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I’d like to take a few minutes and catch you up on Case Management using Support Central, and ask for your feedback on some upcoming proposed updates as well as identify any new areas that you feel could help improve your online Case Management experience.


The current version of Support Central Case Management went live in December 2015. Since then we've made some incremental changes in early 2016, and some minor adjustments throughout the year. We have heard very clearly that frequent changes to Case Management can be disruptive to you when you are trying to find a resolution to a problem or submit a new Case, so we have focused on stability and performance.


In the past year, suggestions for improvements have been accumulating and we are in the beginning stages of prioritizing your suggestions for delivery. Most of those proposed improvements (see the list below) have come from customer administrators and support partners in the areas of the Case Management system that more admin focused, and less Case process focused.


While we are making these changes we would also like to deliver additional features in Case Management which will improve the experience for everyone. The list below outlines some of the improvements we are already planning to make, and indicates the group for whom the improvement will have the most impact.


Please take a few minutes to review the list, and leave a Comment below to make any additional suggestions you’d like to see implemented. While I cannot promise that we will be able to implement every suggestion, I can assure you that as the people who use Case Management, your voice will be heard. I won’t be replying to each comment individually, but I will periodically post an update to this blog so you’re aware of what is coming and where we might need your help in testing out some of the proposed features.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for being BMC customers and partners!


Planned Improvements to Support Central Case Management

Customer Administrator and Partner Improvements

  • Add the email address of people associated with a Support ID to the Customer Admin view, so that Admins can more easily identify people associated with Support IDs they manage (Customer Admins)
  • Add the Account Name and End-user Support ID fields to the “Export” function, so that BMC Partners can better manage lists of Cases for multiple clients (BMC Partners)
  • Add the ability to search for End-user Support ID when submitting a Case, so that BMC Partners can more easily locate the appropriate End-user Support ID when submitting a Case (BMC Partners)

General Improvements

  • Make attached resolution information (Knowledge Articles, links to documentation, links to Community content, etc.) visible on the Case Details view, so that all users have easy access to attached resolution links on their Cases (All users)
  • Change the Case submission page to make better use of screen space, and make suggested resolutions more accessible when submitting a Case, so that all users have a better opportunity to review relevant self-help information before submitting a Case (All users)
  • Improve the Product name auto-filter function to find product names when strings similar to the product names are entered (for example, entering “trackit” would suggest “Track-It!”), so that product selection is more reliable when submitting a Case (All users)
  • Remove the 90-day window restriction for viewing Cases, so that all users can choose the desired time window to display in a single list (All users)
  • Add “Submitter” to the “Search By” options, so that organizations with multiple Case submitters can more easily locate Cases for a particular person (All users)

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