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It has been less than a year since BMC launched Education Subscriptions and we just welcomed our 200th Ultimate Subscription
customer – that makes almost 600 Subscription customers overall. Education Subscriptions allow our customers to stay up to
date with rapidly changing environments, new versions, changing roles, and the most recent trainings available. BMC offers three
levels of subscriptions:

  • Explore: free overview content
  • Essentials: fundamentals content to get started
  • Ultimate: unlimited access and all upcoming releases within 1 year


We have released over 25 different subscriptions since we launched the service and we have just released some exciting new ones:

  • BMC Helix ITSM and CMDB: Ultimate Subscription (replacing Remedy Core)
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace and Add-Ons: Ultimate Subscription (replacing Remedy Self Service, including new training like
    BMC Helix Chatbot, BMC Helix Multi-Cloud and BMC Helix Cognitive)


Over 500 subscription customers enjoy the following benefits:


  • Get More – Continuous access to your selected subscription content for one product including any associated courses
    and certification exams
  • Exclusive Content* – Access education services exclusive to subscription (e.g., six hours of instructor coaching)
  • Ease of Use – One-stop shop to a complete product portfolio of education
  • Save Money – Save up to 60% over the cost of purchasing the same content separately
  • Future Proof* – New content and latest releases automatically added at no additional cost, so your subscription is always
    up to date
  • Flexibility – Train on what you need, when you need it with multiple learning options (i.e., ASP, WBT, instructor-led)


Take some time to explore our Subscription services at or contact us via

* Applies to Ultimate subscriptions only