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BMC Education is offering subscription services by product to allow our customers and partners to control their education investment.


Benefits of subscriptions:

  • Continuous access to entire education portfolio for one product including all courses and certification exams
  • New content and latest releases automatically added at no additional cost so your subscription is always up to date
  • Access exclusive education services e.g. 6 hours instructor coaching
  • Save up to 60% over the cost of purchasing the same content separately
  • One-stop-shop to a complete product portfolio of education
  • Train on what you need, when you need it, and how you want to access - multiple learning options (ASP, WBT, Instructor Led)


The Subscription Service provides 2 levels:

  • Explore”: the first level is free and teaches our customers and partners to better understand the key features, benefits, and functionalities of BMC solutions. It includes a few hours of content incl. overview training, skills assessment and some “how to videos”.
  • Ultimate”: the second level is fee based and allows customers and partners to acquire all required skills to successfully deploy, configure, admin, operate, support and optimize BMC products. It includes all existing BMC Education offers for the product (many days of Web based Training - WBT, Assisted Self Paced - ASP, Instructor Led live or online - ILT/ILO, Accreditation, and Certification).


The first subscriptions are for TrueSight Operations Management and are ready for purchase. If you want to learn more about or register for the TSOM Subscriptions, please click the links below:


Other subscriptions will be released in the near future. If you have questions to subscription, please contact a BMC Education Adviser.


A large education offer like BMC´s training and certification program with more than 200 courses and certifications can sometimes look confusing. You

might ask yourself, which courses and certifications you need based on your role and responsibilities and in which order you should take them.


The education team has designed new graphical learning paths for our course pages on and just released them for the major products a few

days ago. The graphical learning paths will provide a great overview of the courses by product, version and role. They will also highlight which training

courses BMC recommends and provide the recommended order and possible alternatives.


Below is an example of the new graphical learning path for BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.x:


Which Learning Paths Have Been Released?


You can access the learning paths page on the BMC education web page by the clicking the link below.


BMC Education has crCertified_Expert_hires.jpgeated a new level of certification, the Certified Expert. The BMC Certified Expert level builds upon the Certified Professional credential enabling experienced customers, partners, and employees to reach the next level of skills needed to deploy, configure, operate, and support complex BMC solutions. The first four Expert Level courses are:



Each Expert Level course includes 3 days of intensive hands-on experience, a one-hour Q&A session with a BMC top product expert, and various topics around integration, troubleshooting, tips and tricks, and deeper dives in various topics.


For more information on BMC Certifications, please visit our Certification web site or read our brand new certification program guide.

John Stalnaker

Free December Webinars

Posted by John Stalnaker Employee Dec 12, 2016

The BMC Customer Support team is excited to announce the next set of "Connect With" Webinars. We are offering

two new Webinars in the month of December.


Webinar #1 - Remedy

The first Webinar covers Remedy 9.1 Service Pack 2 Updates and is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14,

at 10:00 a.m. Central Time.


This webinar's main topic will be covering improvements and new functionality available with Service Pack 2 for 9.1 targeted for release
in December 2016. This release also includes new Digital Enterprise Management solutions for Change Automation and

a Data Compliance for Remedy solution.


Event Registration Details
     Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

     Time: 10:00 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time

     Registration Link: Click Here

     Registration Password: bmc


Webinar #2 - FootPrints

The second Webinar covers FootPrints Administration and is scheduled for Wednesday, December 21st,

at 10:15 a.m. Central Time.


This webinar’s main topic will be, What NOT to do as a FootPrints Admin! We will also cover a list of the all the Top Pit Falls

the Support team has encountered and how to avoid them.  This data comes from the Support and Development

teams and is based on our interactions with customers.  Presented along with KB Articles detailing each list item,

this data will help you avoid these common or critical mistakes.


Event Registration Details
     Date: Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

     Time: 10:15 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time

     Registration Link: Click Here

     Registration Password: bmc



Are you prepared to protect your BMC business solutions?


Proactive Notifications provide advance warning for critical situations and allow you to avoid a potential
business crisis. The Proactive Notification service also provides alerts directly to you when there is

important new information for your products.


Some key benefits of signing up for BMC Proactive Notifications are:

  • You receive immediate notification of critical issues such as security patch requirements and
    critical software updates.
  • You receive email “push notifications” – these provide the information directly to you rather
    than requiring you to check with BMC for updates.
  • You receive notifications of availability of updates for your BMC solutions
    • New versions
    • Service packs
    • Product Release Notes (description of the changes and updates to the product)
  • You choose which products you are notified about
    • You control what types of updates you want, on which products, and you can change your
      options at any time
  • You select which level of notifications you want
    • Flash Notifications (Only critical notices)
    • Technical Bulletins
    • Product Release Notes
    • Third-Party Software Support Bulletins
    • White Papers
    • Education Update
    • Product Change Notification
    • Online Documentation Updates
    • Or, any combination of the above


To subscribe to Proactive Notifications, please go to the Proactive Alert Subscriptions page on Support

Central. You will see a table with all the BMC products listed in it like the image below.

