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With increasing demands for robust cybersecurity solutions that comply with industry best practices, BMC has implemented a new

Secure File Transfer (SFT) service for sharing large files with us. Our new SFT service supports SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS protocols with

the latest in-transit and at-rest encryption technologies.


This new service is an alternative to attaching a file to a Case via BMC Support Central and must always be used for files which
exceed the 2GB limit for Case attachment file size. Files that are 2GB or smaller should be attached directly to Cases.


Before you can access any of our file transfer services, you must have a Support Central registered account with at least one associated
Support subscription. If you have not previously registered on Support Central, click
here to register. To complete your registration / subscription,
you will need access to your company email account, and a valid Support ID and PIN. If you need instructions on how to register,
here to view a how-to video.


If you have problems registering, please contact Customer Care by email ( or by phone.

To help you start using the new SFT application, we have created the following User Guide video and document:

SFT User Guide Document

SFT User Guide Video