) of our Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) application. You use that application on Support Central to download software from BMC.


We noticed that the average load time for certain pages in EPD was increasing and there were occasionally times when the application was unacceptably slow to respond. From your comments on our surveys we knew that you were experiencing this problem and that galvanized us into rapid action.


We immediately began an investigation to determine the root cause using a collection of our own products like BMC Transaction Monitoring Application Response Timer (TMART). This helped us to identify and optimize the heaviest queries being run against the database for the application. We also made some configuration changes to memory and table spaces.


From our own monitoring we believe has led to far better performance in the EPD (downloads) application, particularly when loading the 'Component View' page.


We'd like to hear from you though? Have you noticed this improvement when searching for downloads?


Thad Esser, Keith Fawcett, Anesh A Kurian Kurian, Jose Quintero, Paul Seager-Smith, you all wrote to us about performance problems. Thank you as always for your feedback, but do you see an improvement now? Remedy ITSM, Remedy AR System, Using Communities, have you noticed an improvement?


(P.S. There is some further improvement in EPD performance still to come...)


Many thanks to all at BMC that were involved.


We are continually working to improve our EPD (Electronic Product Distribution) site/application to make it easier for you to use. We know from your feedback that the site and function are among the most important we offer, but that we have a way to go to fully satisfy your expectations with it.


In the last 12 months we have:


  • Improved the user interface several times over
  • Improved internet browser support to now include IE9 (and up), Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Optimized the database behind EPD
  • Added a 'Chat' option to Help
    • chat icon.png
  • Aligned the look and feel to other BMC websites (and this is more to come)
  • Made the 'Export Compliance And Access Terms' page easier to use and stored choices in a cookie.
    • Export Compliance page.png


This has led to a sustained 10% increase in your satisfaction with EPD.


We have just delivered some further improvements though:


  • Cookies are no longer needed to store your Export Compliance page settings. We now write them to your EPD profile, meaning that those of you who have an issue with the cookie storage method will now also have your Export Compliance settings stored and remembered, enabling access to EPD that much faster.
  • We now store the last view (licensed products or component view) that you used, so that EPD looks the same as when you last used it, improving familiarity with the user interface
  • We fixed a viewing problem when scrolling through lists and a text wrapping issue too


We have more of these incremental improvements to come for EPD that we hope to roll out regularly, but we are also working on something bigger behind the scenes. We are developing a link capability that will allow us to give you a link for a particular download file, product or patch, negating the need to navigate to it through the admittedly slow EPD interface. You will eventually see those links in knowledge base articles, documentation and case solutions and further ahead in the user interfaces of BMC products. We believe that this will speed up the process of finding and downloading the files that you are looking for.


I'd love to hear from Bernard Stern and Michael Madonna in particular about the changes that we just made to the Export Compliance page and storing your selections more thoroughly. Has it made a difference? You have both mentioned your frustrations with this page to us in the past. However, we welcome comments from everybody about these changes.


As you might remember we recently launched a new homepage for Support Central: The New BMC Support Central Has Arrived.

Support Central homepage - logged out 2.jpg

Both before and after that launch you may have noticed a survey appearing on the site asking for your feedback.


Many of you also left written feedback comments in your survey responses which we have been using to great effect to improve the site even further in the last weeks. In many cases we have got in touch with you directly in order to discuss the issue or request that you highlighted.


In this post I want to update those users that we didn't contact directly and also provide an update on some common requests and issues. your feedback is very important for us and we are actively improving the support and other online experiences of BMC as a result. Please keep the feedback coming!


