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We have launched the ‘My BMC Team’ feature in BMC Support Central for all our customers. With this feature, you can now see the contact details of your BMC account team. My BMC Team makes it easier for you to find the right person for purchase, services, or renewal queries.


The ‘My BMC Team’ feature will help you with the name, email address, and phone number of your BMC account team. You can also see the contact information of your BMC services project manager in case you have a current BMC Services project.


My BMC Team - Renewals tab.png


How do I get started?


You will need to have at least one Support ID already added to your BMC profile, either through an automated process (e.g., a product purchase) or by using the Manage Support IDs application. If you don’t have a Support ID, please contact to get your first Support ID.


How do I find it?


You can access ‘My BMC Team’ via BMC Support Central's 'My Support' menu

My BMC Team - Support nav entry point.png
Alternatively, you can find it via the ‘Contact BMC’ page

My BMC Team - Contct Us entry point.png



For Consultants and Partners

Consultants and Partners will need to have at least one Support ID added to your account profile from each of the companies for whom you would like to find the contact details. You can then use the ‘Select Company’ dropdown to filter the contact person responsible for each of the individual companies that you represent.


More information

We would be very interested in any and all feedback on this new capability. Please reply to this blog or use the ‘Feedback’ tab in the application itself.


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