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20 Posts authored by: Jesse Richardson Moderator
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As part of BMC’s continued focus on improving the online experience, we upgraded our Knowledgebase and Search BMC Support tools over the weekend of June 5-7, 2020.


This upgrade delivers several enhancements including:

  • improving search relevance by considering Favorite Products
  • default search results display recommended content based on Favorite Products
  • removing non-product related Communities content from search results


These enhancement will result in better self-service content and search results to resolve known issues.


A major goal of this upgrade was to minimize disruption to existing users, but you will notice a few changes:

  • minor UI changes in the Search tool, but the location and functionality of search controls remains the same
  • Article Numbers have changed, but you can still search on the old Article Number to find articles and ‘Old Article Number’ is displayed so you know it is the correct article
  • Pre-upgrade links to knowledge articles are re-directed so they continue to display the same solutions
  • Public knowledge articles continue to be synchronized to BMC Communities and retain the Old Article Number as Tags so they can be found in searches


We are always looking for ways to improve the online support experience. If you have comments or feedback, add comments below.

Jesse Richardson

Support Videos

Posted by Jesse Richardson Moderator Sep 17, 2018
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BMC Customer Support provides video solutions to help customers use BMC products more successfully. These include both short “how to” videos to demonstrate a feature or troubleshooting operation, and longer video presentations from the Connect with Webinar Series on best practices.


Below are links to the YouTube Channels and direct links to subscribe to each:


Share This: is here!

You can access your Product Licenses and Products here.

If you have not already done so, register with BMC Support Central to get your credentials.

No action is required if you are already registered.


Track-It! FootPrints service desk Client Management

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Change is coming for Track-It! , FootPrints service desk, and Client Management customers!



In early 2018, the “Numara Support site” ( will be replaced by a new site. The new site will be integrated into BMC Single-Sign-On, and will provide a better customer experience.



  • If you have not already done so, register with BMC Support Central to get your credentials to the new site. (NOTE: credentials will not work)
  • Once registered, subscribe to BMC Proactive Notifications
  • Keep an eye out for future updates
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As part of BMC’s continued focus on improving the online experience, we have improved the Create Case feature to better display Possible Solutions as you enter details for the case.

The list of possible solutions are now presented on the right side of the case form and updated as you enter the Product, Subject, and Description to display the most relevant solutions  that resolve known issues.   Matching search terms from the case are displayed in bold so you can see why they were selected.   You can click on a page to display only content from a specific source (such as Knowledge Base, Documentation etc), and clicking on a possible solution opens it in a separate tab so you do not lose the details of the case you are creating. 


We also adjusted the algorithm to prioritize possible solutions which are most relevant and most often used by Support to solve cases,   We believe the better visibility and prioritization of possible solutions will lead to greater success in helping you get the answers you need faster.




We are always looking for ways to improve the online support experience. If you have comments or feedback, please add them below.

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As part of BMC’s continued focus on improving the online experience, we are excited to announce the availability of knowledge articles in both web searches (Google, etc.) and on BMC Communities.    In the latest TSIA (Technology Services Industry Association) support survey, more than 80% of corporate IT users and administrators prefer Google as their first method of finding answers to their product questions. While BMC still recommends using our comprehensive search engine on Support Central as the number one choice for search, we recognize that not everyone starts there. So to meet our customers "where they are" we are now publishing public Knowledge Articles (KAs) on BMC Communities so they can be crawled by standard search engines as well as adding the ability to find recent and frequently linked KAs.


Here is a summary of the benefits of accessing knowledge in different ways:


Search BMC SupportSearch for technical solutions in BMC documentation, our extensive Knowledge base, BMC Communities, Support Central, and YouTube Channels using powerful filtering and advanced search capabilities
Web searches such as GoogleFind content including but not limited to BMC sites
BMC CommunitiesBrowsing or sharing sharing recent, popular, or frequently used knowledge



Knowledge Articles on BMC Communities also enables several features requested by customers including the ability to:



To learn more, see FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities


To learn more about the search capabilities see Enhancements to Search BMC Support - INCLUDES VIDEO on Support Central.