  • Performance of the new issue management section on the homepage
    • We have tested this extensively, using various browsers and customer profiles. Whilst there is still some opportunity to optimize performance we believe to be acceptably quick for all users. If  you don't feel that is the case for you, tell us. Wayne Barnes, Robert Bowen and Alok Kumar you mentioned this.
  • Knowledge base performance
    • We plan to deliver a new knowledge base technology late this year which will transform your experience of searching and using knowledge bases. Kelly Abram, Maria Acosta and Chris Puente this will address your feedback as well.
  • Ivan Pirishanchin, you mentioned problems with attachments whilst managing issues. Our issue management system is also set to be overhauled this year and the problem you describe will be eradicated with that new system. Uday Joshi, this should address your feedback as well.
  • Christopher Grassi, you asked about a 'Getting Started' video for the new homepage, we are working on that.
  • Fernando Ordaz and Prashant Patil, you asked about associating the name of the company with the Support ID in the issue management section's support ID drop-down. That improvement will be delivered in the next few weeks.
  • Atilla Onur, you asked for the Support ID selection to be automatically populated in the issue management form if it had been previously selected on the homepage. We plan to deliver that within the next few weeks also.
  • Doug Johnson, you were having an issue with Internet Explorer 9 that you were directly contacted about, we are still investigating the issue. Feli Brachthaeuser I think you may have been having the same issue; sometimes seeing a 404 page. Are you also using Internet Explorer 9 by any chance?
  • Sriramakrishna Laxminarayan the Parameter Reference database can be found under the 'resources' navigation menu.
  • Blake Bowlin, Communities should be even easier to find than before, but I don't think that we can accommodate your request for 'ticket times' in the user's timezone.
  • Bhupendra Rajpurohit we are making some changes to the layout of the homepage which should address the suggestions you gave on use of white space.
  • License key information should now be easier to find via the navigation  Scott Hines
  • Requests for enhancement / ideas were difficult to find for John Thompson. they are hosted in the Communities for many product lines and that is mentioned in the Communities icon's subtext. is that clear enough?


Please follow this community if you would like to be updated on this and other support-related discussions in the future.


BMC’s Online Experience program is looking for ways to improve your experience of using our websites. Recently we have been discussing the possibility of creating a new set of product information pages to bring together produce-specific resources from various BMC websites and web applications.


We would like to invite you to take a short survey in order to help us prioritize elements on the pages. In this survey you will also have an opportunity to see and critique an early prototype.


Product-Page-mock-up 8-crop.jpg


Please click here to take the survey

Products Product information The specified item was not found. Online Experience (BMC Only) BMC Customer Programs BMC Product Documentation Using Communities Documentation BMC Product Documentation BMC Customer Success (consulting, education, and support) @BMC Customer Support Community


For the last few months we have been working at BMC to improve our support website, BMC Support Central. This has involved reviewing what support applications you use most often, what content is the most popular and useful and what we need to do to make the website easier, faster and relevant.


We would love to hear what you think of Support Central and what you think we should improve. To let us know please take a few moments to fill out this short survey.


We depend on your feedback in order to prioritize and detail improvements. As we look forward to a some exciting major changes that will change your online support experience we have also been making some more incremental yet equally important changes to improve your experience online overall:


  • Our downloads and documentation websites now have significantly improved browser compatibility.
  • We launched a new dashboard interface for our documentation website, that gives you a central access point to all product documentation with lots of great usability features.
  • Single sign-on was introduced for and Support Central so that you can seamlessly move between, downloads, and Support Central. We also extended the single sign-on session length and added a 'remember me' feature that you can read about here.
  • We augmented issue reporting with a short question template in order to capture the most frequently required technical details on the initial contact with you.
  • We removed the need to login for most of our technical product documentation on to give you easier access and to enable indexing by Google and other external search engines, helping you to find the right documentation, no matter where you start your search.
  • We upgraded our downloads tool with easier country selection and a streamlined EULA agreement during login, refreshed branding and a new icon-driven navigation menu.


We hope that these changes are improving your experience of BMC online and there is certainly plenty more to come. If something has just come to mind whilst reading this, please be sure to take a few moments to fill out the short survey.


BMC inSight

We are pleased to announce that we are looking for customers to pilot the BMC inSight utility.

What is it?

BMC inSight is a new utility that is designed to simplify the support of your BMC products by making it easier to log well defined issues with all of the necessary information about your BMC configuration.

What products are supported?

The pilot release supports BMC Remedy 7.6.04 and higher on Windows and Linux platforms.

What does it do?

The pilot release will help you to gather installation and configuration information for BMC Remedy suite and send this data to BMC. This will greatly aid in the issue management process.


How does it work?

inSight diagram.jpg

N.B. Grey = Planned capabilities not in the pilot version

The BMC inSight utility can easily be installed on an administrator's desktop. After adding the server names and administrator credentials of servers running BMC products, the utility will scan, retrieve and compile a detailed set of information including server operating system, BMC product version, key configuration files and some log files. This information is then collated into a report that can be reviewed or sent by email back to BMC for analysis and use in issue management.


How do I get involved?

Please add a comment below and give us your:

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Remedy version installed (must be equal to or higher than 7.6.04)
  • Operating system version of your BMC Remedy suite installation


This request to join the pilot will be reviewed by the team behind the BMC inSight utility. We will then send you a notification advising you of the next steps, including downloading the pilot software and the use cases to run.

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