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We are glad to introduce a new version of the "Profile Management" application for our customers. It went live on Sunday, May 19.


What’s new?


The new Profile Management application offers a unified interface for you to manage your BMC account details. The updated application features separate tabs for password changes and access to BMC Resources. The new application is compatible with multiple platforms including mobile, tablet, and desktop. A screenshot of old (on the left) and new (on the right) applications are shown below:


Old Edit Profile-380.pngNew Edit Profile-380.png


Access to BMC resources like Support, Academy (Education), and Partner services are on a separate tab; “BMC Resources”. You can add a subscription for any of the three or all of them, depending on your requirements.

New edit profile - BMC resources tab blank.png



To access BMC Support you will need a BMC Support Contract ID and a Contract PIN, which is provided after purchase in an ‘order delivery email’. This Contract ID can also be received by contacting BMC Customer Support.


New Language and Time Zone dropdown fields will help ensure that you get the most suitable support personnel to address your support cases.

languag and time zone fields.png


BMC Academy (Education and Training) offers a path for education and certification for over 200+ courses and 20+ certifications. To get access to BMC Academy, you will need to additionally fill in the postal address information as shown in the image below.



BMC Reseller Partners will need to fill in the following fields to get access to Reseller Partner resources.

New edit profile - BMC resources tab - Partner zoom.png


For any assistance with the 'My profile' application, you can connect with our Customer Care team via the chat function.

small chat.png


New Look for orientation emails – After registering for BMC resources, you will receive an easy-to-read orientation email tailored for the resources that you are registered for, including our new customer orientation checklist.

Basic + support + education registration v3.jpg


You can access the new 'My Profile' application here


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