We are always looking for ways to improve the online support experience. If you have comments or feedback, add comments below.


The following communities have the Knowledge page enabled: AppSight CMDB Atrium Orchestrator BSM Dashboards and Analytics Client Management Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt Control-M Bladelogic Database Automation Discovery FootPrints service desk MainView Middleware Automation Digital Workplace TrueSight Network Automation Recovery Management / SQL Backtrack Release Lifecycle Management Release Package and Deployment Remedy AR System Remedy ITSM BMC Helix BMC Helix Remedyforce TrueSight Server Automation BMC AMI Data for Db2 Solutions for IMS Track-It! The specified item was not found. TrueSight Capacity Optimization TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt MainView Middleware Mgmt TMART

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As part of BMC’s continued focus on improving the online support experience we are excited to announce easier access to some of the best content we have available – Self Help Videos. We have been listening to your feedback and as a result BMC has developed hundreds of new self-help videos in the past few months. These 3-5 minute videos focus on new features and FAQs to help you speed up deployment and understanding by making the information easier to consume. To get you to that content as quickly as possible, videos can now be found directly on Search BMC Support on a new Videos tab.  Results can be filtered by title, create date or channel. See below for an example:



We are always looking for ways to improve our Search capabilities, and we want to hear from you what changes can help you most. You can provide feedback on the Search experience at any time by clicking on the vertical “Feedback” image in the search results on Support Central, sending me a message, or leave a comment below.


To view videos on a product, see the following playlists:

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As part of our ongoing dedication to improving your BMC online customer experience, several enhancements to the Search BMC Support feature and content on Support Central have been implemented recently, including:


  • Search for explicit matches using double-quotes, so you can find exact matches on phrases
  • Filtered results to multiple products sharing common terms, so you can more easily filter results to a group of products
  • Included new online documentation and communities in product-specific searches, particularly for TrueSight products, so more content is found when selecting TrueSight products
  • Updated Knowledge Articles for Footprints Service Core, Track-It!, and SQL Backtrack products so more useful solutions are available for these products
  • Suppressing Mainframe PTF search results with no solution, so more useful results are returned when searching for Mainframe product solutions


In the table below, we have listed special options that can now be used directly in the search box to improve results.


Returns all rowsExample
termcontaining terminstall
term1 term2containing both term1 and term2message catalog
term1 OR term2containing either term1 or term2

oracle OR db2

to search for content regarding oracle or db2

"term1 term2 term3"containing exactly the phrase between double-quotes

  "message not in catalog"

to find results with the phrase

+termcontaining exactly term, not other words sharing the same root

to find results with “install” but not installer or installation

@date >= todaywhere date is today

( @date > today -30d )

  to find content modified in last 30 days.

@bmcproductname=termwhere product name includes term


  to filter results to all products that contain Remedy in the name


View a quick video demonstrating these features.


For our power users...


We have added a useful new feature is the ability to filter to multiple products at once. To filter results to a group of product names containing a term, use:    @bmcproductname=   as a search term.

For example, to look for information about permissions for the Remedy products, add the search term: @bmcproductname=Remedy

This will filter results to products with “Remedy” in the product name, even if “Remedy” is not in the content itself.  This is the best way to ensure all content is returned for a group of related products, yet exclude content from unrelated products.



A negative side-effect of enabling these features is that it also enables an advanced search option for nested queries using square brackets.


When searching on a string using square brackets such as:

ARERR [552]

this error will occur:  Your query has an error: Invalid syntax


You can avoid this error by either removing the brackets or enclosing the string in double-quotes. We are planning to address this issue by displaying a message to the user when they enter a query with square brackets to explain the error and how to avoid it.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Search capabilities, and we want to hear from you about what works well and what needs to be improved.    If you would like to provide feedback on the Search experience at any time, click on the vertical “Feedback” image in the search results on Support Central, send me a message, or leave a comment below.

