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There are some important changes coming to BMC downloads (EPD) on Friday November 16, 2018.


Added Features

  • New single download button in EPD. When downloading, you must check the downloads you want and then click the Download button.
    Your browser’s download manager will handle the download of multiple files natively
    • Single download button replaces both Download via FTP and Download Manager buttons in the interface
  • New FTP service for mainframe products only (going live Nov 21 @ 10:30p CST )



Discontinued Features

  • FTP protocol discontinued in EPD application -  we are no longer offering this feature because ISP’s are no long supporting FTP due to
    security concerns
  • Download Manager discontinued - we are no longer offering the Download Manger because it is no longer supported by the vendor


We hope that these changes will simplify the download interface and make it easier to download the files you need.