Scroll down to find the products for which you want to receive alerts and then check the box(es) for

the type of alerts you want. When you are done, hit the Submit button to subscribe to those alerts.

You can also click the View Your Customized Product List button to see a list of products for which

you are already receiving alerts.


A video showing how to setup Proactive Alerts can be viewed by clicking this link.


Go to Proactive Alerts and sign up for this free service today. We would love to hear your feedback

and suggestions about Proactive Alerts.  


Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.

John Stalnaker

Connect With Webinars

Posted by John Stalnaker Employee Sep 8, 2016

BMC Customer Support delivers a series of free webinars on using select product features and best

practices. Details on upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars can be found in Communities.
To make locating webinars easier, we have created a new link in the “Resource” menu on Support

Central that will take you to a central post that has all the links you need. The image below shows the

new menu link.



We have two new webinars coming soon:

  • October 19 - Connect with Footprints: Service Analytics.

Click here for more details

  • October 26 - Connect with Remedy: MyIT:Installation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting.

Click here for more details


Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your

online experience with Support Central.


In our efforts to continue evolving Support Central based on your feedback, we have improved three
features on the Support Central web site. The three improvements are:

  • Support News Information Ticker
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Additional Search Box


                                       Support News Moves to a Ticker Format

The Support News section of Support Central previously resided below the information banner and

contained the three most recent articles. Now, we have transformed the Support News section to a

Web Ticker that scrolls the titles of articles. We have also moved it to the top of the page. You can

either click on the title of the article, which will take you to the news article in the BMC Customer

Support Community or you can select “View All News” to view any article in the Community.

Support Central News Ticker.png


                                          Changing the Feedback Mechanism

Since the Support Central redesign last year, we have had a static information box for Feedback. To

make the page more streamlined, we have removed the information box and replaced it with a floating

tab on the right hand side of the page, as seen in the image below. This, in combination with the change

in the Support News, will reduce the overall size of the Support Central main page and reduce the need

to scroll to find the information they need.

Support Central Fedack_New.png


                                                        Search Box on Every Page

We have added a new search box in the upper navigation bar in addition to the main search box on the

Support Central home page. This new search box will appear on each Support web page, allowing you to

utilize the same search capability from any page without having to return to the main Support Central page.

Support Central Search.png

Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.


Since the launch of the redesigned Support Central Case Management and Search functionality in December of last year, BMC has been focused on continued improvement based on your feedback. Although a lot of the changes happen behind the scenes, we like to highlight the features that you experience when logging in to To that end, we are providing a new Case Management feature in Support Central - a convenient new way to export and print your case list or print individual case details. These updates are already available and provides two features:

      • Exporting and Printing the Case List
      • Printing Individual Case Details


Exporting and Printing the Case List

The Export button is feature is available for Cases or Defects / RFEs/ CARs, but does not apply to Historical Cases. In the Case Management section, you can filter the results in your list by Cases by status, all Cases or just their Cases, or by specific criteria. The only filter that does not affect the Export function is Date Range. Click on the “Export” button as seen in the screenshot below to export the cases in your list. All the results in your list will be in included in the Export. This gives you the ability to output a personalized list of the items for either printing or loading into Excel for additional sorting/filtering/etc.


Case Magmt Main.png


The export page will give you the list of your filtered criteria. You can choose to Print a hardcopy or Export the data to a CSV file. The output produced will contain Case ID, Status, Severity, Subject, Description, Product, Primary Contact, Date Created, Date Last Updated, Support ID, and Account Name. The screenshot below is an example of the list based on you filter choices.   


case detail.png


Printing Individual Case Details

Another outstanding request from our users is to be able to “print” out a detailed view of individual cases. In some cases there is a lot of detail to go through and some of you prefer either to review that material in hard copy or to create a PDF version of the online case file. To print the details of individual Cases, pull up a Case and you will see a “Printer-Friendly” button at the top right hand side of your screen as seen below.


Individual Case.png


Clicking the “Printer-Friendly” button will bring you to the print view page, displaying your case details as they will appear in your printout like the screenshot below. Clicking on the “Print” button at the top right side of your screen will send the Case information to your printer or you can choose to save as a PDF.


Print Detail.png



The Print function uses you Browser’s print capabilities. For the best experience with BMC Support Central, we recommend using one of the browsers listed below. While aspects of Support Central may function correctly with other browsers, the site has been tested with, and is fully supported for, only the listed browsers.

      • Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 10 and IE11
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Google Chrome


If you are new to Support Central, please go to our User Guide for more information. We have included some quick links below that will get you started.

Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online experience with Support Central.

How to Register on Support Central

Searching the BMC Knowledge Base

Manage Your Support IDs

Submit and Track Support Cases


BMC Support upgraded its Search Support feature in late 2015 resulting in over 740,000 knowledge

resources across more than 300 products.  As a result of the upgrade, the monthly search sessions

have doubled. This five-minute video shares tips for searching effectively for the information you need.


Blog post.png

One of the goals of the upgrade

was to make search more

versatile so users can easily

navigate the available knowledge

to find a solution. The general

guideline is to enter descriptive

search terms and then add more

details in order to narrow the

search down to the information

that is needed.



This video demonstrates how to effectively search for:

  • a specific symptom, using the number of results to decide whether to add or remove search terms
  • general information such as best practices, by adding more context and restricting results by product
    name, source, or content type

The video also demonstrates how to use the Partial Match feature described in Support Central Updates .



We are constantly looking for ways to improve our

Search capabilities. We want to hear from you about

what works well and what needs to be improved.

Click here and take our Support Central survey.

1. Select “Searching for a solution” as the reason for
    visiting Support Central.

2. Rate how well Support Central meet your needs

    (1 -5 stars).

3. Enter your feedback about Search in the

    “Suggestions for improving the site” field.

4. If you would like a response to your feedback,

    please enter your email address in the last field.



Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.

John Stalnaker

Support Central Updates

Posted by John Stalnaker Employee Mar 20, 2016

                                             Case Management

We are introducing an updated design that allows you to quickly locate a single Case, filter a list of Cases down to

those which meet specific criteria, and sort the list of Cases by clicking on the title of the column.


To make finding a particular Case easier, we have combined the Open and Closed Case list into a single Case

list. You don’t need to know whether a Case is open or closed to be able to find it. You can also limit the list of

displayed Cases by selecting options which combine to filter the Case list. You can choose to display:


- Cases you submitted

- All Cases you can see

In combination with
- Only pen cases

- Only Closed cases

- All cases


In conjunction with the filtering described above, you can further limit your displayed Cases to those created or
last updated within a date range you select (maximum 90-day span between Start and End dates).
You may also select a Case attribute from the menu, and enter a term to search for in your filtered Cases.
You may search using:
3.png- Case Number

- Support ID

- Product

- Subject

- Account Name



If you search for a Case by using the Case ID, none of the filtering above applies – you can just enter

the ID and click the search icon. If you have access to that case ID, it will be displayed without regard

to the other filter selections.


Product, Account and Subject searches use “like” matching, so partial search terms can be used.


You may sort the Case list by clicking on the header title of any column. The first click sorts that column

ascending, and clicking again reverses the order. It is important to note that when sorting, the entire set

of Cases which meet  your filter criteria is sorted, not just the page currently displayed.


To improve the responsiveness of the site for you, the Case list is now broken into pages of ten

Cases maximum per page, and a maximum of 10 pages (100 Cases) are retrieved at a time. If

your filter settings give you access to more than 100 Cases, you will see a “Next 100” button in

the page controls at the bottom of the Case list.



                                             Search Capabilities

We also implemented new search capabilities at the end of 2015 to deliver more search results,

more quickly. These new capabilities also search more content including BMC Communities and

online help, return more than one list of results and can filter content by a number of facets.

The new search allows you to select the source of the results like Knowledge Base, Documentation,

Communities, Support Central or All (default).


Once you have selected the source, you can filter content based on Product Name, File Type and Year.


You can also sort your results based on Relevance or Date.


When logging a case on the web, the product, version, and description are used to search for possible

solutions as shown below.


In the next release of Search, “Partial Match” search will be released. When future searches are executed

with 4 or more search terms, results of 50% or more of the search terms will be matched. For example, if

you search for “agent crash database query”, results which match two or more of the words in the query

will be displayed. Currently, search requires all four words to be in an item before that item will appear in

your search results. Searches with 3 or fewer search terms will continue to look for a match on all terms,

allowing searches for specific technical terms. We will continue to learn and update the search

mechanism to ensure that we will be delivering the right solutions to your problems.

We also want your feedback on the new search engine. Click here to launch our feedback survey. Select

the first option “Searching for a solution” and enter your specific feedback in the text box “Please let us

know if you have any suggestions for improving this site”. If you would like a response to your feedback,

please include your name and email so we can get back to you.


If you are new to Support Central, please go to our User Guide for more information. We have included

some quick links below that will get you started.


Stay tuned to this forum for additional future updates as we continue to try and improve your online

experience with Support Central.


How to Register on Support Central

Searching the BMC Knowledge Base

Manage Your Support IDs

Submit and Track Support Cases

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