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A few changes have been made recently to Search BMC Support to improve search results.     All special  Query syntax operators were disabled – so search terms are now searched as simple text.   This provides better search behavior when searching for certain error messages, parameters, or filter names or locations.   Before the changes, some searches would return syntax errors or abbreviated results because characters like square-brackets, slashes and underscore characters were interpreted instead of searched as part of a string.   Unfortunately, this change also disables searching for terms in double-quotes as an explicit search.  This change is a improvement to the majority of searches performed, but some users will miss the ability to search on explicit phrases   We are working on a solution that will bring that capability in a future release.



Several search relevance adjustments have also been made to improve the relevance of results.  For example, articles which are used more by Support or clicked on more often by Support Central Users will be ranked a little higher in the search results so the most used knowledge is easier to find.   Community discussions with replies will also be ranked higher than discussions without replies, to better reflect the most useful information.   Finally, the search has been updated to automatically pad searches on numbers with leading zeros to make searching on IDs easier.  For example, searching on 92447 with filter knowledge article 000092447.




We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Search capabilities, and we want to hear from you about what works well and what needs to be improved.    We added two new ways to provide feedback. A random sample of users will receive a pop-up survey question whether they were able to find content which addresses their need.   We use this information to understand how well the Support Search and knowledge base are working for you.   If you would like to provide feedback on the Search experience at any time, click on the vertical  “Feedback” image in the search results.  The survey asks you to also rate the relevance of search results, easy of navigation, and quality of knowledge base articles.  If you would like a response to your feedback, provide your email address. 

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Last year we significantly upgraded the knowledge base functionality available from BMC Support Central. The new system is faster, more flexible in search options, and includes content from BMC Communities. As a result of that upgrade we wanted to let you know that links to knowledge articles on the old search system will no longer work after this month. This post lets you know what is new and different about sharing knowledge articles on BMC Communities, and how to access knowledge articles when the old link gives a 404 error.


What’s the same?

  • You can copy the URL when viewing a knowledge article,  bookmark it and share it

What’s new?



What’s different?



Finding knowledge using the legacy KA ID


   Links to knowledge articles in the old system using this format:


   will no longer work when the legacy system is decommissioned soon, but you can find the same knowledge article by using the KA number at the end of the URL by searching on it, For example,


When sharing knowledge Articles via links, note:


If you want to learn more about the new search capabilities, see  Support Central Updates or Searching the BMC Knowledge Base

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We are making a slight change to the Customer Support Community to accommodate hosting Support News.  It is a slight change - from a community user group to a community space - about the same as moving into a replica house across the street.   All the contents have been moved already, and you can find out more about the reason for moving here: Support News now on BMC Communities


This community will be redirected and archived, but please make a note of our new address and follow it to get the latest Support news: BMC Customer Support Community

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We are changing the way we share BMC Support News to make it more broadly accessible.  Instead of posting the content on BMC Support Central, we will post it in this community as a blog and make it accessible from the Support Central Console.


This change as a number of benefits:

  • Community members can follow the space and be notified when there is any new Support News
  • Support News which applies to specific product families will @mention the appropriate product community
  • Community members can add comments or share it with interested parties


The goal of Support News is to provide the information you need to avoid or mitigate service disruptions, and we believe using BMC Communities will be a great way to meet that goal. 

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Scheduled maintenance is planned for the Support knowledge base.  It may affect the performance and results during the time it is being performed. The operation will occur as a series of jobs that run between the days of October 9th and Oct 12th.


During this period, users may experience slower than expected response, and there may be a period during this span when PDF docs are not returned in the search.


A note has been posted on the search page  Knowledge Base - BMC Software


but I wanted to also notify customers via the community.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jesse Richardson

AMIGO program

Posted by Jesse Richardson Moderator Sep 19, 2014
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Experience has taught us good planning is a key ingredient in successful product upgrades, and we want you to be successful. The BMC Assisted MIGration Offering program - AMIGO - was created to help foster these successful upgrades, but as I’ll describe below, it’s not as simple as describing how to upgrade.


