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The consolidation of information into one notification quarterly allows the customer to view changes to their products with valuable information including effective dates, end of support dates and migration plans for product renames, product replacements and product withdrawals.


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To ensure our ability to continuously support our customers, BMC conducts annual Business Continuity tests on all our corporate systems. Our 2017 test will be conducted between August 18th and August 26th.


On Friday, August 18th from 10:00PM CT until approximately 7:00AM Saturday, August 19th (0300-1300 Saturday UTC), BMC will redirect all corporate services to our secondary data center.


During a period of extended testing on Saturday, August 18th from 7:00AM CT – 10:00PM CT (Saturday 1300 - Sunday 0400 GMT), our Legacy Numara and Service Desk Express (including Remedyforce) web sites will be unavailable. These sites contain only legacy data, our current Case Management and Knowledge search services will be fully functional.


On Friday, August 25th from 10:00PM CT until approximately 7:00AM Saturday, August 26th (0300-1300 Saturday UTC), BMC will redirect all corporate services back to our primary data center.


Support Central services which will be unavailable during the two service redirection periods include:


Electronic Product Distribution (EPD)


Product Availability and Compatibility (SPAC)




All self-service licensing


New Customer registrations


Customer Profile updates


Viewing Historical Support Cases


Searching for content which requires authentication to view


Services will be redirected between data centers incrementally, so you may experience interruptions of various and Support Central services at any time during the two redirection periods.


If you encounter a critical problem at any point during this exercise, please phone our Global Contact Center


We appreciate your patience as we confirm the reliability of our corporate systems and our Business Continuity Plan.

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