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While we are all having to use new technology and processes to adapt to the new global business environment,

education remains one of the biggest factors to the success of your BMC solutions. BMC Education is offering

these special promotions through September 30th 2020:

Tailored Private Classes

Learn just what you need and save time and expenses to get your tailored class:  Customers may choose
modules from up to 3 different courses from a single product area and define their own Tailored Private
Class.  BMC will review and work with customers to build the private offering, suggest any required
prerequisite knowledge based on team skill and course requirements, and verify that lab exercises will
flow.  Classes must be between 2 - 5 days and will include preparation time of 1 -2 days as part of the
promotion at no additional charge.

Small Private Classes

Run a class at your schedule and only for your team, even if you don´t have large group: If you have 6 or
less students that need to be trained, we are offering a small private class at 15% below list price for new
orders or 6 Learning Pass Credits (LPCs) per day of delivery if you choose to pay for the class using LPCs
(new LPC purchase or existing LPCs).

Assisted Self-Paced or Web Based Training courses

Take training at your time and speed with Assisted Self-Paced Learning which has the convenience of
on-demand training coupled with focused instructor assistance as well as virtual lab access. Or chose
Web-Based Training (WBT) which is the best method for on-demand training when you need it. Purchase
any ASP or WBT course and receive a 15% discount.

All promotions are valid only for training ordered with the promotion code and ordered and taken until
September 30th 2020. Contact or on of our Education Advisors 
for details and to
discuss your training needs.