The AMIGO program has two phases. Both are free to supported customers simply by logging an issue and opting-into the program.


The first step is an introduction to the program and providing you the AMIGO1 knowledge article which lists the content resources you should consider in your upgrade plan.   Logging a ticket is not necessary for this - the knowledge articles are identified and available to supported customers who login to the knowledge base.  Most of these resources are also available in the product documentation, but there are occasionally additional resources such as a webinar that is meant to share or describe the information in a different way. This is really no more than a list of resources that are relevant to upgrade planning – but it avoids the “I wish I had known that before I started” experiences – by providing a simple checklist of resources to double-check.


The second step of the AMIGO program is to schedule a time to discuss your upgrade plan with a member of Customer Support.  This step is also triggered by logging an issue a few weeks before the planned upgrade.


Is Customer Support the best resource for creating upgrade plans?  Of course not.   Is Customer Support good at spotting potential problems in written upgrade plans?  Yes - surprisingly good - based on feedback from participants in our AMIGO program. It makes sense if you think about it – Customer Support has a unique perspective from continually learning from failures, looking for root causes, and looking for what could have prevented them.   Ask a support person for a list of everything that can go wrong, and they may be able to list one percent, and typically just recent experiences.  But tell them what you are planning to do and ask, “What could go wrong?”   The question prompts distant but relevant details to spring to mind.    Knowledge becomes tacit at the time of inquiry – and the AMIGO program takes advantage of this phenomenon to pave the way to more successful upgrades.


Also, it is sometimes just good to discuss your plans with someone with a completely different perspective – someone not involved in creating the plan.  In some cases, the Support Analyst has a fresh perspective and spots a potential problem area that can be investigated before it impacts the upgrade process.   In other cases, explaining or discussing the plan with someone not involved in creating the plan triggers an insight into an assumption or hidden risk in the plan, perhaps introduced in subsequent drafts of the plan.  So there are several ways the AMIGO2 discussion with Customer Support can identify potential risks.  Some of the reasons are not obvious, but the important thing is the interaction it seems to help.


There is one more virtuous cycle we have noticed from the AMIGO program.  Having these “what if” discussions about upgrade plans helps us identify gaps in resources for planning upgrades, allowing us to drive improvement without having actually encountered issues, by better understanding what factors led up to a problematic step in the plan.  We call this success through proper planning, and it seems to work for all the reasons you would never expect.


The AMIGO program is available for TrueSight Server Automation, The specified item was not found. , Remedy ITSM including Remedy AR System and CMDB , TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt, Middleware Automation and BMC Control-M

and Capacity Optimization


Click here for more information on AMIGO. or  Click here to see Community posts about AMIGO.


Share This: was enhanced last month to provide better navigation, search, and filtering features. For more information on the changes, see the announcement or watch the video.  

Now, all product documentation is accessible from, making it easier to locate information on the products you own. 

Soon we will make a change to the Customer Support site so Product Documentation links directly to 


All the information currently accessible from is already available on so I want to share where you can find it on


Here is a picture of the old page:



Access the Supported Product A-Z List on, as shown below: 


Note: The Supported Product A-Z List also included information about the Product Support status, but that information is now available in the BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility (SPAC)


To see your Customized Product List, on, first make sure to login so the site knows who you are:


then click the star icon at the top to see or manage your favorites:





To see the Documentation Center and Quick Course Library for Mainframe Products on, click




then choose a product or the the Quick Course library on the resulting page:



You'll see The Mainframe Product Message Documentation Center is available on the same page by clicking on "Messages Library".



To see the Parameter Reference Database, search for it in the list of doc spaces as shown below:







As you can see from the above, each of the resources is in a pretty logical location associated with the product.  Hopefully this change makes it easier to find all the information for the products you care about.  The change should happen soon, but I do not have an exact date yet - but I wanted to post it here to give advance notice for those who follow the The specified item was not found..

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