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We have launched a new ‘Licensed Products’ application for all our customers. This application displays a list of all the BMC products that your company is licensed to use.

The ‘Licensed Products’ application will also help you get the Support IDs for the products you don’t have already. You can request the addition of the relevant Support ID for a BMC product to your BMC profile within the application. This will enable you to download the product and its patches using our Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) application. Additionally, you will be able to submit and manage support cases for the products associated with that Support ID. This new process is quick, secure, and efficient.

Licensed Products - blurred details.png

How do I get started?

In order to get started with this application, you will need to have at least one Support ID already added to your BMC profile, either through an automated process (e.g., a new product purchase) or by using the Manage Support IDs application. If you haven’t completed this initial step, please contact to get your first Support ID.


How do I find it?

The ‘Licensed Products’ application is accessed via ‘Edit Profile’ on the BMC Support Central header:

Edit Profile.png

N.B. You must log in to your BMC profile in order to see ‘Edit Profile’.

When in the Edit Profile application, click ‘My Products’ and then ‘Licensed Products’:

Licensed Products - blurred details and navigation highlighted.png

How does it work?


Search for a product that you are interested in:

Licensed Products - blurred details + search highlighted.png

Or look through the list of products to see what is available to your company:

Licensed Products - blurred details + products and pagination highlighted.png


Licensed Products - Support ID column - no highlight, blurred ID.png
‘In process’ is shown after you request to add a Support ID to your BMC profile
‘+ Request’ is shown for products that your company is licensed to use but which you are not personally supported to use yet. Click the icon to request that this Support ID is added to your BMC profile
A number is shown in the ‘Support ID’ column when the Support ID has already been added to your BMC profile.

If you have requested the addition of a new Support ID to your BMC profile, you will receive an email confirming that your request is in process. Our Global Contact Center team will directly contact you within 24 business hours to confirm that the Support ID has been added to your account.


In some circumstances, our Global Contact Center team may seek authorization from an administrator at your company before your request is carried out.


For Consultants and Partners

Consultants and Partners will need to have at least one Support ID added to your account profile from each of the companies whose products you would like to be supported on.

The ‘Select Company’ dropdown can then be used to help filter the products available to individual companies that you represent:

Licensed Products - blurred details + select company highlighted.png

We would be very interested in any and all feedback on this new capability. Please reply to this blog or use the ‘Feedback’ tab in the application itself.


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