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We have recently released a new version of the product alert subscription interface. This is the interface where you can control which official, technical emails you receive for your BMC products. The old interface was a little difficult to use and so we have released a new design with some great new features:


What's new?


The product alert subscription interface now looks significantly different as you can see in these screenshots.


Old vs. New


Product Alerts subscription - old to new.png



Product Search functionality


This allows you to search for a product and subscribe instantly to the alert without scrolling through BMC’s entire product portfolio.

Product Alert subscription - Search.png

Your BMC product alert subscriptions


You can review your current subscriptions here and unsubscribe by using the slider switches.

Product Alert subscription - your subscriptions.png

Your supported BMC products


This section will display the products that your company owns and that you are entitled to download, with a single button for subscription.

Product Alert subscription - your supported BMC products.png



Additionally, this new product alert subscription application will offer the chance to chat with our Customer Care team for instant query resolution.

Product Alert subscription - chat.png



You can see a description of the various product alerts that BMC sends and get some help on using the interface by clicking the 'Product Alert types' or 'Help' buttons.

Product Alert subscription - help.png


We continue to work on improving product alerts. In particular we are working on improving the layout and content of the emails that you receive through this system and process. Internal changes will make creating the emails easier and more intuitive for our writers as well, thereby improving the quality of the content.


Feedback is welcome as always!